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  1. Well I plan to watch Captain Marvel just once but if I love it , I would definitely watch it again. But Avengers always something special for me and Endgame makes it more special as it will be the end of the current MCU we know. I plan to watch it twice or more even if the movie ends up being a turd ( which is very very very unlikely )
  2. Seems like there would be a tribute for Stan Lee I can’t embed the tweet , sorry. [Mod Edit:Embed]
  3. Good thing that all this talk about SJW , diversity , sexism , feminism Bla bla bla.... ‘could’ hurt the movie only in USA. Overseas audiences don’t care about all that shit + the Marvel brand on it would make it more easier to gross more than enough to be called as yet another successful Marvel movie.
  4. Claudio

    Top Grossing Movies of 2019 Predicts

    Domestic : 1. Endgame 700 -> the last installment of this current MCU , expect it to increase 2. TLK 670 -> classic animations + nostalgia 3. IX 630 -> TLJ really hurts this , I expect just a tiny decline despite this is the last SW with Skywalker family 4. Frozen 520 -> great trailer + beloved original could boost my number even further 5. CM 380 -> first big movie in a death and dying marketplace + It's MARVEL 6. FFH 360 -> post Avenger could give it a bump from its predecessor 7. Jumanji 350 -> the first one is so huge but lightning doesn't strike twice 8. IT2 340 -> first one was great + barren September 9. TS4 320 -> bland trailer could hurt this movie gross + weak buzz but still great number tho 10. SLOP 300 -> heavy competition + unnecessary sequel could bring this gross less than the first WW : 1. Endgame : $2.15B 2. TLK : $1.75B 3. Frozen : $1.35B 4. IX : $1.3B 5. FFH : $1B 6. CM : $950M 7. Jumanji : $900M 8. TS4 : $870M 9. SLOP 2 : $800M 10. Shazam : $780M
  5. Easiest In 1. Endgame : 700 2. TLK : 670 3. IX : 650 4. Frozen : 520
  6. As a future a Disney property , I really hope it does well so it can spawn a franchise that could be a CASH COW for Disney. Yessshhhh 🤑🤑
  7. Disney Fox deal expected to close in early next month so by the time this sequels released , would it all be released under Disney ( maybe a new label created by Disney for Fox movies ) or still under the current Fox label given this movies start the production way back then when Fox still a company?
  8. I’ve seen it. As a whole movie = Love it For the Storyline = f*** it ( It’s either me who dumb enough to not completely get the storyline or the movie itself who failed to deliver its good premise )
  9. Claudio

    Mary Poppins Returns OVER 400M DOM

    Me reading the last couple pages of a thread about box office predicition
  10. Sure sure. Even if this remake grosses more than Avatar , it still has to past Avengers 4 to become the all time champion
  11. Hope this could make at least $700M WW along with Avengers 4 which I hope for $1.8Bn WW. That would mean $20Bn WW across 22 movies in MCU and bringing the average to over $900M each movie.
  12. I'm really rooting for this Conjuring Universe! Cause If it crashes and burns then there would be no more horror universe that provides a quality horror chill. All would left is a cheap and Lazy writing horror movies with just a few surprises like a Quite Place. ( nightmare of horror fans )
  13. Mockingjay part 2 > Catching Fire >>> Hunger Games >>>>>>≥>>>>>> Mockingjay part 1
  14. This is indeed underwhelming opening for Ant Man 2 based on the expectations by everyone but hey , it still out opens the original by 33% and with the possible final worldwide total over Justice League , I certainly won't Get carried away by all the doom and gloom that you mentioned here.

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