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  1. Wasn't there a Pika-Pika over Endgame club? That's about when I bugged out last year...
  2. Fox did that with Deadpool 2 so why not? WB could get a little cash from the Hot Topic crowd with a PG-13 rating.
  3. I had heard about all the crossovers in Crisis but hadn't seen any clips. It actually looks interesting. I'll have to check it out for BOP, Routh's Kingdom Come Superman and other neat callbacks. Hopefully they righted some wrongs from past movies and shows.
  4. Suicide Squad was so hilariously awful that I spent the entire movie literally crying with laughter. Every little thing set me off: Harleen's swandive, Enchantress' wiggly dance, Slipknot losing his head, Cap'n Boomerang's sparkly unicorn, etc., etc. I love that movie! Best comedy since Prometheus is what it was.
  5. I wanted that show to succeed so bad. It was such a shame that it sucked.
  6. It's called Tumblr and it ain't all that dark. (This panel is from a comic book, tho.)
  7. Joker was at 9.5+ on IMdB with thousands of votes before the GA ever had the chance to see it. That's typical of DCEU movies. In contrast, we can expect a deluge of 1-star votes for Episode 9 before it comes out because IMdB is the last place haters (and stans) can screw with audience ratings.
  8. Mendelson doesn't seem to know much about making box office predictions. His predictions are almost always off the mark. One would think that in his years of blogging about box office numbers he would have learned a thing or two, but sadly that's not the case. Anyone here could do Mendelson's job, and far better than he does. (Except for me. I'm just dabbling. )
  9. Disney's inevitable live-action Frozen will rake in billions. They also have Tangled, The Incredibles and Wreck-It Ralph to adapt. Don't think that Alan Horn isn't doing preproduction on these as we speak.
  10. The men who consider themselves incels and MRAs (men's rights activists) coined those terms themselves. The impotent incels have their own forums where they post embarrassing personal anecdotes and dark plots to end the women they think deny them sex. MRAs even hold rallies, only to be outnumbered 100:1 by normal people protesting their stupidity.
  11. There are some Black youtubers who jumped on the Brie-hating bandwagon. However, I got the impression that most of them saw how many hits other channels were getting and decided that they wanted in. Some of them make thousands of dollars/euros/etc off those videos so you can't blame them. (But I do. )
  12. The first post on Facebook calling for a boycott of Black Panther certainly invoked the bizarre conspiracy theory that accuses Disney of paying off critics - both to give Disney films good reviews and to slam DCEU movies. I'm not sure they were being honest, however, since the leader told multiple news sites about their white supremacist and misogynistic motivations. Pretending to support Snyder might have been to mask their less acceptable drives.
  13. In my post I cited only the group of people who orchestrated the trolling campaign against the three films in question. They happen to be white males from the alt-right and incel factions. Nowhere did I say that every white male was involved in the trolling. And by the way, I'm a Black woman who thinks that Brie Larson made a valid point. I can't back up my opinion by citing my friends and family because we never talk about petty online nonsense.
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