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  1. Better than Avengers. By a mile. At least visually. We'll see the rest in February.
  2. This is the best trailer in the last couple of months - so this thread should be up, not a bunch of others. February coming soon.
  3. Most beautiful motion-capture action choreography in a long while - maybe even best so far! Incredible speed and precision of the movements, not to speak of them feeling perfectly natural. Also: a picture crisp and clean as morning light, even in the densest battle - a feat totally impossible for most directors. The scenery backdrops and landscapes also look brilliant and fantastic. This will be 10 times better than Mortal Engines (also good) in that respect.
  4. Alita >>> Pokemon !!! Hahaha, we totally beat them in the thread war, and so will this movie! One of the best Anime titles - against one of the dumbest... Who's to win??
  5. The only thing that will save this garbage from tanking, is that it is based on ANIME movie! Get it, Americans? It's Japanese, not yours. The same Anime that most clueless jingoistic Americans curse and hate every chance they get. Why dramatically change your tune now? Hypocritical much? Or worse... Only difference is Alita, as a recent example, is a normal, adult, valuable story - while the original Pokemon is meant as pacifier for toddlers, literally.
  6. shayhiri

    Toy Story 4 | June 20, 2019

    Weren't Pixar DEAD, like, a long time ago?? Apart from Brave (a Celtic movie) and Coco (a Mexican movie) they haven't had a good movie in a DECADE!! Just the same old dumb US-centric shit... And making a FOURTH movie out of their dumbest title?? This is getting more absurd than Fast & Furious! PS: This teaser is absolutely horrible, as expected - but not nearly as much as the actual movie it proclaims, which hopefully will never see the light of day.
  7. OMG, so it's true, I didn't dream about it. Well, after the initial shock - why not? It could be used for some interesting storytelling - which these movies desperately need.
  8. Seriously, guys: are Big D (Dumbledore) and Bad G (Grindelwald) former gay lovers? I remember hearing/reading something like that and I'm afraid it just might be true...
  9. Again, this is SO MUCH BETTER than Pixar!!
  10. There is ONLY ONE person in the whole wide world, that benefited from the monumental fuck up which Rian Pooper Johnson created with Episode 8. That person is Lucas himself. No one hates him now. People again look up to him, now that they've seen a Sequel 20 times worse than the Prequels. But that came at a great cost for him. He had to witness his own movie-children butchered and desecrated. If I were Lucas, I'd stalk Rian Johnson with a bat.
  11. Yeah, of course. But at least it looks good, doesn't it? Good fantasy visuals are always a plus.

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