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  1. Here's my list. I think when I originally put it together, it came to about 90 or so. I wanted add enough to make it an even 100. (not necessarily the last 10 or so, because in the consideration, I remembered some movies I ranked slightly higher.)
  2. Akira is still very much worth watching. In terms of films done without computer aid, it's among the most technically impressive made, up there with Pinocchio and The Thief and the Cobbler. It was a huge production, and I believe they had to keep pulling in more animators around Tokyo to help complete it because it was so involved. Like at one point, basically every studio that wasn't Ghibli was probably doing something for Akira. And the music is just amazing. Legit one of the best movie soundtracks ever made. Plus... PLUS! a plot point is about the Olympics that happened in Tokyo... in 2020, which is an awesome bit of prescience by Otomo. I'm going to be disappointed if the Olympic Stadium doesn't look right.
  3. There are plenty of films that are steeped in the culture, though. Spirited Away is. The Boy and the Beast is. Paprika is. Your Name isn't particularly unique in that regard, and the cultural aspect of the resolution doesn't make it particularly good. It's ultimately a cute film with a clever premise that's undermined by an overly melodramatic conclusion. Yeah, it's better than most of his films. I'd argue that A Place Promised in Our Early Days is better... and possibly Voices of a Distant Star, but he's still pretty one-note for emotional resonance, even in those. It could be far, far worse, though. Children Who Chase Lost Voices is extremely bad.
  4. I'm gonna agree with Chas about Your Name. Well, sorta. I don't despise it, but I mostly find it just fine and little more. There are some cute scenes, some really good background animation, and the twist is pretty clever, but the plot resolution is pretty blah, and, as with pretty much all his films, Shinkai leans into melodrama like he's freebasing it. It's better than most of his films, but it's still not very good. Compared to his contemporaries (Hosoda and Yonebayashi), he's a very distant third in the running for "Miyazaki's successor". (Although even those two are behind the two who have sadly passed on: Kon and Kondo.)
  5. Kiki - An absolute classic, with a totally amazing climax scene. Overall, it's just a great character development film, to see someone overcome their anxieties and feelings of helplessness. Ponyo - Newer than the rest, but the animation is superb. Ghibli had a period where they experimented with some computer animation, but had abandoned it entirely by the time Ponyo came out. The storm running scene is as visually engrossing as some of the ocean scenes in Pinocchio, but with an entirely different feel. It's probably Miyazaki's youngest targeted film besides Totoro, but since he's so keen on getting the character mannerisms exactly right, it still draws you in. Castle in the Sky - Do you like steampunk? Most of Miyazaki's films have some element of steampunk, but CitS is probably the preeminent example of that. Nausicaa - Where CitS is steampunk, this is... bio punk? It's got an especially overt environmentalist theme, which weaves its way through all of Miyazki's films, but it becomes more subtle over time. Some great visual sequences.
  6. My twitter timeline has been on fire for this, particularly Mulan's outfit. So much fanart.
  7. It seems like that Nemo is only adjusting the original run, not the 3D re-release, which adjusts to about 48m, so even if you just add those together, it's 570m or so. Actual tickets is probably going to diverge somewhat more because original Nemo had no 3D or PLF, and I2 probably skews slightly older (because of the 14 year gap, rating difference, and the superhero theme.) Adjusted numbers are... fudgy, and to be taken with extreme grains of salt. You know what else needs grains of salt? My weekly update of my box office projector. In week 7, Incredibles 2 earned 12.5m, pushing the total past 578. This was a drop of about 37%, which isn't quite the stunner we saw last week, but is pretty solid. We can probably chalk up some of that fall to the fairly direct competition from Teen Titans Go to the Movies, which is also animated and about superheroes. This is pretty much the last competition it will face for a long time. Smallfoot is the next animated film, in late September, and Venom is the next superhero offering in early October. The family offerings between now and then include AXL. And nothing else. 37% is interesting, because it's just barely under the mark needed for 600m. Drops continuing like this would see I2 end up with about 599.5m. 36% has a final total around 600.5m. So, it's probably going to get over that mark, though it will probably need a late run bump or two to do it easily. If, instead, it follows last week's trend of 25% drops (assuming the drop this week was due to TTGTTM more than anything else) would see it above 615m. This is really good. It's not, unfortunately, enough to edge it past Star Wars: The Last Jedi to get to 8th on the all time list. In order to do that it will need to hold slightly better, now, around 22-23%. And it would need to be about 1% better (21-22%) in order to best The Avengers for 7th all time. 6th all time would mean getting ahead of Jurassic World's 652m, which would need drops better than 15%. We can pretty safely assume it isn't going to do that, since there's no past behavior to indicate it, and films that radically change their drop pattern tend to do it earlier in their run than the 8th week. (Frozen did it on about week 4, for instance.) Which means for all time placement, it's assured at 9th, since that's what it's already at. 8th or 7th is still possible, although not incredibly likely. 600m does seem like a strong chance, although not absolute. 50% drops from here on out would still see it finishing above 590m. That's all I got. I don't know how many more of these updates I'll do, but it should be at least for another week or two.
  8. I hadn't seen the trailer until I saw Fallout and... yikes. I didn't think it would be possible to make the first moon landing look boring and bland, but here we are.
  9. ElastiRoc

