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  1. Ah, I see. Thanks for clearing some things up. @Gavin Feng. I thought they can find some pirated disney+ app out there with all free when you mentioned 'released on Disney+' .Turns out it's just a common one movie piracy 😂.
  2. How can the rating number will grow dramatically when Disney+ isn't even available in China right now? Also, where are that 427 ratings come from? Is it from people who viewed it through piracy or what?
  3. At the very start or the introduction, the pacing was good. After that, it became a little bit boring (not for long tho). Many scenes that could be removed or accelerated a little bit. But it's still fine with again a great soundtrack and acting. Going to the mid until the end, the pacing was great again. I enjoyed it and didn't feel like a dragged at all. Many of my favorite parts from the movie came from here.
  4. AMAZING MOVIE. Just saw it here in Indonesia. It's like Joker + Now You See Me with better soundtrack and Disney Formula. Comedy and Acting are top notch. Plot twist tho... I'm Shook!!. Very recommended of you want to watch a light, fun and fresh movie. WOM, legs and total box office will be great had it released when there's no pandemic. No doubt about it. I'll give it 10/10. .
  5. It's fitting for the biggest box office franchise ever exist to save cinema from the greatest box office challenge ever exist. This is the way
  6. Just saw it in my local cinema. First movie I've seen in 9 months cause of the closure and the first big movie to be screened since then. Overall , I enjoyed and it's great as a standalone movie. But too bad it's also a sequel to the beautiful WW 2017. I love that movie so much. That's why I also feel some letdown with this. Maybe I expected something great like The first movie. The drama, score, story, spectacular fight and the love story ofc 😍. But.. I don't find anything as good as the 2017 had in this. Worse than the og in all those aspects. Maybe that's why the reviews tend to be mixed. B
  7. Good news for Depp. He left this mega-nuke bomb franchise at the right time. When it can’t be saved anymore.
  8. Never ever in a million years, an MCU movie would be deserve to debut at streaming service site. What a downgrade it would be from Cinema to puny screen.
  9. Don't think WB will move Batman to X-mas after Spiderman 3 set its release date there except if Spidey moves again I think (Remember 2015 when BvS moved because Marvel announced that the movie they shared the date with was Civil War and Civil War is a sequel to $700M movie while SM3 is sequel to billion). I think WB isn't that kind of studio that would risk their movie potential over a release date. Besides if WB really moves it, they both will coexist just fine looking at Xmas box office history. Maybe they'll take a little hit from their maximum potential but they'll be just fine
  10. MCU doesn’t need lucrative release slots. It will always bring in massive money anywhere it releases. Better give those slots to other franchises in “need” , you know.
  11. How many testings have been done in the US until now? With 160k positive cases , I would guess that near or maybe over a million total testings have been done.
  12. Indonesia. 1.285 total positive cases as of today. Total specimens tested are 6.500. about 20% positive rates there. Bit worrying.
  13. My country, Indonesia is very worrying. The cases count maybe still not as alarming as other countries but the death counts sure does. We have 450 positive cases so far but already recorded 38 deaths representing 8.4% death rate. Probably top 3 or 2 death rate right now and this still in the early stage where the numbers ( hopefully not ) still don’t fully blow up. I’m afraid if that actually happens , medical supplies and hospital would be overwhelmed thus making the death percentage go higher just like what Iran and Italy experienced.
  14. The thread always full of pessimism and doom and gloom when it comes to female led movie.
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