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  1. CoolEric258

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Media criticism has been saved!
  2. CoolEric258

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Somebody's forgetting that 2020 has Coming 2 America
  3. DO NOT QUOTE THIS POST Fandango App Monday How to Train Your Dragon 3 3,724 Fight w/ Family (2.5K expansion) 165 Dragon 3 Comps: 18% of Incredibles 2 (32.6M) 239% of Christopher Robin (58.7M) 224% of Nutcracker (45.7M) 104% of Grinch (70.3M) 100% of Spider-Verse (35.4M) 240% of Bumblebee (51.9M) 146% of Lego Movie 2 (49.8M) This is basically all over the place. I want to say breakout...but I remember thinking presales for Lego 2 were doing good, and that was a huge whiff. This might also skew towards an older audience like Incredibles and Spider-Verse, and those are much lower than the other movies...I'll just be conservative here this time. Family Comps: 16% of The Hate U Give's 2K expansion ($1.2M) 31% of On the Basis of Sex's 2K expansion ($1.9M) There's no beating around the bush here. This is an awful Monday for Fighting with my Family. But maybe things will perk up in the coming days? Upcoming releases Movie/Date Monday Captain Marvel 1,902 Us 35
  4. All movies are better when a dog's in it. Pretty wack that BOT said Fallout was better than A Star is Born
  5. oh wait Disney owns He Got Game. Hell yeah, bring Denzel and Bow Wow, the two greatest actors of our generation, together.
  6. btw with Disney now owning the Like Mike franchise, I demand them to work with Lionsgate and create the Like Drew Cinematic Universe.
  7. I...I still haven't seen Fallout
  8. If it isn't true, then what's the point in living?

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