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  1. Yes, 36% drop is excellent after such huge opening weekend and for a movie with big fanbase. Normal drop for action blockbuster is between 50 and 60%.
  2. Too early. Usually presales begin between 5 and 10 days before release date.
  3. Yes, already $110k iin presales. Duna $5,2-5.3 mln 2nd weekend with 35-36% drop. $15.9 mln total.
  4. Dune will be released now on September, 16th. Apparently most of the foreign openings on the same weekend.
  5. But with normal cinema releases you will still have your 100 million subscribers, You have 2 or even 3 solid sources of income and want to have only one instead. Not a good business model. Not a business model at all. How many subscribers helped to add hybride releases of Black Widow or Jungle Cruise? Not much. Yet they destroyed cinema releases. Of course it's a dream of any studio boss. If you made a shitty movie for $200 mln and it bombed in theaters you might be fired. But if you made a shitty movie for $200 mln and it will go for streaming you will still get the same money per
  6. Of course not. But just imagine only 10% of people who watched the movie illegally online would go to cinema. That would make a huge difference. Usually our cinema owners and managers believed that people who watch movie for free online mostly would not go to cinema anyway. At least partially true. With so many hybride release and perfect HD copies on the opening weekend that doesnt work anymore, Millions of regular moviegoers all over the world are watching now movies online for free. And it will not be an easy job to change their habits.
  7. Still cant understand obsession with hybride releases. They are simply destroying business, sure way to lose money. 9 out of 10 from my friend list of facebook watched The Suicide Squad for free. And they are mostly respectable people from our movie and TV industry. Many of them will go to cinema in case of pure theatrical release. Caught a dialogue like this. "Lets go to watch The Suicide Squad. Looks cool, nearly 100% on RT. What for? It will be tomorrow online, no need to go anywhere. Oh, i really forgot. Will watch online too". And once again they are rather rich and successf
  8. Old is doing reasonably good. Probably around $2 mln opening weekend, Much less than Split but good considering the circumstances. 20 people per show. On the other hand Snake Eyes is an utter disaster. 6 people per show, $675-700k. Less than 1/5 of G.I. Joe: Retaliation opening weekend. 57-58% 3rd weekend drop Black Widow, 38-40% 2nd weekend drop Space Jam. Once again nice holds for Luca and Cruella.
  9. Ant Man 2 was affected with decisive Football World Cup matches. SM:FFH was a sequel. Opening weekenld less than Ant Man 2 is a total disaster.
  10. 22% Friday drop in Russia. Definitely not good.
  11. Only 2 regions out of 89 completely closed movie theaters, And they dont contribute much. Some changed capacity restrictions but that doesnt matter at all. With extreme heat, bad covid situation, unappealing new releases and Euro2020 the market is dead. This weekend will be the worst summer weekend in 11 years. 10-12 people per show is the best you can hope for. Let's hope Black Widow will save us. Some regions tried to restrict activities like going to cinemas or to a restaurant only to vaccinated people or people with fresh covid tests,. Didnt go well at all.
  12. Opening weekend in Russia on par with Mortal Kombat. Less than Hobbs and Shaw Probably around 600 mln RUB or $8 mln in 5 days.
  13. Looks like 42-43% drop compared to F8 and 49-50% compared to F7 in Russia. The only hope is that unusual Wednesday opening messed things up.
  14. Some other numbers. Warner Bros was the leading distributor on the reopening day, with six titles in the top 15 including Mortal Kombat (£31,015 from 216, £144 average); Judas And The Black Messiah (£27,843 from 187, £149 average); Those Who Wish Me Dead (£23,627 from 157, £150 average); Tom & Jerry: The Movie (£12,148 from 177, £68 average); and The Little Things (£10,424 from 120, £87 average) Other titles playing in cinemas included Oscar winners Minari, following up its April 2 digital release by taking £12,556 from 67 sites for a £187 average for Altitude; and Vertig
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