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  1. shayhiri

    Top Grossing Movies of 2019 Predicts

    Yeah, sorry, I just hate Pokemon. Never had to watch it as a child, like all of you Americans - and only a 7 year old could like such thing, so I don't. The movie itself looks good. Hope it does half a billion WW. Doesn't deserve more.
  2. The Shay thought of a funny thing: WHAT IF there was no RR in the whole scenario and Alita was marketed as director Cameron's next movie all along? Would the haters here then still keep their narrative - or would they be even more bewildered than now and not dare oppose the Cine-god? I think their heads would just burst from the opposing emotions... 1 You've got a movie you and the ones like you hate and want to die. (Why? Because it is not American or Superhero, and because it is original.) 2 But you have to bet against Cameron for that to happen, and no one on this Earth has the balls to do so. Quite the cognitive dissonance. I'm telling you, their brains would literally FRY! So what would they actually do? Well - the textbook example for a simple man dealing with cognitive dissonance. They just decide and convince themselves one of the two opposing points isn't true, even though it obviously is. And they declare Alita is NOT a Cameron's movie... ... just like they already did, here.
  3. The profound effect Cameron has on you - even if you fancy yourself a doubter... We're all Jim's children.
  4. shayhiri

    Top Grossing Movies of 2019 Predicts

    Sorry, Blake and Amber (Heard) are the same blond blandness in my eyes... HOWEVER - do you know who would have been great in CM instead of Brie? That's right, our gal Alicia Vikander. (Who was last tragically wasted in a stillborn would be product (Tomb Raider). There's no justice...) This way I might have even been interested in this stupid CM movie...
  5. shayhiri

    Top Grossing Movies of 2019 Predicts

    SHAY TOP 10 WW 2019!! 1 Alita: Battle Angel 2 Aladdin 3 Star Wars 9 4 The Lion King 5 Avengers 4 6 Frozen 2 7 Spider-Man 2 8 Joker 9 How to Train Your Dragon 3 10 Shazam!
  6. The Shay himself successfully bullshitted a couple of cinema viewers in 2009 that the "blue people" were real Amazonian tribe they have recently found, and invited to film the movie...
  7. I am listening to it now, and it sounds so good the old Shay starts to get teary eyed... A lot of things are just like I hoped they should be, and some others are pleasant surprises. This... is going to be... SO good! (I will post some of my revelations in the following days.) And of course: doubters should really start reconsidering their uninformed rejection of Alita's BO prospects - like the cunning Chipmunk is already doing.
  8. I expect nothing. Only seeing this for McAvoy. I never saw any Shyamalan renaissance. He obviously is never going to make signature good movies like 6th Sense and The Village again.
  9. Can you spill some of the interesting Alita movie related stuff here, pls, I can not listen to a 2 hours clip...
  10. So that's how a stupid DC troll "club" looks like...
  11. Well, wouldn't this be a glorious moment? The Shay has been waiting for it his whole life... Let's hope Alita at least starts such movement of events... because we won't be getting a better chance in a lo-ong while. PS: I am excluding Pokemon/Pikachu movies here, because - though the Pokemon brand is indeed Japanese and Manga/Anime - it is so stupid AND Americanized through exposure, it is hardly representative of Manga/Anime in the sense we are talking about.
  12. Lol, I've just read the first post for the first time - and I had so much fun. Iron Jimbo has done an incredible job, especially collecting all the naysayers' quotes. This is exactly how they should always be dealt with. Nothing more elegant than such passive aggressive public shaming. Most of them already sound hilarious, but I can only imagine what will happen in 3 weeks. The Shay especially liked Jessie calling all Anime "nerdy and extremely niche". And this is the same dude who recently wholeheartedly defended the dumbest movies ever: The Transformers. Reality check, bro: Japanese pop culture has always been 20 times more intelligent and diverse, as a whole, than American pop-culture with its McDonalds superheroes. I can say that, because: 1. I am an outsider to both cultures, and haven't been brainwashed with each as a kid. I found and studied them as an adult. 2. I am Top 5% IQ and have made silly money my whole life creating and appreciating stories. As for the club itself: I've always said IN is a given, and the fun & risk is in ALL IN. I wouldn't go ALL IN though, because I don't want to jinx this movie. Alita still very much hangs there with her fate undecided. This will change post-OD.
  13. Really good movie!! It copies Thor Ragnarok (and fails), and while Thor is miles and miles better, this is still very good for copying the right thing (also copying Star Wars and Indiana Jones). I just saw it for the FOURTH time, and it looks so good, I'll have to see it a final FIFTH time. And I'll pretend no other DC movies exist, because they look even more terrible now, compared to their only normal looking movie, Aquaman. Hope DC really start from scratch now, as was their forced intent anyway.

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