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  1. Ragnarok only has a chance for technical nods, but this is a great way for Disney to show appreciation for its cast and crew.
  2. RT @kat_blaque: Lena Dunham doesn't believe her white male friend raped her black female costar? Color me shocked. Almost like white femini…

  3. That is exactly how I thought RT scores were decided: The editors and staff assess the reviews and decide, according to the site's internal guidelines, whether they are fresh or rotten. The same is true for the numerical "average scores," some of which can be derived from the critics' star ratings, but others have to be guessed by RT staff because the reviews themselves don't provide guidance. For this reason, I have never placed any stock in the average scores since those don't accurately represent the views of the critics. The aggregates come closer but aren't always completely accurate because the interpretations of RT staff can vary from the critics' intent.
  4. The GA doesn't give a shit about average ratings on RT. What they want to know is how many critics gave a film a good review. Some undoubtedly like having reviews linked so that they can read them if they like. That is the extent of RT's useful information for the larger filmgoing public. The rest is trivia.
  5. Wait until they withhold the Star Wars score next month. The JL shitstorm will be mere squall compared to the fury that's going to cause.
  6. Not really. The full review is definitely mixed. “Justice League,” the newest DC Comics superhero jam directed by Zack Snyder, is looser, goosier and certainly more watchable than the last one. The bar could scarcely have been lower given that the previous movie, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” was such an interminable slog. The superhero and villain dynamic is much the same (slayers going to slay, etc.), but there are a few fresh faces now and Wonder Woman has more to do than play backup. The story is a confusion of noise, visual clutter and murderous digital gnats, but every so often a glimmer of life flickers through.
  7. RT is like Wonder Woman in BvS. It swooped in out of nowhere to shield JL from a Rotten score.
  8. I never thought I'd see the day when the prospect of a Justice League movie potentially grossing a mere $3M more than a Thor film on its opening weekend would be considered a positive thing.
  9. RT @JordanPeele: ‘Get Out’ is a documentary.

  10. It seems to me that RT is doing one of its corporate owners (WB has a 30% stake) a massive favor by withholding the score. People making weekend plans won't know the critical reaction until Thursday, so those who buy tickets early will be flying blind. If a low score would have deterred them, they might be locked in already before they find out one way or another.
  11. RT @Kaepernick7: I'm honored to be recognized by @GQMagazine as Citizen of the Year. https://t.co/s6wBZTa6tH


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