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  1. Black Widow Greater Philadelphia Area Seat Report T-26 and Counting (Thu) Sellouts Showings Seats Sold Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 0 66 947 10055 9.42% Total Seats Sold Today: 132
  2. F9 Greater Philadelphia Area Seat Report T-12 and Counting (Thu) Sellouts Showings Seats Sold Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 2 53 846 8686 9.74% Total Sellouts Added Today: 1 Total Seats Sold Today: 61 Comp 0.853x of Godzilla vs. Kong T-12 Before Release (8.28M) 1.867x of A Quiet Place Part II's Thu+Fri T-12 Before Release (36.17M) Oh hey. The GvK comp increased. That's cool I guess.
  3. My mom teared up when we got the trailer for this before Heights. She's also confused why I think Ben Platt looks too old for the part. Sometimes I'm confused by this woman
  4. Absolutely phenomenal. Such a memorable tale that talks about the joys of community and togetherness in a way very few films can achieve. LMM truly, does not, ever, ever miss.
  5. Perfection. Honest to god perfection. Lin really is a master in blending story, music, and visuals into such a tight package and Chu's energy is on point. This is definitely an all-timer for this year tbh
  6. What would be the Paramount equivalent of Mickey’s Law? Popeye’s Law? Spongebob’s Law? Halpert’s Law?
  7. Agreed on legs. Same day SVOD movies’s legs pale in comparison to same day/17-day PVOD movies. But openings don’t seem so impacted by Max IMO and it doesn’t seem like it would have been that huge pre-pandemic in hindsight
  8. Feel like Love, Simon also dealt with that too. I remember they had advance screenings as early as January for that movie, and I think that just led to everybody who wanted to see it...seeing it before it came out.
  9. I always kind of felt like Shazam was hit by Endgame tickets dropping the Wednesday or so before its release. Still did good obviously, but the discussion and hype for its opening I feel was kind of just overshadowed by all the excitement and rush and virtual queues of people seeing the new Avengers title, and I think it could have opened a little bit better without that looming over it. Obviously I can't really prove this of course, but it was a weird feeling I got.
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