    Moviepass and its Impact on the Box Office

    Yeah, I finally canceled today. I'm still on the service through next Monday or so, but I doubt that there will be anything that I'll see. Scrolling through the app, I can go see a handful of movies like Eighth Grade, Hereditary, or Sicario. Mission Impossible is shown as premium only. Mamma Mia, Equalizer, Hotel Translyvania, and Teen Titans don't show up on the app at all, regardless of the theater I check. The last time I did see those films (Thursday or Friday), they were all surge pricing at $6. So, it looks like over the course of about 10 months, I saw 40 films. (Well, 38 or so. I saw a couple of them twice when that was an option.) The first was Bladerunner 2049. The last was Skyscraper. I know that there were multiple films I watched because of Moviepass, especially over the winter. I'm not sure what I'll go with next. Perhaps Sinemia. It's a slight step down in number of movies, but it does cover the Cinerama, so that's a huge bonus.
  10. I'm suddenly reminded of capalert.com, which was one of the sites I tended to loop back around to regularly in internet days of yesteryear, mostly because it was fascinating to see... kind of like a trainwreck. Every instance of something offensive was noted as a negative, regardless of context, and wrapped together in an arcane scoring mechanism to determine which films were okay (in a specifically fundamentalist christian context) for children to watch.
  11. What a difference a week makes. Last time around, the simple stupid projector was laying it out that most of the likely paths probably had I2 ending up somewhat short of the $600m mark, possibly close enough to get nudged over the line, if Disney so desired (Black Panther is still shy of $700m, even after a 129% weekly bump), but more than likely too far to be worth the effort. And now? Well, now, I2 in week 6 earned a whopping $19.8m, down just under 25%! That is an amazing hold, considerably better than any previous week, and it puts things in a nicer perspective. It should be noted that since we're getting late into the run, this doesn't shift things up majorly, but it does alter a few possibilities from more fringy to somewhat likely. First up, the Shrek 2 adjusted number of $650m or so. In order to get there, I2 will probably need to get those drops under 20%. Sadly, it seems as if that Dreamworks/Pixar rivarly from the early 00s will remain with Dreamworks holding that adjusted gross trophy. Maybe Toy Story 4 will get there next year? We'll have to see. But, if we just look at that 24.5% drop, well, that would mean a final total around $625m. And that would jolt it up to 7th place on the All Time Domestic chart, ahead of both Star Wars: The Last Jedi and The Avengers. In fact, it could thread a very narrow needle between them with about 26% drops. $600m, a number that used to indicate a movie was doing well beyond anything even close to normal in terms of business, but after the first few months of this year, seems pretty much a given for the Disney monolith that we'll likely see producing all our media within the next decade... Sorry. $600m will need 36% drops. That's... quite reasonable. I definitely wouldn't say it's a shoe-in (only two weekly holds are better than that, and one of those was holiday boosted) but it seems very possible. A 40% weekly hold from here on out would see it finish north of $595m, but probably too far to make pushing it to the mark worth it. I'd guess that the make or break mark is about 38%, right now. If I2 holds to that, it'll end up around $598m on its own, so it might be close enough to make pulling a few strings worth it. If $600m does happen, it'll be the fourth film Disney released within six months of each-other to cross that mark. There are only five other films that have previously done it, so this has been a pretty ridiculous run for the company. Next week we'll get to see if this really great hold is trend or if it was a weird one-off. See you then!
  12. Saw it this evening. It delivered the mindless summer action fun I didn't know I needed today, and thus I enjoyed myself pretty much throughout.
  13. Cool trailer. I've watched it three or four times today already. It's got a ton of exuberant energy, which I really dig.

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