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  1. Illegal of course. The same day WW1984 was released on HBO Max many allready watched it here for free. PVOD is almost non-existent here.
  2. It is really hard to predict anything these days. Wonder Woman 1984 will have a whole week of IMAX previews in Russia. But in Belorussia and Kazakhstan it already opened on January, 7. Many thousands already downloaded it and word of mouth is not good. The first one grossed around 510 mln RUB or $8,9 mln. I would say 250-300 mln RUB this time.
  3. https://www.insider.com/adam-kay-us-slightly-brainwashed-about-healthcare-2019-12 I remember reading that story not so long ago. "They said, 'Normally, because it was a glass injury, we would want to X-ray it, just to make sure that nothing's got into the joint, but that will be an extra $1,500" That's rather a simple procedure and any hospital would make dozens of them any day. The machine should be made from pure gold with such prices. Once again its not that simple but still you get the general idea. A simple scan not requiring any real effort or expenses for some people would cost a half of montfly income or even more.
  4. If we pay for free medicine with taxes everything will cost as it should cost. If you let such essential things to business you get such ridiculous price like $1000 or $2000 for a simple scan. And that scan basically should cost nothing or a really small amount everyone can afford. No resources required except some working time of a doctor and possible nurse.
  5. Can't find any reliable source with Australia weekend charts. Numero provides only weekend and weekly numbers without totals.
  6. "There is online chatter about marketing not having been sufficient. As we understand it in China, there was a “Power of Wonder” campaign that asked people to share inspirational messages on social, with a chance to win prizes and see the messages used in digital outdoor and bus stop creatives; as well as a virtual premiere event in five cinemas with talent able to speak directly with fans before they watched the film. Special screenings hosted by authors and influencers were also organized to create additional content about the impact this year has had and the “wonder power” needed to get through. But these initiatives have evidently not translated to turnstiles" From Deadline. Probably one of the most ridiculous and stupid ideas ever. Is it really hard to understand that people want from action blockbuster just to be an action blockbuster? Action and fun. No one cares about "inspirational messages" or "Power of Wonder".
  7. 403 859 new cases according to CDC. I hope this is a mistake. Other sources reported "only" 250k new cases https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#cases_casesper100klast7days
  8. In my country Ukraine first vaccinations are expected no sooner than March or even April. Non essential workers and people outside of main groups of risk most likely will have to wait till 2022. And we cant get Russian vaccine no matter what. American embassy told so and that's the law. In short words it's a total debacle and many people will die. And full lockdown will begin only on January, 8. Mostly because the national economy is in such bad shape that it's impossible to miss holiday season. At least that's the general idea. The goverment is totally incompetent so it's impossible to know the full picture.
  9. Sorry but all talks about "people making their own choices" is a total bullshit. You have to tell them what to do, you have to silence morons and conspiracists, you have to punish reckless and selfish idiots and enforce. Otherwise in any major crisis your country is doomed. People like to tell that China eventually did so well because its authoritarian state and draconian measures. Bullshit again. Their reaction after initial mistakes wasnt much different from Europe or Australia. It was simply much more effective, Enforced measures works. Encouraged not so much. Also not so many were dumb enough to whine about their freedoms or dumb enough not to do what they were told. Apparently many believe it works like this. Encourage and do not take any responsibility, create chaos and let people decide for themselves = democracy and fredom. Take the same approach but enforce everything = autoritarian state, dictatorship and draconian measures. Sorry but if you do not care about the others, do not listen to goverment and to scientists you do not decerve any freedom at all.
  10. Coronavirus Cases Top 200,000, But Numbers May Be Worse Than Reported. https://deadline.com/2020/11/coronavirus-cases-top-200000-but-numbers-may-be-worse-than-reported-1234622746/
  11. Lockdowns work pretty good but half measures are not enough. https://edition.cnn.com/2020/11/20/europe/coronavirus-lockdowns-us-europe-intl/index.html
  12. 185 045 new cases and 2045 deaths. First day with more than 2000 deaths since early May.
  13. 194 610 new cases in USA on Thursday. Quite a jump. https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#cases_casesper100klast7days
  14. 134 383 new cases and 1859 deaths in US. And probably it will be much worse.
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