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  1. So Disney has this year not one - but TWO big tentpole traditional Disney movies, that are now Chinese??!! OK, gotta tap that market, I guess...
  2. What, woman? Become a sheep like the rest who BAAAdmouth a movie they haven't seen because it is a kids movie - but not the Avengers kids movie and because a critic told them to, because she was bitter that she was thrown out from an UK showing? Never! The Shay is the dog that bites the sheep's legs. PS: And I'm very glad Universal threw out the ungrateful critics from their UK showings. More studios should do this. And next time they should also beat them with sticks!
  3. Yeah, because it's expensive. But everything else was off base. The movie is very good and highly original. Downey is brilliant. This role was much fresher for him than his tired Tony 3000 Stark routine. I would watch Dolittle a second time just for him - and I love animals and CGI spectacle. Also, the movie started much better than you people gloated. So there. Too bad Universal chickened out and buried it here. It would have been a hit in December.
  4. Eh, how do you expect "a guy that loves Michael Bay's Transformers films" - the lowest of the low in world cinema - to even begin to be able to comprehend a subtle and heartfelt, genuinely funny artistic movie like Dolittle? Yes, I've just seen it. Yes, it's great. Yes, you gloaters in this thread suck.
  5. Can someone possibly explain... why a single weekend, in the middle of the dullest month, in the dead ass of winter has more high profile big blockbusters than entire MONTHS of this chronically fucked up year?? And I'm talking usually universally strong months like February, or even... December!! W.T.F.??!!
  6. Definitely the movie of February! No competition whatsoever. Such a barren month this year...
  7. Yeah, Mad Max 4 came and was only the best movie ever made in the history of cinema. And still is. The new Matrix (trilogy?) will be far from perfect, of course - but at least it will allow the trans-sisters to reclaim the BO throne and have their revenge on all you backwater people, who could not apprehend how incredibly ahead of its time their Jupiter Ascending was.
  8. You just sold me here. I'll make an exception and see this old movie. The Shay likes everything that the lib critics shit on.
  9. Definitely not. It has got everything they had - but better. I even feel I've watched them already - just by seeing the new one. Oh, but they are: 1995 and 2003. Bet they look like shit by today's standards. And especially right after I've seen the new one on IMAX screen, baby. Most movies before 2005 look bad. 2005 is when cinema won me back again - before that I had stopped watching movies for 10 years straight. After 2005 - never missed a single movie, lol. Hmm, maybe it's also because I got rich in 2005 - before that, I was starving.
  10. Great movie. Go see it. I might even try the old two - though I hate Bay, and I hate old movies.
  11. Hahahahaha, so what is the conclusion? Kick Bay out - and everything will be fine! I would actually believe that one. As much as I hate the critics - I hate Bay more. Such a dumb ugly fuck - with barely a good movie at all. Good thing for him is there's an unending supply of adolescent or sub-intelligent males who fall for such movies. But that's where the Fast & Furious movies took the cake, even worse than Bay. So, now that I know that Bay was kicked out like a dog - I am definitely seeing this movie. Will Smith has deserved it - with Aladdin alone. In fact, I'm seeing it right NOW! There's a Wednesday night IMAX! preliminary showing, that costs twice as much as a normal one. The Shay is rich, I'll call my driver and go see it right now.
  12. 2020: the year of the failed Superhero flicks: Birds of Prey Bloodshot The New Mutants Black Widow Wonder Woman 1984 Morbius Venom 2 The Eternals Does anyone expect ANY of these to be decent?? LOL
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