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  1. juni78ukr

    Russia Box Office

    Weekend 14-17 March actuals https://kinobusiness.com/kassovye_sbory/weekend/2019/17.03.2019/usd/ Weekend 21-24 March estimates https://kinobusiness.com/news/kassa-uik-enda-21-24-marta-2019-onlayn/ How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World grossed 1741,4 mln RUB or $26.59 mln. №14 All-time Captain Marvel 1215.6 mln RUB or $18.42 mln. №54 All-time
  2. juni78ukr

    Russia Box Office

    Captain Marvel grossed 36.94 mln UAH or $1.4 mln in Ukraine. 39.64 mln UAH or $1.5 with previews. 3rd best OW after Pirates of The Caribbean 5 and Fantastic Beasts 2.
  3. juni78ukr

    Russia Box Office

    https://kinobusiness.com/news/kassa-uik-enda-7-10-marta-onlayn/ Official weekend estimates. Captain Marvel was underestimated. Official numbers 711 mln RUB or $10.77 mln
  4. juni78ukr

    Russia Box Office

    Yes, Basically every comic book movie receive here 16+ rating.
  5. juni78ukr

    Russia Box Office

    Holiday Friday estimates. 1 USD = 66 RUB https://kinobusiness.com/kassovye_sbory/day/2019/3/08.03.2019/
  6. juni78ukr


    Around $3,3 mln in Russia. $5,5 mln in 2 days.
  7. Friday est. 1. Captain Marvel 215 mln or $31.98 mln 230.32 mln or $34.26 mln including midnights 2. Green Book 33.3 mln or $4.95 mln. 225.96 mln or $33.75 mln total 3. Natsume's Book of Friends 18.2 mln or $2.71 mln. 37.55 mln or $5.58 mln in 2 days 4. Alita: Battle Angel 12.1 mln or $1.8 mln. 832.08 mln or $123.92 mln total 5. How to Train Your Dragon 3 11.5 mln or $1.71 mln. 277.72 mln or $41.58 mln total. 6. Wandering Earth 11.1 mln or $1.65 mln. 4585.43 mln or $683.57 mln total.
  8. juni78ukr

    Russia Box Office

    Last week actuals. Reasonable 51% drop for Dragon. Already beat the second part (1030.1 mln RUB) with 1190 mln RUB or $18.17 mln. Happy Death Day 2 U grossed 27% less than the first movie ($1.03 mln). Not bad for The Mule with $658k in only 417 theaters. https://kinobusiness.com/kassovye_sbory/weekend/2019/03.03.2019/usd/ Official numbers won't be available today due to holidays. More like 145 mln RUB or $2.2 mln OD Captain Marvel. A bit inflated with a holiday next day.
  9. juni78ukr

    Russia Box Office

    Weekend estimates. HTTYD 3 was a bit overestimated but still an excellent result. 712.2 mln RUB or $10.87 mln http://www.kinobusiness.com/news/kassa-uik-enda-21-24-fevralya-2019-onlayn/
  10. juni78ukr

    Alita: Battle Angel

    Apparently our 57-58% drop in Russia looks pretty good compared to other countries. $2.4-2.5 mln 2nd weekend.
  11. juni78ukr

    Russia Box Office

    Saturday estimates. Best ever single day gross for an animation movie. Around $4.18 mln Saturday and $11 mln opening weekend. At least 60% increase compared to 2nd part in 2014 https://kinobusiness.com/kassovye_sbory/day/2019/2/23.02.2019/
  12. juni78ukr

    Russia Box Office

    Friday estimates. 13% increase. https://kinobusiness.com/kassovye_sbory/day/2019/2/22.02.2019/
  13. juni78ukr

    Russia Box Office

    Yes, did rather poor in CIS countries. Still on course for $10 mln OW or even more https://kinobusiness.com/news/kassa-chetverga-21-02-2019-onlayn/
  14. juni78ukr

    Russia Box Office

    Around 92 mln RUB or $1.37 mln Dragon. Best non-summer OD for a hollywood animation.
  15. juni78ukr

    Russia Box Office

    Weekend estimates. $6.65 mln including previews Alita https://kinobusiness.com/news/kassa-uik-enda-14-17-fevralya-2019-onlayn/

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