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  1. In 2015, they basically did give up on advertising The Good Dinosaur in favor of TFA. Which wouldn't make sense here, but I suppose in the minds of some fans, anything that isn't totally focused on their own franchise is blasphemy.
  2. Disney's back catalogue doesn't really entice me. If there's something very specific I want to watch, I'd probably either opt for a rental, library check-out, or, if I really want it (like most WDAS entries), I'll just buy it. The comparison of service original programming is mostly what I look at. Netflix has a massive advantage there, because it's been doing it for a lot longer. And there are several active originals that I follow. (It's seriously a great service for original animated shows.)
  3. The more I think about it, the less D+ is worth it, at least for the first year or two. Same with Apple+. The lack of original content is key. Mandalorian isn't worth it alone.
  4. I keep forgetting about the BOM redesign until I go to the site and can't find anything. So many idle curiosity moments killed dead by the paywall.
  5. I believe the studio can set two trailers that must be shown with their own features (or to give the theater a choice between a few). The other trailers shown are up to the theater. The studio trailers might be included in the movie hard drive, which is essentially like including it on the print.
  6. The last film to have a 15/70 release was Interstellar. They closed the theater for about three or four months to upgrade in time for the opening of AOU. Part of that was switching the projector to IMAX laser. Which is still really good. (Cinerama uses a Christie 6P laser.) I saw Interstellar 1 & ⅔s times there. The first time there was a fire alarm that went off right. as. everything. was. about. to. happen. (It was just before they "took a walk".) Since they couldn't get it sorted, they refunded us and gave us free tix for another show. I kinda wish they'd have kept it around, if only for Nolan. Cinerama showed Dunkirk in 70mm, which was cool, but it wasn't quite the same as the full IMAX. Frozen would have been cool, but it was also the final pre-Hyperion film, so it probably wouldn't look as good as newer features. Zootopia was fantastic there, though.
  7. It's good. Both PacSci and Cinerama are exemplary theater experiences, especially since PacSci seems to do 3D a lot less, now. It's a pity they got rid of their 15/70 projector, but the laser is still nice. And both tend to get animation pretty rarely, so I try to catch those if I can. I think both are going to have Frozen 2 for a fair bit, though, until Star Wars opens.
  8. So, do I first want to see it at the Cinerama or on the PacSci IMAX. (also, is the double feature going to happen?)
  9. Electra and Catwoman both came out since. The conventional wisdom was that superheroines couldn't sell, rather than bad movies don't sell.
  10. I think most of the effects on movies have already been felt. As noted, mid-level movies have largely died off in theaters, leaving it to be a tentpole field most of the time. I also don't think that the release of Disney+ is going to form doom for Netflix. Disney is of a very specific mindset, and that mindset is "franchise". The high profile original content is going to either be MCU or Star Wars, which... doesn't really affect much. Netflix and Amazon and HBO will continue to generate their own original content. I see two things eventually happening. One, the services that exist within the same corporate umbrella (HBO Max and DC Universe; Disney+ and Hulu) will eventually be consolidated. (The exception to this will probably be content for a specific audience; I don't expect ESPN+ to be folded in.) Two, there will be increased perpetual exclusivity. Disney films will only show up on Disney+, and WB films will only show up on HBO. The other studios, which may or may not have their own efforts in the mix, will probably partner up with an existing platform. Or get bought out by the same. I could easily see Amazon and Apple just outright buying a studio, if only for the guaranteed back catalogue. Apple may need to do this, because of a relative lack of its own content.
  11. IIRC, Frozen's run in China was also leggy. It looked extremely disappointing at first, but it held onto modest business and was even extended beyond the original 30 day release window. I don't believe there was any indication that audiences disliked the film, but rather that it was something of an unknown that still got people interested.
  12. 4 quad isn't necessary for big previews. A dedicated fanbase is. Relative to OW, female driven films with a large fanbase tend to have extremely large previews. Look at Twilight. Look at TFioS. Look at Hunger Games. Look at Harry Potter. Frozen has a fanbase on That Level. The previews are going to be massive, but it will look a little frontloaded over the weekend.
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