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  1. Sweet deal? How many billion dollar movies have they had this year? It’s ok for them to be cheap and screw over smaller companies as long as “fans” get what they want. Fans who have zero money invested in the productions. Or maybe Sony can play hardball themselves and not give in to Disney’s whims.
  2. Obviously this was in the works with Venom movies being made and upcoming the upcoming Black Cat movie. Spider-Man needs to be there.
  3. I thought Sony has the option of taking Spider-Man back was a known thing.
  4. It’s pretty deep considering the character she is playing is 12 yrs old.
  5. Even the mixed reviews will be positive enough for rotten tomatoes and I don’t think critics even matter with this film. It’s going to easily crack a billion, maybe 2. I’m going to split it and go for 1.75 billion.
  6. I’m not saying the box office was bad at all this weekend but Stranger Things appealed to me much more than any of the other horror offerings this weekend.
  7. It’s an indie film not a blockbuster. All I hope is with this cast, the various fan bases don’t cause the likability of this film to implode. I feel sorry for the older actors.
  8. TLK surely didn’t need Aladdin to do well on a holiday weekend. TLK will be massive because it is TLK. Opening weekend will beat BatB’s opening easily.
  9. What’s weird is it didn’t feel like a Ritchie film at all. It was your typical remake., no better or worse. I can’t help but think Disney had such control of filming he was creatively muted.
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