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  1. truly shocking. I mean, everyone knew it was going to be big but this is the kind of thing that 10 years from now if you're active on these forums you'll always remember. I haven't had a chance to see it yet, but still im giddy when these phenomenons happen. enjoy it.
  2. Clearly I'm nervous but I think the delay is the best play here. CoG certainly had issues (it also had some great moments), but I think the only thing that will guarantee this sees itself to five films is it crushing on RT. The delay can give it time for that. OW is almost guaranteed to be below CoG (if CoG couldn't match FB with the goodwill this won't either). I think best case scenario domestically is something like 50/170, with the hope that last two films can go out with a bang. I do think its salvageable, the WW gross was still respectable and in the end its a money maker for WB.
  3. truly astounding to me that this questions is being asked after 14 years of Perry putting out low budget films that almost always double or triple production costs. the urban movie goers are CONSISTENTLY overlooked (I think there's an argument to be made that Perry consistently getting black audiences in theaters over the past decade and a half are some of the reasons we see films like Blank Panther being made). every year, someone here specifically asks this question about perry and the short answer is if you think these films look horrible they're not made for you. that doesn't mean they don't have appeal. also, not trying to personally attack you with this just forever astounded by the idea that because something doesn't appeal to you doesn't mean it doesn't have appeal. and for some reason Tyler seems to be the scapegoat year after year.
  4. Clearly I'm in the minority here, but domestically speaking I think Bumblebee has done about as good as Paramount could have hoped for. I mean, we're talking 3, MAYBE 4 sequels that have not been well received and continued to diminish the brand. The last one is released in the heat of the summer and makes 130 stateside. The fact that Bumblebee is going to do around that same number is a bigggg feat and Paramount should be smart enough to know that it was going to take a quality film or two to stop the bleeding if the franchise wants a future. The only real bad news here was letting the budget go over 100 (a Venom-esque budget would have made this sound a lot better) and the fact that it's being mildly received in China. Still 300-350+ WW with the amount this had to overcome is, IMO, a big win.
  5. we know they were no watched no where near this much because Netflix isn't tooting it's own horn about them. my mom and I watched bird box Christmas Day. we both love Sandra bullock and I thought she was solid but as others have said it felt like a much lesser executed version of A Quiet Place. but facts are facts and it absolutely EXPLODED on social media. would not be surprised if Netflix started doing a film release with an a lister attached every year around the holiday.
  6. FB should finish right around 160 domestic / 470 international. 630 WW is nothing to snuff out but they need to be very, very careful with part 3.
  7. Spiderverse is front loaded but it's to be expected. Still think it can leg it out to 150 with holidays. WOOF for ME, that is a massive bomb.
  8. correct, but the Tuesday before the increases were almost identical.
  9. That's a better increase for CoG than FB had at the same point. Hoping it can find some late legs and finish in the high 160's/low 170's.
  10. so even being generous and its 40, which is being VERY generous for this type of film....that's not the kind of competition you're scared of after being in release for 3+ weeks.
  11. One thing all these films have going for them is literally NO competition or screen loss over the next two weeks. I know the first week of December is slow but still I think a lot of these films will benefit from it. I also think the weekend of the 14th is light because Mortal Engines looks like a MASSIVE bomb.
  12. I completely agree. while I do think Yates is expendable to them, and Rowling is not, I also think this is in NO WAY the kind of film that causes shake ups. they'll discuss ways to course correct and will probably focus much, much more on catering to critics/a more universally liked film, but yea, a film that does 600 WW+ isn't even getting anyone a slap on the wrist.
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