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  1. I guess they must have rewrote the script because I can’t see Barbie being an outcast now.
  2. The problem is the younger generation doesn’t seem to care about a musical about a nanny. Older people already have Julie Andrews who was perfect so why would they need to watch Blunt.
  3. Solid film. Very enjoyable to watch. Mercury clearly had his issues but I like how the movie shows despite that he was a good person. It wasn’t a hit job.
  4. Rumor is Belle and Cinderella will be making appearances at the wedding. It could be true because Disney isn’t stupid.
  5. It was average at best. This trailer doesn’t give me hope that Marvel didn’t drop the ball on this one. They don’t know what to do with women. I hope I’m wrong cuz Brie wants it to work so badly.
  6. Fun movie and has a good message. I'm surprised to see people hating on it before seeing it. Well not that surprised. I'm thinking the critics didn't watch it before writing their reviews or went in with a decision to hate it already made. Shame. It's really starting to feel like women who speak out on issues are being not-so-subtly to stay in their place and shut up or get bad reviews.
  7. Star Wars and marvel don't count. For the most part, I'm talking about the one-offs. I don't really need a critic what they think the movie was trying to achieve and if it succeeded. I can do that myself esp with these kinds of movies. I already know what to expect.
  8. Critics won't like it. It looks like a good popcorn movie which means it'll be fun. There literally is no point of using rotten tomatoes for a movie like this. It was going to get a rotten score before it was even made.
  9. Well when you get old enough you'll have to buy food, gas, clothes, etc somewhere and if you don't pay the sale price it's stealing. It's not borrowing or whatever. You can do what you want but at least own up to it. I can only imagine is a huge song. It's been around for a long while. I can see why it did well plus it didn't seem to be promoting an agenda. At least what little I know of the movie itself.
  10. It's still stealing. It no different than walking out of a grocery store without paying for groceries and then donating to a soup kitchen/food bank. You still stole from the store which causes hardship for them thus loss of jobs.
  11. The commercials and trailers didn't sell me the movie but some of the comments I've read from people (who claimed to have seen it) have got me interested in seeing it.
  12. That not Rachel's hair from Friends. Plus Rachel looked good with it. That's soccer mom hair and no FX can fix that.
  13. Captain Marvel has soccer mom hair. That wasn't expected.

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