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  1. 101-102 mln RUB $1,4 OD. Best opening day for a Hollywood movie since Joker. 4th best OD in April after FF7, FF8 and Age of Ultron. $6-7 mln OW for Mortal Kombat depending how much it will be frontloaded.
  2. $323k presales with 4 hours to go. Just crazy.
  3. Terrific presales for Mortal Combat. Already $234k. Will beat Godzilla vs. Kong.
  4. $0.7 mln in Ukraine? Hard to believe with almost half of the country closed with local lockdowns.
  5. Around $1.2 mln OD in Russia maybe a bit more. 29-30% more than Pacific Rim 2 exactly 3 years ago. Best opening day for a Hollywood movie since Frozen 2 in November, 2019.
  6. Why you compare movie tickerts with home entertainment? It;'s pretty much like compare going to live concert and listening music on youtube or spotify? Or going to football match and watching at home. Of course the first option will cost more. Even if you get 4 people at home you still get much worse experience for the same price. And its not very easy to have 2 people in one family with same movie tastes. Greedy stupid stidio bosses wet dream. More fair to compare with online platforms. Once again one movie = entire catalog of 3 biggest online platforms. Outrageous price for the most but enough to destroy the balance. Family and children films do not suffer from piracy at all. Everything else do and blockbusters suffer the most. Films with average and but world of mouth are dead on arrival with hybrid releases.
  7. Piracy didnt kill Soul in Russia either, But Wonder Woman 1984 was dead on arrival.
  8. You dont realize how much is $30 for an average guy. It's about the same you pay for Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO Max put together. And dont underestimare piracy. With such hybrid releases you can watch a movie for free the same day.
  9. Mojo has so many stupid errors with some numbers counted twice or some numbers not counted at all. Really frustrating and not reliable anymore,
  10. Apparently F9 will be released a month earlier than in US. New release date May, 20th.
  11. Does anyone have a sourse for current brazilian numbers? I used for several years, They had top 10 weekend Comscore numbers with box ofiice and admissions but recently removed them from the site. Adorocinema has no updates since last March.
  12. I see only ¥82.4 mln right now on Maoyan. May not even cross ¥100M in its first 24 hours.
  13. Around $3.4 mln opening weekend for Soul. The best start for a Hollywood movie sinse the same weekend last year (Bad Boys for Life). Wonder Women almost died with 68% second weekend drop.
  14. For 9 months politicians all over the world were obsessed with reopening of the school. Ignoring the science, igroring the facts. ignoring the common sense. Instead only wishful thinking and emotions. "Grades are falling so kids should be back in school". Are you really serious? How falling grades for some kids can be compared with people dying and hospitals full? Every developed country should be frantically working how to improve distant learning. Most of them didnt do anything at all hoping for the best. But no one was brave enough to say that we cant reopen schools safely. Kids will catch virus, bring it to their homes and many people unnecessary will die.
  15. Illegal of course. The same day WW1984 was released on HBO Max many allready watched it here for free. PVOD is almost non-existent here.
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