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  1. Yep, it's been there for some time now. BOM just takes a lot of time to update things, especially OS. So, you people think we getting to 420m.?
  2. You keep admitting yourself that this project is a BAD idea. Why do you want it to happen? It can not happen, as a successful movie, even if it was a good idea. (Because there is no audience for a 200m budgeted movie like this.) But it is bad. So?
  3. First act of Ep.7 (till leaving Jakku) is amongst the best pieces of cinema I've ever seen. Classic Star Wars, brilliant pacing and visuals. JJ made me a lifelong fan just with that. I saw the movie 10 times for that alone - and could see it 30 times, but would have to go out once Solo appears. So that is why I believe JJ can save even Ep.9, after the Ep.8 catastrophe and genocide.
  4. Haha, even the novices know who the Shay is...
  5. No? Just asking why. Don't tell me you all find this natural? Also, reviews mean nothing, and Cinemascore is B- , so this is not where the answer lies. I can get why the previous movie (Get Out) broke out - but this one doesn't make much sense. Maybe Get Out had a really strong effect on the BO of Us.
  6. Can someone pls explain WTF is the matter with this movie? Why are people throwing money all over it? As if we didn't have enough stupid cheap horror movies already, now the sharks are gonna make even more, smelling the blood of heaps of fresh cash... Shoot a flick for a million - get 70 times that for three days. Fuck.
  7. Big mistake then. March is a much better month for such movies. This could have made some respectable dough (like Kong did last time) - especially with the WHOLE month emptied by a ridiculous movie like CM. May/June will be hell for the Lizzard. But you know that all too well. You're all even afraid of a non-starter movie like Dark Phoenix, lol. But you really shouldn't think about Aladdin, it is a Whole. New. League. Totally out of reach for the Kaiju.
  8. Not me... Although I first wrote about it here. This Dora thing is so... awful, even the Shay can not troll you, Pika-guys, with that. I'm just gonna pretend this movie doesn't exist. PS: And she's not even hot. If she was, that would still be something - but no.
  9. LOL, why the hell did they move it? March was criminally empty - and in May this will get slaughtered to pieces.
  10. I would like this to make much more than MPR - but I don't see the demand. So MPR numbers sound OK, with a much bigger OS number, of course. MPR was an OS flop.
  11. This is a nice review/reaction. Tomorrow I'll tell you where and how I found it, it's quite interesting. PS: Or just click on the hidden link, lol...
  12. Whys is there an embargo again?? 😕 Movie opens in less than a week. When are we getting reviews?
  13. No, no - no less than Pikachu, anyway. I'm just thinking of making a club Dora OVER/UNDER Pikachu - but maybe I should somehow include the strongest of the 2019 Game-Cartoon Trio first: Sonic!!
  14. Well, as if games are somehow better than anime, and not inherently worse than any movie... But OK, if some of you DIDN'T start with the cartoon, please share. Also try to make a fair assessment where the apparent US popularity of Pokemon among 30 year olds comes from. PS: And to the person right above: Are you hating on Dora because she is a girl, and Pikachu is a boy?
  15. Guys, thinking of a new club here: Pikachu OVER/UNDER Dora the Explorer!! What do you think, over or under?? They are pretty evenly matched, one starts the summer, and the other ends it - other than that I don't see a difference between them at all, both being well known properties for very little kids, still fondly remembered by most people who saw them on TV as babies... I think Paramount need a hit more, so I might give them the upper hand...

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