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  1. Weekend estimates. Weak saturday increases so well below projections for both John Wick and Picachu 2902,6 mln or $44.91 mln Endgame. 10.06 mln admissions https://kinobusiness.com/news/kassa-uik-enda-16-19-maya-2019-onlayn/
  2. 2.9 bln RUB. Using opening weekend exchange rates that's $44.84 mln.
  3. Endgame passed 10 mln admissions today. Also the third place after Avatar (14.24 mln) and Going Vertical (12.44 mln) Thre Avengers 4,95 mln admissions Age of Ultron 6.02 mln Infinity War 7.95 mln Endgame 10.3-10,4 mln Would gross at least $1.5-2 mln more with a normal Thursday opening instead of Monday.
  4. I wonder would chinese movie theaters cancel the show if only one of two tickets sold? Or if no one shows up.
  5. Yes. I mean Aladdin and then Godzilla and Pets. Guy Richie is very popular here. People will come to see Aladdin even if it sucks big time, Around 77-79 mln RUB 3rd weekend for Endgame or $1.2 mln.
  6. Most likely fell short except for some crazy late legs. But next week I am afraid Godzilla and Pets will destroy everything,
  7. Thursday estimates, Excellent start for John Wick 3 with 89% increase. Good for Picachu, bad drop for Avengers. https://kinobusiness.com/news/kassa-chetverga-16-05-2019-onlayn/
  8. What's wrong with The Last Knight grosses? They are just the same as were presales. Nothing added since early morning.
  9. Official weekend estimates. 2760.1 mln RUB or $42.71 mln. As I suspected opening weekend was overestimated. https://kinobusiness.com/news/kassa-uik-enda-9-12-maya-2019-onlayn/
  10. Saturday estimates https://kinobusiness.com/kassovye_sbory/day/2019/5/11.05.2019/ Around 2745 mln RUB or $42.45 mln including Sunday. 9.19 mln admissions so far. With Infinity War holds will make around 270-275 mln RUB more. But it might drop harder than that. The weather is mostly pretty good and every week will be a major release or even two. 163-165 mln or $2.5 mln The Hustle. Excellent opening with only 3 days in Russia Good hold for Five Feet Apart and all four war movies bombed.
  11. Friday estimates. Pretty good for The Hustle. At least $2.2-2.3 mln OW with only 3 days in Russia. $40,4 mln total Endgame. Nearly 9 mln admissions. https://kinobusiness.com/kassovye_sbory/day/2019/5/10.05.2019/
  12. All four days 9-12 may are holidays. I doubt it will increase tomorrow or on Saturday. Maybe around 250 mln.
  13. It's on Russian but i guess you can manage. Around 75 mln RUB today and 2533 mln RUB total. 1 USD = 64.67 RUB. So $39.16 mln by now, №3 All-time. https://kinobusiness.com/release/sbor/117978/day/
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