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  1. Only 2 movie theaters opened today in Hesse. 6 screens out of 356. https://deadline.com/2020/05/german-cinemas-reopen-today-numbers-dont-add-up-1202935595/
  2. Say whaterver you want but i think Bernie was the only chance for America to survive that mess. And congratulations you blew it.
  3. Around $95k CIS box office on Thursday, less than $40k on Friday. Today only theaters in Belarus are working and maybe 30-40 theaters in Russia somewhere far away from Moscow.
  4. Not completely sure those are totally accurate though. http://cbooo.cn/BoxOffice/BO/RealTime/reTimeBO.html
  5. I think your generation is pretty much spoiled and you are just confirming it here. During WW2 people survived for years with barely anything to eat and you crying just like the world ended after a week of quarantine restriction or even less. And not so long ago after dissolution of Soviet Union many had situation like this here for years. Also in a crisis like this we can see actually how many peoply are working in "non essentional business". You can totally shut down it and the humanity won't lose anything. And millions of unemployed can do somenthing more useful for humanity and society. Of course it won't happen, just saying.
  6. Here in Ukraine we are heading to a total disaster. In February and March hundreds of thousands workers (many illegal) returned home from Europe. Many came from Italy after a total lockdown there. The first wave arrived without any restrictions. The second wave did everything to cheat authorities and rushed to their homes mostly in rural areas and small towns. Many of them were already ill. A brilliant advice: take a huge dose of antipyretic drugs before border crossing and it will be fine. Now in some villages you have people with cough and fever nearly in every house. Some of them have "a normal flu" but many are not. You tell ten people to self-isolate, seven or eight will probably run away on dont care a shit about it. The public health system is totally ruined by an imbecile. The only reason she became a minister is good connections in Washington. The tests for COVID are a total joke. Some guy from my city had 4 quick tests. Two were positive, two were negative. They let him go for a week and admiited again later. That's why we got only 196 cases so far.
  7. Unfortunately it already looks like the whole idea with rereleases is not working. You need new movies, preferably blockbusters to bring back people to cinemas. But distributors will not risk releasing them with empty theaters.
  8. Sometimes word of mouth works extremely well even here. In Russia only without other CIS countries The Gentlemen yesterday beat Aladdin. The biggest Guy Richie movie ever.
  9. Weekend actuals. Theaters worked only in Russia, Belarus and Tajikistan. On Friday and Saturday many theaters in Russia were closed. On Sunday Mininstry of Culture recommended that all movie thaters should be closed. Today russian government ordered them to close. http://www.kinobusiness.com/kassovye_sbory/weekend/2020/22.03.2020/usd/
  10. 53 578 cases in Italy. That's less than 0.1% from entire population. More in most affected regions, much less in others. Health system already nearly collapsed at least a week ago. And I'm not talking about herd immunity overall. Besides that effect is for mass vaccination not for spreading the virus. And we can't take everything for granted with the virus no one knew it even existed 4 months ago.
  11. I can't believe people in their right minds can still talk about so called herd immunity. There is not even a slightest proof that such thing exists. And they still dont realize that even 0.01% of population with virus is more than enough to overload any health system. It's more like a pathetic excuse. Well, if we fail with all our measures it might be not that bad.
  12. I think countries with tropical or really warm subtropical climate will be less affected overall and will have more mild cases. India is one of them.
  13. The Gentlemen is one of the biggest success stories ever here. And it was released by a small independent distributor with no money, resources and staff for strong advertising campaign.
  14. https://kinobusiness.com/news/kassa-uik-enda-19-22-dekabrya-2019-onlayn/ Weekend estimates. Barely beat Rogue One in gross, 7% below in admissions. Very disappointing.
  15. https://kinobusiness.com/news/kassa-chetverga-19-12-2019-onlayn/ Official Thursday numbers. 86 mln RUB or $1.37 mln. 15% drop.
  16. Opening day 14-15% below The Last Jedi. Kinda dissapointing after huge presales.
  17. https://kinobusiness.com/kassovye_sbory/weekend/2019/15.12.2019/usd/ Weekend actuals. Russia comedy sequel based on a popular TV-series beat Jumanji, Still $5,73 mln OW and $8.99 with previews is a very good start. Frozen 2 added $2.87 mln with $1737.6 mln RUB or $27.14 mln total. 7.18 mln admissions. Reasonanbly good holds for Knives Out (290,7 mln RUB or $4.54 mln) and Ford v Ferrari (667.1 mln RUB or $10.42 mln. Episode 9 already has $645k in presales. Better than The Last Jedi but far off from The Force Awakens
  18. https://kinobusiness.com/news/kassa-uik-enda-5-8-dekabrya-2019-onlayn/ Weekend estimates. -51.6% drop Frozen 2. Reasonable decline after a huge opening. 1483,3 mln RUB or $23.18 mln total. 6.08 mln admissions Should pass 2 bln RUB but beating Zootopia (2280,2 mln RUB) will not be easy. Good opening Last Christmas, not bad for Motherless Brooklyn. So-so The Current War and 21 Bridges. The Aeronauts bombed with only 8 people per show.
  19. I doubt about it. Midweek grosses will be very low and winter holidays begin only on December 28th, After 5th weekend, Will lose almost all screens and shows to local movies.
  20. Monday estimates. Around $920k thanks to public holiday in Kazakhstan, https://kinobusiness.com/kassovye_sbory/day/2019/12/02.12.2019/
  21. Weekend estimates. 880 mln Rub or $13.75 mln. 7th best opening ever. 68% market share. https://kinobusiness.com/news/kassa-uik-enda-28-noyabrya-1-dekabrya-onlayn/
  22. Usually family movies increase on Sunday. Sometimes up to 20-30%. But not always on opening weekend.
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