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  1. Official Thursday numbers, Surprisingly strong for Maleficent. 2% above the first film and it started during school holidays. https://kinobusiness.com/news/kassa-chetverga-17-10-2019-onlayn/
  2. Official weekend estimates https://kinobusiness.com/news/kassa-uik-enda-10-13-oktyabrya-2019-onlayn/
  3. Friday estimates. Only 36% week-to-week drop for Joker. https://kinobusiness.com/kassovye_sbory/day/2019/10/11.10.2019/
  4. Complete Thursday numbers. Probably the best drop for a major comic book movie ever. Venom had 73% drop. Friday will be only 42-43% less than last week. https://kinobusiness.com/news/kassa-chetverga-10-10-2019-onlayn/
  5. Better Monday than Venom despite 260 mn RUB less OW.
  6. Official weekend estimates. $10.27 mln https://kinobusiness.com/news/kassa-uik-enda-3-6-oktyabrya-2019-onlayn/
  7. Saturday estimates. 650 mln RUB or $10 mln OW. 6th best this year, 2nd best in October, 2nd best DC opening and 5th best Warner Bros. opening https://kinobusiness.com/kassovye_sbory/day/2019/10/05.10.2019/
  8. Friday estimates. $3.85 mln Rusiia and Belarus. $4mln + with other CIS countries. https://kinobusiness.com/kassovye_sbory/day/2019/10/04.10.2019/
  9. Official Thursday numbers, https://kinobusiness.com/news/kassa-chetverga-03-10-2019-onlayn/ Surprisingly Joker increased on Friday by 7-8%. So around $3.83 mln in 2 days.
  10. Early numbers in Russia 118-120 mln RUB or $1.81-1.83 mln. Around $8 mln opening weekend. On par with Aquaman and Batman vs Superman.
  11. Weekend actuals. Okay start for Ad Astra, bad for a local thriller The Hero. The Lion King finally passed Endgame. https://kinobusiness.com/kassovye_sbory/weekend/2019/29.09.2019/ Early numbers for Joker 118-120 mln RUB or $1.81-1.83 mln. Around $8 mln OW. On par with Aquaman and Batman vs Superman.
  12. Thursday estimates https://kinobusiness.com/news/kassa-chetverga-26-09-19-onlayn/ Saturday top10 https://kinobusiness.com/kassovye_sbory/day/2019/9/28.09.2019/ Around $3.1 mln opening weekend Ad Astra. The best OW among foreign markets. The Lion King passed Endgame today. №3 all-time
  13. Last week actuals. It Chapter Two dropped by 63% vs only 42% two years ago. Only 15% ahead now vs 39% after the opening weekend. Hustlers did well, The Goldflinch bombed. https://kinobusiness.com/kassovye_sbory/weekend/2019/15.09.2019/usd/ Thursday estimates. Disastrous opening for The Mystery of Dragon Seal. With almost $50 mln budget will gross only $10-12 mln worldwide. Also poor openings for Yesterday and Rambo. Not bad for The Room though. https://kinobusiness.com/news/kassa-chetverga-19-09-19-onlayn/
  14. Last week actuals. The best September and the best horror opening It Chapter Two. 5th best Warner Bros. opening. +39% compared to part one. http://kinobusiness.com/kassovye_sbory/weekend/2019/08.09.2019/usd/ Thursday numbers, Terrible 80% drop It, not bad for Hustlers, very disappointing for The Goldfinch, http://kinobusiness.com/news/kassa-chetverga-12-09-19-onlayn/
  15. http://kinobusiness.com/kassovye_sbory/day/2019/9/07.09.2019/ Saturday estimates (1 USD = 66 RUB). $8.8-8.9 mln OD IT: Chapter 2. +41% The best September opening and 5th best WB opening.
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