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  1. Reading all those reactions quotes: "...Blah-blah, I was so stupid to think this movie will suck..." Yeah, pal, you're basic as fuck. People are generally so stupid and blind... While the Shay never has ANY doubts!! And even if you don't have his instincts, experience and knowledge - you can still believe! And if you don't believe in a movie - you don't deserve it; f*ck off.
  2. And this is the ONLY song of the old movie that will NOT be in the new one. LOL (New Jafar sucks, first reviews confirm this.)
  3. Where is the new OST?? I see only fake ones on YouTube... PS: Found a couple of the songs... Good bye sleep! I was just going to bed...
  4. Oh, you are talking REAL people? Like real-real, maybe even yourself? No, I might have to disappoint you here. We're talking strictly fictional characters and what their creators might have planned for them. And, BTW, the Shay is bisexual - so snap out of your victim narrative, please. LOL
  5. Really? Well, it seems I haven't tried hard enough then... Soo - if Disney says Le Fou (BATB) may be gay - it's OK. Saying Jafar may be gay - it's suddenly a terrible offense? Oh, max, my boy - it was such a boring place here before you showed up...
  6. Yeah, well, scientifically - there are a lot of gay male lions. So of course it was just a matter of time Disney decided to LBGT-include one of them. The only question is who? First name that comes to mind is Scar - but then again, he is the villain, so making him openly gay will send a mixed message. 😕 But just imagine the unbelievably evil laughter he will be capable of!! PS: Now to think of it - they definitely may be going for a gay Jafar!! He looks gay, and everyone will confirm he sounds gay! But again, they may limit themselves to subliminal messages here - because making the villain openly gay is probably not a-OK, yet. Anyway, Jafar definitely seems to have a nice... closet.
  7. Yeah, it sounds terrible. Like a joke. Like a kids cartoon on TV. Also, even if you wanted to see this sh!t - you could barely do so, because it is filmed in the usual Brown-As-Mud TM ugly murky CGI nothingness of a setting.
  8. OMG, this is BRILLIANT!!!!! Why are they not showing it more?? Why is not Speechless all over the worldwide net yet?? It is the new Let It Go, FFS!!!!!! WHAT. THE. F*CK. has the marketing been smoking on this????????????????
  9. Thanks, yeah this is how it works. However, having the looks I did (I've posted pictures in the past lorddemaxus might have missed), might be making me extra vocal when judging others on looks, when they are overpraised. Like in this case. I'm pretty sure I looked much better than this Arab when I was his age. Even as in body/height, I won't even mention his face. PS: I'll wait couple more days to see him in the movie, before judging his success - but I am pretty sure he is a total failure in this role, and he won't have another famous one.
  10. Disney are unbelievable idiots for not releasing the OST months ago!! These songs will catch on fire as soon as they are released! This is so much better than BATB!!
  11. The internet is full of horny fat idiots. The dude was ugly as fuck, even before we heard his hilarious voice. Eventually Jafar will be remembered as the only villain that is hated not because of the character, but because of the actor, lol.
  12. Fellas, it is time that the Shay raises up a tent in front of his best local cinema to wait for Aladdin opening (on Thursday). I've always had it pegged second best for the whole year (and this year looked magnificent): 1. Alita 2. Aladdin 3. Star Wars 9 4. Terminator 6 5. The Lion King and so on. Alita didn't disappoint at all, so it seems the Shay was pretty spot on this whole time! Time for the next portion of 2019 cinematic bliss.
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