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  1. LGBT is still unacceptable here. So it's normal not too scary. Besides anyone could actually live normally as LGBT as long as they don't explicitly do 'something' weird in public that could reveal them as LGBT.
  2. I’m pretty confident this will be a masterpiece as it should for Daniel Craig’s last outing given the track record of His bond films from Casino Royale. This is what I mean : 1st Casino Royale : Masterpiece 2nd Quantum of Solace : Turd 3rd Skyfall : Masterpiece 4th Spectre : Turd 5th No Time to Die : Masterpiece!!??
  3. Hope this reaches $1B cause it’s the swan song for Daniel Craig. The best Bond ever. Deserve to get that final achievement for the sake of him.
  4. “ What If Titanic just being released now??? It should have a lot more money than it did years ago! “ ” What If Endgame was released 5 years ago??? It should have more than $3B !” ” What if Joker wasn’t rated R but. PG-13?? It would have attracted more audience thus making more money!! “ ” What if Disney didn’t fuck up Aladdin trailer and marketing?? Should have beat BatB easy! “ ” What If Snyder cut version of JL which was played in the cinema , not the whedon whatever!!! Sure it won’t be a complete disappointment. “ and now “ What if Frozen had greater reception and songs than it did??? Surely would add hundreds of millions more!” see the pattern? you can make every pointless argument like that into every movie either it’s flop or highly successful. Even to the movie with phenomenal run more than you can imagine. Rather than saying “ what if “ and making some hypothetical bullshit about what movie should do in the first place ( which would be such a nonsense ), we just need to appreciate what kind of run the movie made and how much box office it grossed. If you kept telling and questioning about that , you couldn’t enjoy your life at all. Just sit and enjoy! Nothing more nothing less.
  5. People maybe overreact a little bit. But there's no denying that this brand now is little damaged and not in the condition where franchise like Star Wars should be. Yess , Disney already proved they can make a great orginal series with Mandalorian . Hope that translates to new Trilogy too.
  6. Star Wars 2022 can still be successful if they create a completely new universe like different character, planet , action , some kind of cool stuff that replace or upgrade lightsaber and different villain ( not something like Death Star again lol ). The iconic and lovable things could still remain as side reminder about why we love Star Wars just don’t make it too significant to the story. If they could create that combined with good and interesting story , Star Wars can do better than it is now. Just need some times and I believe Disney can do it like what they did with MCU. The most important thing is they need a right people to handle it.
  7. Of course AOU’s hate wasn’t as intense as TLJ. Most people disliked AOU just because it’s kinda different from the tone they promised from the trailer , Good story but poor directing with only few good moments and the main villain itself , Ultron who was less memorable and menacing than Loki. It felt like a letdown for one of if not the most anticipated movie that year. The Avengers being a great team up movie also upping people’s expectation which it couldn’t meet cause it just a good movie.. nothing else. While With TLJ , people hated it because it really trying to outdo the sky walker saga and kinda ignored the last 7 movies. TLJ tried to make a new story about it which apparently wasn’t taken kindly by its fans. The portrait of Luke and Its stupid twist also killed the movie and the saga. Plus the Star Wars fans themselves who you know very “brutal”. The divisiveness level also out of this world with this one. in conclusion, AOU’s fault is that it couldn’t meet the expectation while TLJ’s is that it trying to ignore the greatness of what the long last saga has done and replace with a new one.
  8. Frozen 2 will gross more than TROS very easily lol. Also Why am I getting CM flashback here with the conspiracy theory?
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