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  1. Monday, IT 4,2 mln

    Kingsman should push It out of #1. Mother!'s low box office is rustling in DA's worse nightmare: no one is talking about his "art". It's already yesterday's news.
  2. She doesn't look like Croft in that poster. Honestly she reminds me more of Jennifer Garner. I enjoyed the video game so I hope this isn't any indication of the quality of the film. How did that neck photoshop get the okay to release?
  3. Witherspoon was better but Kidman will win over her.
  4. Didn't Paramount distribute Noah? It's not like they are new to Aronofsky. They even tried to fool the GA with marketing then. It worked a little bit better then than now.
  5. The only way Lawrence can be hurt by this is if it can be determined her out of context Hurricane controversy hurt the bottom line. Then she becomes a liability marketing a movie but I would be surprised to find this is the case. The GA work too hard for their money to throw it away on something they might not like. Simple as that.
  6. Mother? 7.5m OW http://deadline.com/2017/09/it-stephen-king-movie-jennifer-lawrence-mother-dylan-obrien-american-assassin-weekend-box-office-1202170367/amp/
  7. Add Frances McDormand and Sam Rockwell to that list and I will be very happy.
  8. I'm beginning to think you were the person responsible for green lighting this film.
  9. The general audience are cinephiles. They go to movies because they like them. Time to go see It again since I'm a cinephile of horror movies 😉
  10. 😅 at Oscar talk for Mother! Audiences hated it and it flopped. There are plenty of other deserving movies.
  11. I hope both Frances and Sam get some award buzz. This is easily one of my most anticipated this year. Can't wait.
  12. The religious right was pretty active against Noah. They actively gave it low scores initially. Eventually they move on and in time the score recovers. The way the deadline article read mostly Jen and Darren fans went and seen it. That CinemaScore for Darren's fan base isn't good.

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