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  1. I think Joker will land at high 900m marking it the biggest R rated movie of all time , the first comic book movie to land in 900 range and the highest grossing villain standalone movie. Although , I really hope Joker hits a billion mark cause it deserves it way more than overrated Aquaman.
  2. Just come by to say that I’ve watched this 3 times and this is definitely my new all time favorite comic book based movie. 10/10 for the soundtrack , story , acting and the most important thing : the real life topic that’s so relatable and tragic yet beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.
  3. Hmmm... I think you added TLK and TS4 into the wrong list. There’s no way TLK and TS4 were based from comic book 😂. Or is it????
  4. Yes , Titanic’s run was very impressive indeed. We all know and acknowledge its achievements . Now , EG is the king and I ask you this one thing : would you want to do the same ?? to acknowledge and give EG some props for becoming the new WW king instead of just writing some Titanic chitchat and derailing the EG thread ? To stop all your fucking bullshit ??? If you can , then we’re all good and this thread will be fresh again. But if you can’t, please get the fuck out of this thread , create a new thread about your fucking discussion or go to time machine just so you could live in the past where Titanic still the king. It’s a win win solution. We could talk peacefully and you can live happily ever after your Titanic. edit : He’s banned. Just Ignore this post.
  5. Don't worry guys. Gavin made some wrong predictions lately on purpose just so he can take a break from giving box office updates because he's secretly dating with the love of his life , Daisy Ridley. He wants to focus on his relationship and when everything goes right , I believe he'll be back with his accurate predictions like before.
  6. Live footage of haters who try to attack a $1.5B grossing cat film by labeling it as an underperformer.
  7. Frozen 2 has the best release date ever possible. Opening on the weekend right before the thanksgiving + 3 weeks to itself + Christmas and New Year holiday will surely boost its legs.
  8. Yes , we’re the only species in the universe who made something like Twilight a hit and now we must pay the price for our sins. A small price to pay for our salvation.
  9. Don’t be too harsh on @Chucky. He’s just doing his part for our new missions ‘Endgame OS thread page numbers over Endgame Weekend thread page numbers’. I’m glad we have someone like chucky who sacrificed his time to make some posts about one if not the most debatable topics in this thread in order to accomplish the mission. I hope you could join him too , doing your part just and creating a new interesting topic just like what Chucky did. Together we can. Thank you , Chucky.
  10. Of course In. Anna Elsa over Star Wars forever.
  11. I have a weird feeling that all this discussions will mean only one goddamn thing.... Thread’s getting locked for 14,000,605 times.
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