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  1. Claudio

    Mary Poppins Returns OVER 400M DOM

    Me reading the last couple pages of a thread about box office predicition
  2. Sure sure. Even if this remake grosses more than Avatar , it still has to past Avengers 4 to become the all time champion
  3. Hope this could make at least $700M WW along with Avengers 4 which I hope for $1.8Bn WW. That would mean $20Bn WW across 22 movies in MCU and bringing the average to over $900M each movie.
  4. I'm really rooting for this Conjuring Universe! Cause If it crashes and burns then there would be no more horror universe that provides a quality horror chill. All would left is a cheap and Lazy writing horror movies with just a few surprises like a Quite Place. ( nightmare of horror fans )
  5. Mockingjay part 2 > Catching Fire >>> Hunger Games >>>>>>≥>>>>>> Mockingjay part 1
  6. This is indeed underwhelming opening for Ant Man 2 based on the expectations by everyone but hey , it still out opens the original by 33% and with the possible final worldwide total over Justice League , I certainly won't Get carried away by all the doom and gloom that you mentioned here.
  7. WOOOOOOOO I must say this : for me , that IW breaking the OW record is so special. Much special than TFA was. When TFA opened to $57M on Thursday night , we all already know that it will take the OW record by a large margin. But IW doing it with a great $39M previews but still much less that TFA which create all the doom and gloom in this forum coupled that with low opening Friday prediction from Deadline and others ( $225M OW could be in danger) . But since then , Our gods bless us with their numbers and it keeps going higher for OD ( breaking true Friday record ) and now breaking Sat record by a wide margin. This reminds me of that out of nowhere Record breaking OW by JW but in much bigger and larger scale. And now I just waiting for That 'Congratulations' post from Star Wars division
  8. INNN!!! Definitely feel impossible for this to happen but I think it would be great to join with other people who just crazy like me
  9. Out. $750M WW for this one
  10. I'm INNN. Because I'm a Marvel fan.
  11. Out but not by much My prediction as of now : $210M / $490M

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