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  1. MovieGuyKyle16

    Monday March 19th, 2012 numbers

    Stop going crazy for that movie FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!! I saw it twice but I do agree the movie is nowhere near the Pixar level. Its more of a film we would see from Dreamworks or Sony Animation. Still enjoyed the movie for what it was.
  2. I was never that big of a fan of the series or that but I did go see TMNT for my buddies birthday (Imagine: 10th graders birthday and we go see TMNT) well I really enjoyed the movie and was kinda hoping for a sequel. I'm a little mad their rebooting and i'm even madder that Bay wants to make them aliens....ALIENS?? THEIR NOT ALIENS, THEIR MUTANTS, MUTANTS!! that's why its called Teenage MUTANT Ninja Turtles
  3. MovieGuyKyle16

    The Expendables 2 (August 17, 2012)

    this is breaking news
  4. MovieGuyKyle16

    Dark Shadows (May 11th 2012) (Est 3,700 theatres)

    This trailer sold me, hoping this could restore my faith in Tim Burton
  5. MovieGuyKyle16

    Dark Shadows

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Q-0_m_Pz24I Love the 70's vibe and I really hope this can restore my faith in Tim Burton
  6. MovieGuyKyle16

    Jeff, Who Lives At Home

    this looks very good when it comes around to my local indie theater I will make sure to go see it
  7. MovieGuyKyle16

    What one movie got you into watching movies?

    First movie...PocahontasFirst movie in theaters.......Snow Day (A Nickelodeon film it had Josh Peck and I believe Chevy Chase was in it) I only went to the theater every once in a while till I got a job then when I started to get a weekly paycheck I was at the theater almost every week.
  8. MovieGuyKyle16


    I still prefer Rotten Tomatoes over Metacritic...The only times I go to metacritic is for tv shows
  9. MovieGuyKyle16

    Movie You Want to See Most - Weekend of March 23, 2012

    Love the idea, but for me it will be 21 Jump Street
  10. Actually my college is on Spring Break this week
  11. I gotta say Paramount has done Eddie Murphy a huge favor by putting that Thousand Words movie out the same weekend as John Carter. While everyone's watching how John Carter performs, nearly no one has noticed the other 2 films coming out this weekend. Murphy got lucky
  12. Its sad that this board ain't hoping
  13. MovieGuyKyle16

    John Carter (March 2012)

    I don't know why but I want to stay up all night just to see how this goes
  14. MovieGuyKyle16

    John Carter (March 2012)

    I dont think he will have a problem with Pixar but getting another live action film again might be a problem but hopefully someone gives him a second try with a smaller budget. Or they see it was just horrible marketing on Disney's part
  15. MovieGuyKyle16

    John Carter (March 2012)

    I know this weekend will be a great weekend to watch the box office....This is not the time for the site to go down

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