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  1. Spiderverse is front loaded but it's to be expected. Still think it can leg it out to 150 with holidays. WOOF for ME, that is a massive bomb.
  2. RyneOh1040

    Tuesday 11/27 numbers

    correct, but the Tuesday before the increases were almost identical.
  3. RyneOh1040

    Tuesday 11/27 numbers

    That's a better increase for CoG than FB had at the same point. Hoping it can find some late legs and finish in the high 160's/low 170's.
  4. so even being generous and its 40, which is being VERY generous for this type of film....that's not the kind of competition you're scared of after being in release for 3+ weeks.
  5. One thing all these films have going for them is literally NO competition or screen loss over the next two weeks. I know the first week of December is slow but still I think a lot of these films will benefit from it. I also think the weekend of the 14th is light because Mortal Engines looks like a MASSIVE bomb.
  6. I completely agree. while I do think Yates is expendable to them, and Rowling is not, I also think this is in NO WAY the kind of film that causes shake ups. they'll discuss ways to course correct and will probably focus much, much more on catering to critics/a more universally liked film, but yea, a film that does 600 WW+ isn't even getting anyone a slap on the wrist.
  7. That should put it between 28-29 million for FFS, 117 domestic total. I think, depending on holds, low end is 155, high end if it finds some legs, 175.
  8. At this point 170's would be okay. It would mean that Rowling/Yates/WB have to have some serious talk about making FB3 a universally liked film, while also being able to say 'hey, it was a drop but it still made 600+ WW'. This series isn't off the rails yet but it needs to be course corrected. I am in the minority and actually enjoyed the film. There was CLEARLY some story that hit the cutting room floor that hurt the film, along with other arcs that SHOULD have been taken out instead. Still, I find this story exciting and I think the third act truly saves the film.
  9. Going to be absolutely monstrous. See it somewhere between 650 and 700 domestic.
  10. same. I mean that cast was LOADED with teenage talent but I couldn't believe how good of an actor they got when the show was starting to make its exit (when most shows just use filler shit).
  11. this is my theory as well. it also would give a good arc to why Grindelwald is searching for Creedence in FB1....not because of anything to do with him but because he know it's Ariana's obscurial.

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