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  1. Spidey will be close to 1.4b/$203.5m on Thursday, not much more than that w/wo extension. 1.410b/$205m
  2. Should reach 720m on thursday. a 75% hit next week will get it to high 700s over 800m still possible if it has enough shows
  3. July 26th looks busy. They will 70%+ shows. TLK and Spidey7 will be done
  4. @Olive do you have June/Mid year numbers? and screen totals
  5. A sunday bump is impressive, i would say over 3 times OW easily but need to see how it holds up against LU.
  6. 1300. TLK at 50% of Sat already We have a decent Sunday bump incoming. Its going to clear 402m/$60 OW It can coexist with Looking Up. Is LU considered a family film or sci fi? Im wondering how much the demos overlap
  7. sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iz_zkdMZxcPy8LOpEd0_q6TGwwfjJ9yCleG5WMJVh7M/edit?usp=sharing
  8. I was at 200-300? I usually don't do predictions a week out I thought/projected 35m PS, By default then- 120m OD, 400m OW, maybe a billion total. $145m Right around TJB as I thought GZL getting close to KK
  9. May fall short of $200m with just 30m. 4 releases incoming, will take 70% of shows
  10. It might have been ahead and self corrected by freezing. It doesnt have a good RR today either.
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