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  1. Based on the trailers this looks like “Big” with a superhero and no Tom Hanks.
  2. Exactly. I’ve seen people review movies still being made.
  3. She didn’t have to do anything. Some people were just looking for something Have a fit about. As far as I’m concerned Brie is just saying things that should have been said a long time ago.
  4. No it doesn’t. It’s just men trying to put women against women and it’s not going to work. I can spend my money on both movies.
  5. I didn’t say anything about anyone being a lesbian. I was referring to strong female character but thank you for proving my point.
  6. Elsa sang a song that promoted self confidence and the love of oneself. Conservatives had a fit. Between this film and Captain Marvel it’s going to be a trying year on social media. Oh and Star Wars....
  7. I guess they must have rewrote the script because I can’t see Barbie being an outcast now.
  8. The problem is the younger generation doesn’t seem to care about a musical about a nanny. Older people already have Julie Andrews who was perfect so why would they need to watch Blunt.
  9. Solid film. Very enjoyable to watch. Mercury clearly had his issues but I like how the movie shows despite that he was a good person. It wasn’t a hit job.
  10. Rumor is Belle and Cinderella will be making appearances at the wedding. It could be true because Disney isn’t stupid.
  11. It was average at best. This trailer doesn’t give me hope that Marvel didn’t drop the ball on this one. They don’t know what to do with women. I hope I’m wrong cuz Brie wants it to work so badly.
  12. Fun movie and has a good message. I'm surprised to see people hating on it before seeing it. Well not that surprised. I'm thinking the critics didn't watch it before writing their reviews or went in with a decision to hate it already made. Shame. It's really starting to feel like women who speak out on issues are being not-so-subtly to stay in their place and shut up or get bad reviews.

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