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  1. That's America's problem right here. Nothing more, nothing less. But it is obvious that the majority thinks otherwise - so the events in the following months will follow a very different path than what you people here expect.
  2. I can not see a thread about the anarchy that has been going on in the US right now? Why - after the Covid thread has 700 pages? Do you think this is less dangerous?
  3. If the world ended, and a Nolan's movie was the only thing showing - which is more or less what is happening now - I STILL wouldn't go see it!! ** That's how much I hate his overhyped shtick!! ** And not because of the "virus", which I hate less than Nolan.
  4. This movie is such a wrong foot to start off the Post-Apocalypse era on... Because everyone will have their eyes glued on the OW, to see if the market can be saved - and then when this bombs, everybody in the industry will get suicidal... Come next weekend it turns out that people just didn't care anymore about Nolan's antics - and the market and everything is just fine... Minus the people that killed themselves the previous week... 😕 for nothing.
  5. On a similar note, do you guys remember how I cursed and screamed to high heaven repeatedly, because 2020 is gonna be the worst year in cinema ever? (terrible releases, no good titles - especially compared to 2019) Well, we can safely say now the Shay was 100% right! Once again.
  6. Well that's downright horrendous. But thanks. I would actually love it if our cinemas do open soon and show older movies - because I prefer them to new ones. What I don't get is - why would the cinema industry act like this? Didn't they already suffer enough? WHY inflict two more months of lockdown on themselves - after the first two months they had no control over?? Yeah, OK, maybe they too were fooled by the virus scare at first and thought the lockdowns would last much longer - but now when they see that the quarantine is more or less over everywhere, why
  7. Soo - when do cinemas start working again? In my country they allowed cinemas back last week - and still not a single one has opened. Checked the schedule - first movies announced are still TWO MONTHS AWAY from now, in the middle of July... What The F*ck?? What does that mean? That we have to wait until all restrictions in all countries fall - before movies get restarted again? That doesn't make much sense. What about countries like Sweden, that didn't have any lock-down? What are their cinemas showing now?
  8. Yeah, this is why we can't have nice things.** ** Because the trillion dollar club guys want to bankrupt us all and then buy us out for scraps. And each decade they organize another false flag operation - ten times bigger and more arrogant than the previous one - until they've achieved their goal. Welcome to 2020.
  9. What other threads, weirdo? The forum is done, there are no movies. This is the COVID thread - not whatever the fuck you want it to be thread! Talk about the current disaster - not some wildly unrelated stuff. That's what I'm here for.
  10. Makes sense. But I WANT to - it's the only thread left to read here. And I want to see once in a while how the other countries are faring with the disaster. BUT if you say I have to sift through piles of disgusting anti-Trump rhetoric** to get to the COVID stuff - then OK, guess the thread can not be fixed now. ** or ANY politics, as I said in my previous post - it is bad taste to discuss who will rule during a plague. At least, you don't know if there will be anything left to rule over in November. Rant over.
  11. And how is that bad? PotC trilogy is one of the Top 5 trilogies that ever existed! Problem is it will obviously be much worse than PotC and the Mummy trilogies it so desperately wants to copy. Jungles are lame, no one likes them & the Rock is a joke: never had a single good movie. Too bad for Blunt, never got her big (BIG) hit.
  12. Call me a troll one more time (20 times so far), see what happens...
  13. Yeah, like the Human Centipede 3... I didn't think I could go there - neither I wanted to.
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