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  1. Liu Yifei made a great move for Mulan business wise. Like @Gavin Feng said , People in China now will support this and add significant number of dollars. Maybe HK gross will be sacrificed but that’s doesn’t matter considering HK isn’t that big of a market. Rest of the world also won’t care about that. They just be like “eww..” and will be there to watch this. As for humanity wise... it’s horrible tho.
  2. This better be the best Bond movie ever for the last appearance of best bond ever with the best Bond girl ever.
  3. Does it mean that Frozen has a chance to top $800M this weekend?? If I got it right , that 730 - 735 number will only include total Dom until sunday + OS opening last week + OS FSS for the second weekend which means we're missing the midweek OS number for all the markets that opened last week. $65M from 4 days OS looks difficult for movies like Frozen but it's possible.
  4. It's a typo for $230M not for Domestic OW. Edit : my bad. You're right. I checked this thread first before the weekend thread.
  5. Frozen 3 is surely inevitable. But if they marketed it as a finale then I bet it will be huge and bigger than F2. If that happened , then Frozen will be the first billionaire franchise / trilogy who always sees a rise from each installment ( F2 currently has GREAT chance if not locked to pass the first ) as well as the first 400M+ dom franchise to do so. The only thing that I can see doing that too are BP , CM and Avatar. But that's still far from certainty as their first installment scores huge for a few factors and I doubt the second can increase from that. BP can increase WW but Dom is a no. Avatar given how huge the first also made me doubt its chance. For me , CM has a best chance but even that's still far from locked.
  6. Ahhh I see.. Don’t worry too much. People make mistake sometimes and over predict something is common. Hmmm... why is this reminding me of someone in the Weekend thread 👀. Anyway , I’m just confused about the estimates cause it’s very rare to see both of the market’s expert agree on something but somehow the actual thing is pretty off. On top of that, usually ( if not all the time ) , all your estimates always accurate. Because of that , I almost believed that Disney gives wrong estimate before your clarification 😆.
  7. I'm also wondering the same thing.
  8. Frozen opening looks weak here with only $5.8M and the weird thing is the discrepancy between what @peludoand @ScareLol predicted at €7M and the actual OW. I wonder what caused that. Is it because presale heavy, bad WOM or others???
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