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  1. Disney just experimenting with this release date or something like “book a place” first. Disney hopes that the pandemic will be over soon , theaters back in business like normal , hysteria about the virus gone and tries to make Mulan the first blockbuster to open after a long time. Surely would give this a huge advantage for Disney. But if one of those things still doesn’t work by then , Disney will change the release date again. It’s simple.
  2. MCU doesn’t need lucrative release slots. It will always bring in massive money anywhere it releases. Better give those slots to other franchises in “need” , you know.
  3. How many testings have been done in the US until now? With 160k positive cases , I would guess that near or maybe over a million total testings have been done.
  4. Indonesia. 1.285 total positive cases as of today. Total specimens tested are 6.500. about 20% positive rates there. Bit worrying.
  5. My country, Indonesia is very worrying. The cases count maybe still not as alarming as other countries but the death counts sure does. We have 450 positive cases so far but already recorded 38 deaths representing 8.4% death rate. Probably top 3 or 2 death rate right now and this still in the early stage where the numbers ( hopefully not ) still don’t fully blow up. I’m afraid if that actually happens , medical supplies and hospital would be overwhelmed thus making the death percentage go higher just like what Iran and Italy experienced.
  6. The thread always full of pessimism and doom and gloom when it comes to female led movie.
  7. Don't panic too much. We survived many something like this years before. Going by their pattern , Corona will probably soon stop infecting people and start to vanish because of natural cause like climate and successful containment. I mean.. Either because of that or because there's no one left to be infected... Hopefully the former ones
  8. Well , the cut also won't be a problem for me if it's only one kiss scene that doesn't matter much to the story.
  9. LGBT is still unacceptable here. So it's normal not too scary. Besides anyone could actually live normally as LGBT as long as they don't explicitly do 'something' weird in public that could reveal them as LGBT.
  10. I’m pretty confident this will be a masterpiece as it should for Daniel Craig’s last outing given the track record of His bond films from Casino Royale. This is what I mean : 1st Casino Royale : Masterpiece 2nd Quantum of Solace : Turd 3rd Skyfall : Masterpiece 4th Spectre : Turd 5th No Time to Die : Masterpiece!!??
  11. Hope this reaches $1B cause it’s the swan song for Daniel Craig. The best Bond ever. Deserve to get that final achievement for the sake of him.
  12. “ What If Titanic just being released now??? It should have a lot more money than it did years ago! “ ” What If Endgame was released 5 years ago??? It should have more than $3B !” ” What if Joker wasn’t rated R but. PG-13?? It would have attracted more audience thus making more money!! “ ” What if Disney didn’t fuck up Aladdin trailer and marketing?? Should have beat BatB easy! “ ” What If Snyder cut version of JL which was played in the cinema , not the whedon whatever!!! Sure it won’t be a complete disappointment. “ and now “ What if Frozen had greater reception and songs than it did??? Surely would add hundreds of millions more!” see the pattern? you can make every pointless argument like that into every movie either it’s flop or highly successful. Even to the movie with phenomenal run more than you can imagine. Rather than saying “ what if “ and making some hypothetical bullshit about what movie should do in the first place ( which would be such a nonsense ), we just need to appreciate what kind of run the movie made and how much box office it grossed. If you kept telling and questioning about that , you couldn’t enjoy your life at all. Just sit and enjoy! Nothing more nothing less.
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