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  1. Yep, there should actually be nursing homes for disenchanted critics. I really pity those creatures. If they start to shit on too many good movies - which means their condition deteriorates rapidly - they should be institutionalized there, for their own good, and taken care of.
  2. And hello to you, little piglet. But no, as much as I would like it to**, what you say isn't exactly so. Spidey 3.2 is definitely not post Endgame. It is not only officially Phase 3, but it is also practically Avengers 3.3, where Endgame was Avengers 3.2. What I was saying about the inevitable and nasty downfall of Marvel concerns MCU's Phase 4 and Phase 5 - and especially Phase 6. There ain't gonna be Phase 7, because Phase 6 will be disastrous. It took Marvel 3 Phases to get to the the nerdy top - it would take them exactly the same amount to self destruct and go back to mom's basement. But problems will start as early as Phase 4. Despite 2020 being the worse possible and least competitive year ever in the history of cinema, both of Marvel releases will struggle and disappoint. I would not necessarily enjoy this, because I like Black Widow, but Eternals sounds like useless junk. ** BTW, I do enjoy Spidey2. I like it much better than Endgame, can you guess why?
  3. Episode 9 wins this pathetic year by a landslide. Count only the money it makes after January 1st 2020 - and it will be miles ahead of all others, both Dom. and WW. Distant second is Mulan. All others are pure trash.
  4. Soo... gators are much scarier to Americans than sharks* - because, well, you don't normally have sharks in your backyard! *except Hawaiians, of course PS: I hate most horror flicks, but was gonna watch this, because - well, Raimi - but the f*cks cancelled its release in Shay-country (Bulgaria).
  5. I admit it is not very clear for the Shay how clubs work - but I somehow envision an absurd club like a solitary fortress, with the OP sulking inside, and the angry mob waving torches outside the walls... 😕
  6. The Shay will watch it like 10 times. Like whole summer, dude. No, really, what else is there to watch? There's literally NOTHING else worth watching, especially more than once - except for this and Aladdin. I'm even watching Alita again next week, for like the 11th time, because someone re-released it in cinemas here.
  7. Bullshit. All their BBF (Billion Bribe Fund) go for the 90%+ scores of all Marvels and Pixars. There's nothing left for their other movies, so the vengeful mercenary bloggers shit on them in revenge. Normal scores would be 50% for nerdy superheroes and kids animations - and 90% for the 4 quadrant live adaptations, like Aladdin, and also Alita, of course - those movies that everyone liked.
  8. Important and possibly urgent question: Will the Shay like Tenet, if: 2017 Dunkirk - 10/10 2014 Interstellar - 5/10 2012 The Dark Knight Rises - 5/10 2010 Inception - 10/10 2008 The Dark Knight - 10/10 2006 The Prestige - 10/10 2005 Batman Begins - 5/10 2002 Insomnia - 10/10 2000 Memento - 10/10 ?? (PS: 10/10, as you can see, is pretty common in Shay's book - and 5/10 is pretty low, means I hated it. I am generous like that. )
  9. @baumer -- We are still open to accepting your surrender and negotiating a peace treaty at, let's say, 1.6 billion WW. Will you not speak to us?
  10. Will this be Baumer's worst club ever - or has he got even worse in his long past list? I've heard some terrible things about his past clubs, things of mythical proportions, that even the Black Hat becomes a God in China club of Tele fails to match... But this, this just takes the cake.
  11. Good question. Even as I wrote that, I remembered how many things TJB did for the first time - and most of them were done great. OK then, maybe what I meant was: TLK is a bit safer than Aladdin. And TJB never had the terrible pre-release backlash Aladdin had to overcome. AND, still, TJB is a classic British piece of literature, so it is more or less ingrained in everyone. It is not a new concept in any way. UNLIKE Aladdin, that was the first big movie ever with quasi-Arabian setting and cast. Attempting Bollywood style action comedy on that scale is not an easy feat. Not to mention the Blue/non-Robin Williams genie - that was a nightmare to do right. Yet Guy Ritchie knocked it out of the park on all fronts!
  12. LOL, it can not be anyway. Aladdin is obviously untouchable. This here will be lucky to be better than TJB. Which is still very good - but weaker and safer than Aladdin. But Lion will close to double even Aladdin's grand bucks, so I guess that is some consolation.
  13. Really?? 1. Because last time it was in cinemas it was last century. 2. Because last time it looked good enough - again, last century. 3. Because the modern one looks 100 times better. 4. Probably sounds twice better as well. 5. Because elite people go to the cinema - and what else to see multiple times in cinemas? Modern Aladdin is fun seeing dozens of times. No other recent movie, except Alita, is worth even 2 or 3. 6. Because you should want to see the best CGI so far in history. 7. Because you should want to have seen first hand the movie that will destroy all other movies this year so far at the BO. 8...
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