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  1. Public holidays in Russia all this week. Monday will be the first working day. Spider-Man NWH is the biggest movie ever in Ukraine. 160.19 mln UAH or $5.88 mln, 1 404 803 admission. Will pass Avatar record in admissions too.
  2. Canacine once again added numbers for the whole week. Is it really hard to do the same job every week?
  3. The bigest opening ever in Ukraine. $2,2 mln weekend and $2.45 mln with Wednesday previews. 515 361 admissions.
  4. Didnt you realize that words encourage, recommend, advise, ask, suggest are a recipe for disaster? No enforcement too many people will simply ignore all the rules. People are smart and will make their own decisions. Heard that rubbish too many times in last two years. Closing pubs and restaurants early would be absolutely pointless. Zero effect, Omicron is spreading too fast. No time for trying half measures and those or "social distancing" are not even half measures.
  5. https://www.yahoo.com/news/highly-vaccinated-countries-thought-were-154515101.html Scientists caution that the knowledge of omicron remains imprecise. Denmark's virus modelers have many scenarios, not just one. But even in a middle-of-the-road scenario, Danish hospitals will soon face a daily flow of patients several times beyond what they've previously seen. "This will overwhelm hospitals," Grove Krause said. "I don't have any doubt about it." In her office building, where she works with a six-person modeling team, she tried to explain why omicron amounted to such a setb
  6. New variant emerged only a month ago. Came to Europe even later. Started mass spreading probably only 2 weeks ago. Of course it is pointless to talk about new deaths in such situation. They will be lagging at least for several weeks.
  7. Apparently vaccines didnt help much with omicron. Previous illness too. 2 doses of Astra Zeneca have negligible effect. No one is pretty sure about three. Omicron is a gamechanger. Only in September Denmark government announced that Covis is not a serious threat anymore. And now they are closing everything for 4 weeks with 84% of people aged 5 and above vaccinated.
  8. Spider-Man Early estimates 270 mln RUB or $3,67 mln Wednesday + 185 mln RUB or $2,51 mln Thursday Matrix Resurrections $965-970k Thursday
  9. My estimates 245-248 mln Russia + 35-40 mln CIS. Around 1.25 bln or $17 mln 5 days
  10. Where did you get your numbers?. Don't see anything like this on ComScore. So far less than 19 mln reported. There might be some delays due to public holidays in Kazakhstan today and tomorrow but still 65 mln RUB looks way too high.
  11. Musicals might do well overseas with big stars in the cast. West Side Story, In The Heights and Dear Evan Hansen all have mostly no-names. Zero appeal in the result, No one here is interested in seeing singing and dancing unknown teenagers and young adults.
  12. Russian war action Decision: Liquidation grossed ¥307k in 2 days, Have no idea why chinese picked up this film. Bombed in Russia pretty hard too.
  13. West Side Story started outrageously bad in Russia. On average 3 people per show on Thursday, 5 on Friday and 7 on Satursday. 116k Thursday-Saturday. Around $165-170k for the weekend. Word of mouth is rather good but it doesnt matter with 2 blockbusters opening next week.
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