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  1. FFHS listed on Maoyan Mon thru Fri next week. I guess it got extended, which I doubted with the holiday coming up. It will reach 1424m/$200m
  2. NZ at 4897m. Over $700m now. It can get to 5000m/$715m if it gets just 1% of shows during the Oct holiday. FF8.5 at 1397m. It needs to get to 1424m by next Sun to reach $200m. It will be close.
  3. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12PLNyaSw7jsw7X3QpSQ6OE3cTPl9V1-X204hKwDZXJM/edit?usp=sharing
  4. Saw your post and looked at: Mojo $675m is @ Y7.12 XR The Numbers $701m is @ Y6.885 XR Both are wrong. 6.885 was the OW XR and 7.12 is the current XR. The average XR for the run is just under 7. I say 4880-4900m will be $700m $330m made @ 6.9 average in first 10 days $270m made @ 7.06 average after the dollar spiked in a few days Last $100m will be at 7.15 average after dollar spiked again to high of 7.18
  5. 53m total. That has to be the worst Friday in years. I remember 35m was the lowest day of the year 3 years ago, day before CNY. We may see under 35m next M T W Sept going to be down pretty big YoY
  6. This Friday same as last. Several small releases that will take 40-50% of shows but will open to less than 30m. HS Fri may be 21m -61% WoW. PS for the following Friday are looking big but its a holiday. Friday will be larger than Saturday for new releases(Det Conan). Holdovers will lose a lot of shows but get a holiday boost at the same time. They will likely bump Sat as they gain shows. HS will make 264m for the week. 1250m total. -63% next week for 97m takes it to 1347m. May just reach 1400m/ $196m NZ still on target for 4900m/$700+
  7. 15k PTA. pretty good RT 83% Audience 99% Should expand next weekend
  8. Maoyan adds to dailies for a couple of weeks. I always have to update my charts at the end of a run. Thurs the 29th adjusted to 28.58/7.1446=$4,000,200
  9. PS down just 52% for Mon. If it can make 24m -59% and in turn make 78m for the midweek- its 265m for the week- 1260 total. If the following 2 weeks hold -58%= 158m and 10m the last weekend. 1428m total. Just above 1425m/$200m Average XR is 7.125 A couple big releases the following weekend though. It'll be close.
  10. pLayer sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12PLNyaSw7jsw7X3QpSQ6OE3cTPl9V1-X204hKwDZXJM/edit?usp=sharing
  11. PSm increased. 56-58m Fri. 190m sounds about right. Shall do 250m for the week, 1235m total next thur. HS still aiming for 1420m/$200m NZ will overcome next Sat BO.
  12. NZ could uptick Y600k and get there The new releases will open to just 25m in total but has 42% of the shows NZ PS is flat, FFHS PS is down 13%, they lost 30% of their shows, they also have 42% but will make 80m. They will get a lot of shows back on Sat and look for bigger bumps- NZ 70%, FFHS 50% NZ is at 4600m, it will hold -28% this weekend. 4900m/$700m locked FFHS finished the week at 982m/$138m. It will make 160m this weekend-77%. Last weekend was updated to 709m/$100m
  13. All the micro analysis of the holds. I love it. Lets put it to bed. No competition for 2 weeks FFHS $200m locked NZ $700m locked SW9 $10m doubtful
  14. Wont lose many shows but FF's don't bump like SH's. I expect 20% fri, 40% sat, -27% sun FF8 bumped 33%F 60%S but that wasnt summer
  15. On track to reach 37m by 1650, yesterdays mid point. 74m -18% DoD $200m locked
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