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  1. I hope there will be at least a small tease about sinister six in Spider-Man MCU. Would be cool.
  2. Maybe he’s talking about week to week drop not daily drop. DP dropped 59% from last Monday while JW 3 , EG and Aladdin dropped 17% , 22% and 23% respectively.
  3. They really fucked up the marketing , trailer and the buzz before release and we can be disappointed about that. But hey ! Rather than saying “what if they don’t fuck it up” “it should be over Batb” or Bla bla bla and feeling disappointed, would be better if we just appreciate this kind of rare leggy run and this kind of ‘epic comeback’ ( from troubled movie to hit blockbuster). Only very very few movies managed to do that. Always looks on the positive sides. Besides , maybe the bad buzz helped the film cause it made people went to see this movie with super low expectation therefore easier to please and create great reception among them. Or maybe If they didn’t fuck it up somehow , it would open big but with standard drop leading to same final numbers. Just a different kind of run. We’ll never know.
  4. Here we are. That rare and precious time when we have no numbers and the openers looking bleak so we just debating random stuff instead.
  5. Summary of 'right' and 'wrong' regarding this summer movie season so far: 1. Rocketman : everything went right before and after release. 2. DP : Reverse Rocketman 3. Aladdin : everything went wrong before release then suddenly everything went right after the release. 4. Godzilla : reverse Aladdin. 5. Pets 2 : nothing right or wrong. Just karma for making a sequel to forgettable movie. 6. MiB : same like Pets. It is what it deserves.
  6. What confuses and makes me scratching my head the most is the fact that he's calling TS4 will flop when it's already posted great presales , great buzz and great reviews. Even more so when he posted that here , in the thread where all the presale and projection numbers for TS4 are.... Like.... WTF!?
  7. Okay so... We had EG so far. Toy Story with over $150M OW projection and great reception will be very much doable to cross it. TLK is too big to miss it + it’ll be the last 4quad blockbuster. Great legs incoming. Frozen 2 has a perfect release date with 3 weekends + thanksgiving to itself. Star Wars is Star Wars so the worst case is still over $500M. Count me In , baby.
  8. Out, I think it will fall short like $570M or $580M.
  9. Please post the daily NA estimates in weekday thread. This is prioritized for OS numbers. No need to post it twice when it’s already posted in weekday thread.
  10. For this summer movie season , every big 6 studio has released one tentpole and so far only Paramount with Rocketman who got a fresh RT score. The others ( WB , Disney , Universal , Sony , Fox ) got Rotten with Godzilla , Aladdin , Pets 2 , MiB and DP respectively. Interesting back to back streak right here , quality wise.
  11. Anna is so underrated compared to Olaf and Elsa. Me personally , prefer Anna more.
  12. Ha?! They definitely do not look like teenagers. They look like mature women in the 20s ( at least judging by their looks on animations ). No big deal. I'm pretty sure they just making all the elements to balance and work to each other.
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