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  1. Exactly. The Power of Animation! The only thing that can dream of coming close to The Power of the Jim!! (But still not quite.)
  2. Great movie, I would give it an A. I gave it a C because of all the stupid throwbacks to The Shining, an atrocious ancient flick, buried by time (FORTY YEARS FOR FUCKS SAKE).
  3. Fucking hate Kubrick and his ugly "cult" movies so much that I couldn't even make myself see a free torrent of The Shining; stopped it after 5 minutes. His only good movie is the NASA financed "Landings on the Moon", at least it got something interesting going about it. Too bad Dr. Sleep (a very nice movie) had to associate itself with such utter garbage like The Shining. So it is paying the price now.
  4. @OncomingStorm93 So you are telling us you are gonna be very happy when a year from now Dune flops hard. I know I will.
  5. Guys, hahaha, well - there is а new porn star, called Alita Angel And she looks like it. Thank me later. This thread just keeps giving.
  6. LOL, who the fuck cares how the blue rat looks. Only good thing in this is the grand return of Jim The God Carrey. Movie still gonna bomb like a bitch though. Much worse than the other, yellow rat. All the "fans goodwill" won't help a thing. They should really stop trying to put videogames into movies. They don't belong. Movies are art. Games are for bottom level types with nothing better within their reach.
  7. Well... You infidels have three more years, before Avatar returns... Then you will all kneel before the Lord Cameron.
  8. Why is everyone avoiding the NUMBER ONE SUCCESS STORY OF THE MONTH!! Hypocritical much?
  9. Critics are usually useless - everyone knows that by now. Half of them will hate on the movie with the only reason that Elsa is NOT a full blown lesbian. Disgusting tools. The lesser the RT% this movie gets - the better it will turn out to be. RT 50% is practically a masterpiece.
  10. *Shay watches the new Pixar teaser with careful disgust - as if something is going to leap off the screen and stab him. He hates most things about Pixar, as we all know...* Shay (after the first minute): OMG, did they finally make a good looking movie again (as in Brave and Coco)... Shay again (after the character dies and everything turns to shit): Aaah, fuck it. They had to do this. Pixar could never make a full time good looking movie. Now we'll have to look at cheap formless ghosts for an hour and a half - and listen to tasteless self-help esoteric revelations - so that they could make a movie for 15 million bucks - and sell it to the sheeple for half a billion. Yeah, some classic Pixar there...
  11. Neither of these is even remotely true. You should really stop caring what other people say about movies, dude. You're becoming obsessed with spoiler sites: first Episode 9, now this. What people write as "advance reviews" on the net can often be just as false and shit as RT reviews. First, many people are just stupid - or have a hidden agenda. "Professional" critics obviously have an agenda - they will write anything they can get paid for. But "fan reviews" can be just as bad: malicious, close-minded, trolling, racist, and most of all - delusional, substituting what they want for what is real. You have the money to go to the Easter Islands - what's a movie ticket to you? Just go and see all big movies, make your own mind. Very few movies are so bad that I've regretted watching them ONCE!
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