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  1. One can even make the argument that Lion King might be inspired more by Shakespeare's Henry IV than Shakespeare's Hamlet. (btw Kyle Kallgren is a talented and smart YouTuber, and I like his stuff. Go watch him)
  2. Feel like it should do something like 320M honestly. It's following Maleficent's holds pretty closely, which would be about 342.7M. Just make it a bit more frontloaded, and you'd get something like this.
  3. I should mention that I don't think this is going to be what happens. I'm actually fairly confident in Jungle Cruise this far out and I wouldn't be surprised if either Fast and Furious or Top Gun reaches it. It just seems that there's a strong chance for only those movies to reach that mark, at least this far out. I'm also confident Minions is gonna crash and burn, and Tenet seems destined to be a movie everybody predicts will do huge numbers only to do like 180M or something.
  4. But honestly, if you guys think this summer is trash, just wait until next year. It's not totally crazy to say that Black Widow, Wonder Woman, and the June Pixar movie (if that still exists) might be the only movies that season to even cross 200M.
  5. Aladdin got a near identical hold with Maleficent on the same weekend. And it could probably (though it's not certain) match next weekend's 35% thanks to Toy Story double features and whatnot. That's also a pretty decent jump for Late Night. I'm hoping to see that movie pretty soon.
  6. BOX OFFICE FOR JUNE 14-16 THUMB RANK FILM DIS. SCREENS (CHG) FRIDAY 3-DAY TOTAL WK 1 Men In Black: Int.. Sony 4,224 $10.3M $26M $26M 1 2 Secret Life Of Pets 2 Uni/Ill 4,564 (+3) $6.7M (-59%) $23.4M (-50%) $91.6M 2 3 Aladdin Dis 3,556 (-249) $4.7M (-32%) $17.1M (-30%) $263.8M 4 4 Dark Phoenix Dis/Fox 3,721 $2.4M (-83%) $8.2M (-75%) $51M 2 5 Rocketman Par 3,021 (-589) $2.3M (-83%) $7.75M (-44%) $65.1M 3 6 Shaft NL/WB 2,952 $2.7M $7.7M $7.7M 1 7 Godzilla…Monsters WB/Leg 3,207 (-901) $2M (-51%) $7.4M (-52%) $93M 3 8 John Wick 3 LG 2,033 (-743) $1.4M (-26%) $5.6M (-25%) $148.1M 5 9 Late Night Amz 2,218 (+2214) $1.66M (+1737%) $4.7M (+1811%) $4.9M 2 10 Ma Uni/Blum 1,794 (1,022) $1.1M (-51%) $3.8M (-51%) $40.5M 3
  7. People don't like that movie? How can they look at Bill Hader as Andy Warhol, and Michael Stuhlbarg as the superior Doctor Strange, and say "nah, this ain't it chief"?
  8. Movie/Date Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Toy Story 4 1,724 2,015 3,101 3,145 2,762 11 days 10 days 9 days 8 days 7 days Annabelle 3 66 55 81 53 56 16 days 15 days 14 days 13 days 12 days Spider-Man FFH 907 803 1,192 1,064 941 22 days 21 days 20 days 19 days 18 days Toy Story Day 18-7 66% of Incredibles 2 (120.3M) 133% of Aladdin (121.7M 3-Day, 154.7M 4-Day) 303% of Dumbo (139.2M) 261% of Dragon 3 (143.4M) 273% of Shazam! (146.1M) 430% of Lego 2 (146.8M) Day 24-7 255% of Shazam! (136.4M) 84% of Incredibles 2 (155.4M) 299% of Dragon 3 (164.4M) Another day of consistent increases from all comps. Comps still indicate 150M OW, but things can change if the film's momentum continues. Probably depends on whether there's an increase on Saturday tomorrow. Aladdin had a really strong increase at that point in time, and that was the moment that made me really confident in its financial prospects. At the very least, I have a couple clubs on the line, so this better deliver the next couple days lol Annabelle Day 22-12 18% of Us (13.1M 3-Day, 15.6M first 5 days) 50% of The Nun (26.7M 3-Day, 30.9M first 5 days) So two new things happened. The obvious one is that I managed to go into the akvalley archives and find Nun numbers, arguably the better comp of the two. I might also add in The First Purge tomorrow, because that's probably the best comp to use in the first place. But hey, three is better than one. I'm also gonna test things out a bit and use the first 5 days for regular movies when it comes to comping Wednesday openers. I doubt it's as effective as simple Wednesday openers, but it doesn't hurt to try. Far From Home Day 29-18 14% of Infinity War (35.2M 3-Day, 44.1M first 6 days) 51% of Captain Marvel (78.7M 3-Day, 96.2M first 6 days) I'm doing the same thing with Annabelle. Nothing really interesting here. Slight declines, but really nothing to worry about.
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