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  1. Domestic release is July 19th. Will China wait until late August?
  2. You have to ask @Gavin Feng @Olive or @firedeep about that. No idea what TLK will do. Zoo is all time #1 toon with 1.5b yuan
  3. @Olive please post the end of year numbers and Jan-Feb YoY numbers if you have them. Thanks
  4. Player sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1N_EcthPTNQcF9osMVKhhVJMmOYAcYcW-tDL0_-tbzgw/edit?usp=sharing
  5. yes many variables. Ticket price increases may hurt(adm) as much as it helps(rev) leaving it a net zero. BO did not increase last CNY I was thinking flat for yuan. good point you brought up about XR. It is 6% from OW last year- 6.33. I have the total at $376m at a 6.35 XR average for the run. Mojo and others have it at $359m at 6.65 XR which was the rate on the last day of its run(incorrect). Its currently 6.71. However, there should be an audience build since last year Even with XR, OW and the total should still be close to flat(+/-5%) unless it scores a 9.2+ or an 8.8-. We'll have to wait for PS, buzz from the Chinese members, and then the rating to get a better idea
  6. Shows have increases by 20% from an average of 275k per day(IW had 183k) last year to 330k currently. Its likely that its shows would also increase by 20% unless the rumor on IMDB is true that it will be 3 hours long. That length would reduce daily shows by 16% as there will be one less show per screen per day. EG's total should be close to flat at a minimum as CBO sequels seldom decline, unless its rejected
  7. https://deadline.com/2019/03/captain-marvel-opening-weekend-box-office-breaks-records-1202571905/ Captain Marvel’ Tramples Internet Trolls & Skyrockets To $160M Opening FRIDAY 9:30 PM UPDATE: Refresh for chart Don’t believe the trolls on Rotten Tomatoes’ audience score, or the zany small white dude contingency misconstruing Brie Larson’s call for diversity in film critics: There is absolutely no question, Disney’s Captain Marvel is a huge hit with a $62MFriday (including Thursday $20.7M previews) and a $160Mopening weekend, currently the third best for the month of March after Beauty and the Beast ($174.7M) and Batman v. Superman ($166M). No. 1 hit films at the box office are like political candidates: People show their favoritism by voting with their wallets and the overindexing of Captain Marvel in its projections over the last month underscore its enormous want-to-see, going from $100M to $120M to $140M and now this. A ‘busting-the-dam’ halo is in effect in the marketplace: Moviegoers have been starving for a four-quad after a string of largely lackluster choices, and that pent-up demand is translating itself into hard cash for Captain Marvel. ComScore/Screen Engine’s PostTrak shows that 23% of the audience bought their tickets more than a week ago, while Captain Marvel is drawing 55% in walk-up business. More than half of all movegoers came to Captain Marvel because it’s part of a franchise they love.
  8. Sat PS running at 3m p/hr. It will land 65-70m and the PSm should increase to 4x, 260-280m, just a 20% bump as expected due to WD, mite have bumped 40% w/o WD yup. we thought just 3x PS was plausible due to WD just like VD day had a lower PSm doing 20m this hour. yup, it'll get close to 230m at 11pm At a minimum MN 15m OD 225m Sa 260m Su 195m Tot 695m/$103.5m $110m still possible with a 230 OD and 280m Sat
  9. CM Final OD- 73m Sat 32m Sun 11.3m Its got VM beat across the board by about 20%. However VM over performed its PS and Fri multi by 10% with a good rating. We were thinking $90m on average VM MN 15.9m OD 223 Sa 303 Su 224 Tot 766m/$111m $90-130m after looking at this
  10. There should be no push. If people have a passion for something and are good at it they will rise to the top. Pushing for equality of outcome instead of just having equality of opportunity is artificial, Marxist and leads to societal collapse. See Greece, Rome, Ottoman and other empires. according to some experts. AI will take over everything. The world horse population dropped by 90% after cars were mass produced. It will be interesting PS for CM winding down and will finish at 73m. OD could be 200-280m. I've been think low end because WD is throwing off the metrics but with MN coming in higher than VM then it may fall in the middle of the range Maoyan Rating due out in a few hours
  11. PS and OD haven't gotten front loaded as OW has. Both the PSm and the Fri multi have held steady at 3.3~ as far as the market goes. CM could have less than 3x Fri due to WD but should hold its MN multi Sat PS look good
  12. well put. Everytime I hear her speak I laugh Will do. how was VM, AQ and WW on Douban
  13. Each of my posts have BO numbers. GB held near flat after losing some shows to a new release. It will lose 40% of its shows to Cheese Larson but still bump big into the 30s with WD help. Still on track to beat Domestic's total. Very good performance for a drama. CM will take 49% of shows with 160k+. Same as Venom Ask the people in Venezuela how stressed they are under a 100% lefty government. They ate their pets and zoo animals due to starvation. You don't know what stress is.
  14. Going optimistic, yes If the PSm is 3.5 or higher, then: OD 250m+ Sat 300m just a 20% bump due to WD Women's Day? I thought there were no genders Sun 225m Tot 790m/$117m inc MN at 6.71Y to the dollar @terrestrial congrats on destroying your country for a third time in 100 years and helping France do the same...again. @Felipe why are you sad? You have Bolsonaro. The Brazilian Trump saving your country from sjw ruin. LGBT Very funny. B is for bisexual but we are supposedly non binary and gender fluid(trans). contradictory French Soft White Cheese Larson started this conversation and we're tracking her/his/zee's film. The cheese is delicious, but she is bland according to Chinese critics
  15. PS typically stop rolling in by 3am. We usually use that time for the final number

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