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  1. yeah not saying its bad a thing. I'm happy with the ending. I just wanted the stakes to be higher and the action to be more slick. Basically how Trinity at the end manhandled the analyst. that was the type of fighting that was needed. Boundaries were not pushed. Choreography seemed lazy. Instead we had Neo in his PJs for the whole film.
  2. Its just a love story. Action was underwhelming. I wouldn't say its bad bad but its nothing wow. It gave the fans an ending that the characters needed in revolutions. If the action had been more Matrix like and had some actual stakes this would have been better received. Pity. Hope it makes some money but HBO Max has killed it. C-
  3. well 800 is a given. I think Endgame total will be going down if the second weekend is higher than 100. If it stays flat at 100 will be looking at 835. This all depends on if theaters don't closedown or something. I don't know the situation in the states.
  4. This is for sure a 260+ weekend. Finally After 14 years Spiderman is opening weekend boxoffice King again. Yes yes endgame is higher but that was a collective movie. It also had Spidey in it too.
  5. I recall Sony saying they will be using Spiderman for their own universe no? I think it will be Andrew Garfield with Tom Hardy's Venom as he is the only one who hasn't fought an alien.
  6. haven't kept up to date with latest tracking. That would be amazing if it did 200+. Should be a fun weekend
  7. really enjoyed it. Its sad cos i feel this was a 200+ opening weekend if we were in normal times. It certainly would deserve it. 120-140 opening I feel
  8. well, miles better than Joss Whedons movie. Still feel there is no chemistry between the characters. They all just seemed wooden and dreary. Ezra is such a miscast. His acting was cringe and I just cant understand why he wasn't recast for the solo movie. Would have been nice to know why Supes chose the black costume. How did Darkseid forget Earth had the anti-life equation?? 4 hours and still a lot of holes. As for the action...I cant understand why that wasn't included in its entirety in Josstice League. Was much better. Anyways, it was good. Not great. B-
  9. I enjoyed the movie because of Kano. But why not stay true to the actual canon? Inventing Cole was lame and pointless when you have tonnes of other characters to choose from. The movie needed more work in the story and editing department. Didnt feel very gelled together. Scorpion and sub zero felt a bit of a downer after the build up because it had Cole in the fight too. Some great moments and laughs but also some things that potentially can ruin this franchise. Hoping sequel improves on the flaws and actually has the damn tournament. C+/B-
  10. this was weird. How to do you from greatness to mediocre? WB, that's how. My word this was just boring. The action was so lazy and shite. Nothing stood out except maybe Gal Gadot improving as an actress. Very disappointed. Its not a wholly bad movie but it is just ...meh. 5.5/10 C-
  11. if the cinemas close do you guys think they will re-release this later in USA when things are a bit more normal? maybe UK too? or just send it to streaming.
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