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  1. Stop going crazy for that movie FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!! I saw it twice but I do agree the movie is nowhere near the Pixar level. Its more of a film we would see from Dreamworks or Sony Animation. Still enjoyed the movie for what it was.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Q-0_m_Pz24I Love the 70's vibe and I really hope this can restore my faith in Tim Burton
  3. this looks very good when it comes around to my local indie theater I will make sure to go see it
  4. First movie...PocahontasFirst movie in theaters.......Snow Day (A Nickelodeon film it had Josh Peck and I believe Chevy Chase was in it) I only went to the theater every once in a while till I got a job then when I started to get a weekly paycheck I was at the theater almost every week.
  5. I still prefer Rotten Tomatoes over Metacritic...The only times I go to metacritic is for tv shows
  6. I gotta say Paramount has done Eddie Murphy a huge favor by putting that Thousand Words movie out the same weekend as John Carter. While everyone's watching how John Carter performs, nearly no one has noticed the other 2 films coming out this weekend. Murphy got lucky
  7. Well let me just say when I saw Project X there was no way a kid under 17 was getting into that theater. When I bought my ticket, had to show my ID. When I entered the hallway to the theaters, had to show my ID. When I entered the theater itself, had to show my Ticket stub. Never saw that much security for a R rated movie before. Also one more thing I have to say............................................................................................WTF LORAX?? Everyone must of been excited about Danny Devito. Only thing I could think of.
  8. Probably to teach the kids about what the future will look like. I really hope this movie can even the record for good Dr. Seuss movies. The trailer was great but the tv spots have kinda turned me off. Going to see Project X tonight
  9. I laughed and I will watch anything with Sandler (I even sat thur Jack & Jill)
  10. do we really need a Dreamworks Animation thread?? They may be 2nd in the animation competition but its a FAR 2nd
  11. - The Green Lantern - Big Momma's House 3 - Your Highness - Abduction - Season of the Witch - The Darkest Hour - The Three Musketeers What do all these films have in common?? They are films that are worse then Transformers, New Years Eve, and even Twilight Breaking Dawn. These guys that pick the films only go after the big name films that have a bad public reaction. That is why I don't like these awards. If your going to hand out awards for the worst films of the year then do it right. Al Pacino doesn't deserve this, he saved the movie from being an all out stinker. For Ken Jeong, can u just narrow it down to 1 film please? He was good in Hangover 2. So that should be good.
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