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  1. Come on, Tele - what did you expect?? As if there was a really good and coherent space sci-fi movie EVER?? Apart from Gravity, of course - that Cuaron movie was genuinely the eighth wonder of the world, watched it 15 times in cinemas. Ad Astra always looked like there's a lot of "metaphysical" mumbo-jumbo thrown in, ala The Fountain. But the space parts alone should be worth multiple viewings - especially the Moon scenes. Is there any other problem the Shay has not foreseen?
  2. Finally. A normal club! The Shay will only say two short things - but they will be the absolute God given truth and anyone better quote me on them: 1. FUCK The Last Jedi! 2. Episode 9 will be much closer in the BO to Episode 7 - than to Episode 8. It will successfully overcome the curse of TLJ, that half-killed a good movie like Solo. Bonus point: Episode 9 will be the best movie from the SW sequels AND prequels. Only ESB and RoTJ will remain unchallenged.
  3. I see there are still some TLJ lovers (or maybe just one) around here - I thought they had died out long ago in shame. Anyway, JJ will bring balance to this - and will erase them with Episode 9.
  4. It was a terrible mistake to go against Ad Astra at all. Doing it it with the lamest movie of the last decade (this is a 9/11 movie - do you not know how dumb those movies are??) - is just a spectacular suicide.
  5. Seriously, what the fuck do you not understand?? I have told you a million times: this is NOT Episode 8! The Last Jedi is practically NOT Star Wars at all!! Episode 9 has EVERYTHING in common with Episode 7 - and NOTHING in common with Episode 8. Episode 8 will always be the worst, most hated and least watched of all SW movies. Episode 9 will be one of the best, most loved and most watched of all SW movies. So fucking easy - if you are anything but blind. Write this down and stop telling stupid jokes.
  6. Midway is a better Star Wars movie than The Last Jedi!! No one understand special effects like Emmerich does. Welcome back, master! Will see this at least three times - though I would have enjoyed the movie much more if the Americans got beaten to a pulp.
  7. Actually, the MOST famous female Jedi took the FIRST chance she got to be a professional half-naked dancer - and was pretty LEWD about it. Yeah, it was just a phase for her - but it is for 99% of strippers. It only works while they are young. That's why Jello and the Chinese aunt shouldn't even be in this movie.
  8. This is the polar opposite of a 4-quadrant movie. Coloured female under 30ies are the only ones that will see this - but unfortunately it will be enough to make it a "hit".
  9. Yeah, but I never understood them either. The only movies about criminals I could like are the ones they end with their guts out of their bodies, dying in misery like the worthless scum they are. Anything else is glorifying the worst aspects of human nature - and should be despised. And I very much doubt that those bitches here end their lives like that. I also have the sneaking suspicion that they are being glorified and humanized a great deal.
  10. I am not wrong. I have dealt with hookers a lot in real life - and know how to deal with them. Try something like that in a country with real men = sleep with the fishes. I also find Jell-o or whatever her name is incredibly unattractive in any possible way, not to speak of creatures like Cardi B. If I had made the mistake to go to this movie without checking - it would have ended really bad for everyone involved.
  11. OMG, what a magnificent, gorgeous movie it was indeed! It is STILL in theaters here, so I'll just go see it again now, for the TWELFTH time.
  12. Well, that is just terrible... a movie about the lowest of lowlifes? Now I understand the critics saying you got no one to root for. LOL, you kidding? The Shay would like to strangle the hookers with his bare hands in the first 30 min. So - once again - what is the fucking point of this movie?!! So glad my instincts screamed this is a terrible movie, just by looking at the "talent" involved. That is why you NEVER EVER listen to RT! Now I'll go spoil myself with the actual plot somewhere - and if they tried to portray the bitches as anything else than the murderous scumbag pigs they clearly are - there will be hell to pay.
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