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  1. It's playing at the Regal Meridian for the next week at least. I got a ticket for Tuesday evening after work
  2. This is a pretty underwhelming selection of nominees... but 2019 was a pretty underwhelming year for movies, overall. Nice that Klaus got an animation nod, tho. That's surprising. Sad that Frozen 2 didn't get one.
  3. First sub 1m day? I think we were tracking that for 1's run, because it was an interesting comparison to Finding Nemo, maybe?
  4. I figure Soul will end up in the low 300s. Raya will probably do low to mid 200s. Tho that could change based on the first trailer, but outside of Frozen, WDAS seems to be in that range. FF9 is probably high 100s / low 200s. Dune is probably in the 150 range if it really takes off, otherwise about where Bladerunner 2049 landed. Ghostbusters would not surprise me if it's under 100. Doing much more than the 2016 film is iffy. Mulan is probably around 300m. It's also the biggest Hollywood movie in China. FF9 is second. Uncharted will be. Onward is a wild card. It looks really fun, and the release date is pretty good for a family film. But Pixar originals tend to do less (excepting Docter) so I figure slightly more than Coco. It'll probably be close to see whether this or Raya earns more. BW mid 300s, probably. Low 400s, maybe. Eternals high 200s to low 300s. WW high 400s. BOP high 100s,but with a lot of upside potential.
  5. I've been trying to find a better subtitle than "The Rise of Skywalker" The best I've found is Star Wars: Revenge of the Fallen
  6. ROS is going to break the cycle of third star wars films. Both Jedi and Sith increased from the second films.
  7. More likely, Glass made the list as the first big-ish movie of the year, and Dark Phoenix already had a trailer. The only real misses for the list are Joker and Frozen 2. Neither had a trailer at the end of the year, so that's somewhat expected.
  8. I... Don't think you can have a spinoff with one of the two protagonists.
  9. I don't care about the Cameron side of things. I just really liked the movie and want a sequel to continue the story. It does seem like a long shot, though.
  10. Seems like a strong chance. There's some other possibilities (I think Soul has a shot), but 2020 is pretty light on franchise fare, as things go. Which is something of a relief.
  11. A lot of the discussion was because of how atypical Frozen's run was. It brought in many newcomers to the site (including myself) who specifically wanted to talk about the box office. F2 is a juggernaut, but it's not really doing anything atypical from other huge blockbusters. Now, if something changes and it starts having insane legs, that's likely to change. Beyond that, well, it's not like it's going to generate the same fannish interest that F1 did... it's building on that fandom, but it's not creating it. And beyond, beyond even that... times change. Usually the biggest threads are ones that have some degree of disagreement and controversy. That wasn't true for Frozen, which was an outlier. For F2 to get the same degree of response it would have to be pretty divisive among the fandom, which it isn't. It's a rare sequel that is about the same quality as the first, and while there are quibbles about which is better, it's still mostly positive, except for the few minor trolling responses... which aren't even getting traction. At the time of Frozen, I was really involved in Tumblr, and was following the fan community that way. Tumblr has mostly died, and I just don't have the same amount of time as I did. There are things I'd be happy to discuss, but they're somewhat spoilery, so it can wait.
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