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  1. Hahaha, he's a Canadian? This must be a torture for the people around him, his French accent is terrible. I don't care about Prisoners, it was so boring I didn't notice the darkness - but Sicario was so disgustingly dark at times I had to call the cinema manager, thinking the projector was broken. When the time came to see Arrival I KNEW it was gonna be criminally underlit - and it still managed to turn me off. I hated the movie anyway - but Sicario could have been a nicely shot movie - had the Frenchie not been saving on the lights. I am telling you, this hack is going to ruin Blade Runner. If anyone can fuck up Deakins's cinematography - it's a French Canadian with a funny mug.
  2. That is the obvious truth, not a "hot take". The French director/hack is notorious for almost unwatchable levels of darkness in all his movies, apart from all their other faults. I don't care much about how boring or stupid his movies are (he's just one of many ordinary hacks) - but the unwatchable darkness, this IS a crime. He should be banned from film-making until he learns basic film rules.
  3. This is now one of the best looking movies the Shay has ever seen! I can see it twice for the visuals alone. And not knowing who the killer is the first time is just the icing on the cake. Never read Agatha since I was a small child, so I don't remember her plots - and old movies (older than 1975 when the Shay was born) I don't watch as a principle.
  4. Shut your pie-holes! This is great - if only for staring a rabbit!! My girlfriend answers to the name of Bunny - because she looks and talks like a little rabbit so the Shay is more than partial to this cutesy soft long-eared animal. I'm taking her to see this!
  5. Hahaha, this godawful movie concept finally is judged by the stupid people who've already fallen for the same stupid trick TWICE!! It should have died before being born, two movies ago - but I'll still be pleased with the following: third fucking lego movie gets trashed with 20% Rotten fourth fucking lego movie bombs like there's no tomorrow fifth fucking lego movie NEVER GETS MADE!! Like they should have done with the first one - if the world didn't have enough people who are easily parted with their money - just to watch something as ugly as a piece of shit getting dry.
  6. Isle of Dogs | Wes Anderson | April 20 2018

    I love ALL Anderson EXCEPT Mr. Fox!!! You stop motion freaks are some fucked up weirdos, mark my words. I would probably still see this, because of the Japanese setting - but no cinema would show something as ugly, weird and outright disgusting so: 1 the Shay won't see it 2 it will bomb like Nagasaki
  7. The Shay hates Pixar as always - but this looks good. I don't see it doing worse than the average Pixar, maybe it will even do better. Looks like I will like it - hope they don't make it too sappy and abstract and ruin it, as usual.
  8. Still haven't gotten around to seeing this borefest. Maybe next week, if no other movie opens...
  9. Hahahahaha - YES!!! JJ is the best of the best!! Considering how much the Shay HATES Jurassic World and ESPECIALLY Looper!! - there coudln't have been happier SW news!!
  10. No one knows? Then don't you at least like the art??
  12. Hey!! Pay where payment is due, people!! I want everyone who appreciates what I've done for your movie (and those who hated it initially) - to like/react to the post of mine here! If the Shay is pleased - you may count on me doing you the same favour when the time comes with another movie.

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