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  1. What other threads, weirdo? The forum is done, there are no movies. This is the COVID thread - not whatever the fuck you want it to be thread! Talk about the current disaster - not some wildly unrelated stuff. That's what I'm here for.
  2. Makes sense. But I WANT to - it's the only thread left to read here. And I want to see once in a while how the other countries are faring with the disaster. BUT if you say I have to sift through piles of disgusting anti-Trump rhetoric** to get to the COVID stuff - then OK, guess the thread can not be fixed now. ** or ANY politics, as I said in my previous post - it is bad taste to discuss who will rule during a plague. At least, you don't know if there will be anything left to rule over in November. Rant over.
  3. Wow. Looks even worse than Inside Out, didn't think it was possible. Won't earn much for Pixar.
  4. And how is that bad? PotC trilogy is one of the Top 5 trilogies that ever existed! Problem is it will obviously be much worse than PotC and the Mummy trilogies it so desperately wants to copy. Jungles are lame, no one likes them & the Rock is a joke: never had a single good movie. Too bad for Blunt, never got her big (BIG) hit.
  5. Yes. There are three, at least, distinct different dangers we should be afraid of or at least take into consideration: 1. The illness itself (especially if you are weak - but also dangerous for all) 2. The quarantine measures - which are usually needed, but can be even more severe and destructive than the virus itself, and... 3. The panic - which is never needed, and never a good thing, and if allowed to happen, can make everything even worse.
  6. Call me a troll one more time (20 times so far), see what happens...
  7. Yeah, like the Human Centipede 3... I didn't think I could go there - neither I wanted to.
  8. OK, OK. I believe that. I saw the trailer - and even in such short time it is evident she is great. Hmm, I knew it - I shouldn't have believed what these people said. I don't believe them anyway - but this time I hadn't even seen a proper trailer, got confused with another upcoming movie that looked bad. I might have even seen the movie (it's in IMAX now!), because the trailer looks good and there are some visuals and suspense in it. Too bad I already read the whole plot on Wiki. 😕 Stupid Shay; fell for fake news.
  9. Yeah, I read that. Most critics say that. Very, very strange. Totally different from what I heard from a slice of the GA. OK, I might have to torrent the movie - just to check myself if she's good or not.
  10. Yeah, makes sense - but I hate a cheap horror movie (with no sci-fi or CGI in it). As you all know, I watch almost everything in cinemas - except cheap horror and romantic movies. Such films can not give me anything, because they (ab)use feelings the Shay is impervious to: fear and loneliness. But I get why the GA eats such movies up - though it pains me. I read the plot in Wiki though - to give it a chance - and it's not that bad by itself. But I don't like that it tries to cash on a classic - turning it into the usual androphobic diverse #MeToo hogwash. Also, the main character looks ugly. I can't sympathize with her. Many people I know, who like every horror, said she can't act - and the movie is ridiculous, fake and unbelievable. I would rather believe them, or anyone - than the notorious RT shills.** **Many of whom just shat on the latest Ritchie film - for no other reason than being "racist", lol.
  11. Why does this thing have such good reviews? It looks like shit - and I don't have to watch it or even go near it, to know it most probably is.
  12. LOL, is this thread a joke? 2020 is the worst year ever, considering the terrible line-up of movies. There is hardly a single one that looks good. Add to that: 1. 2019 had the best line-up ever 2. the virus outbreak and the result is: 2020's BO will be TWICE lower than 2019, or even worse. Not even talking percentages here.
  13. Exactly. The people are always responsible for the crimes of the government - except if the whole country is a prison, like North Korea. Or Eastern European countries, like mine, prior to 1990. And lets not forget the most important example of all: the USA. When I was younger, I genuinely wondered why all the world seemed to hate the Americans. Then I saw with my own eyes (post 2001) how their government terrorizes the whole world and constantly plunges it into war, blood and chaos. And the US people are responsible for that. Without them, this unlawful oligarchy wouldn't be able to exist and function.
  14. Musk is one of the biggest con men ever - though of course NASA are much more grandiose liars - but if this image is real, he gets a pass from me. All for Alita!
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