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  1. Just summer holidays with rather cool weather.
  2. Weekend actuals. Spider-Man won with 621 mln RUB or $9.78 mln. 70% market share. 32% increase compared to previous film. http://www.kinobusiness.com/kassovye_sbory/weekend/2019/07.07.2019/usd/
  3. Official Thursday numbers,. $3.02 mln Far From Home. But Friday drop was really ugly. https://kinobusiness.com/news/kassa-chetverga-04-07-19-onlayn/
  4. 190 mln RUB or around $3 mln OD Spidey. $10.5 mln -11 mln OW. Endgame added 3.3 mln RUB or $53k Monday-Wednesday and less than $2k on Thursday.
  5. Weekend estimates. Annabelle grossed 15% more than the previous part. Toy Story 4 dropped only by 26%/ https://kinobusiness.com/news/kassa-uik-enda-27-30-iyunya-2019-onlayn/
  6. You dont realise that any average guy could see Titanic or Avatar after several months, Just out of curiosity. They were stand alone movies. But Avengers is the 22nd film of the movie universe. If you havent seen at least several of previous you wouldnt go no matter what. Re release or expansion is only for fanboys. Even more a gimmick for fanboys. And they were too lazy or too stupid to create a proper extended edition It wont bring anyone else from the general audience now or in July or August. Anyone who wanted to see it already saw. Dont get me wrong. I would glad to see it beating Avatar just for the headlines. But you are a bit unreasonable here, guys.
  7. Lol. What natural legs? It was already over in so many foreign markets. The run ended with no legs after 7th or 8th weekend. And this re expansion is for 4 days or for a week. For example Endgame will gross around 63k in Russia today and probably only $3k tomorrow.
  8. Last weekend actuals. https://kinobusiness.com/kassovye_sbory/weekend/2019/23.06.2019/usd/ Pretty much everything below expectations. 2nd worst weekend this year. Thursday numbers. https://kinobusiness.com/news/kassa-chetverga-27-06-19-onlayn/ Annabelle 3 started 10% betther than the 2nd part. Toy Story, Pets and Aladdin are all holding well.
  9. $147 633 Thursday - Saturday in Russia without CIS. $174 916 including Sunday presales
  10. 4 days IMAX re release in Russia. Hard do tell how much it will gross. Already has more than $40k in presales.
  11. In 2010 Shrek Forever After had 604,4 mln RUB opening weekend. Toy Story only 73,6 mln RUB, Not a very popular franchise here. With low Saturday increase may even lose to The Good Dinosaur.
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