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  1. Tbh , this club is okay and not crazy. IW itself made a great amount of money so there's always a possibility for Endgame to fail to match IW numbers. But the reasons that Shay made tho it's . 1.great reason with proof 2.OK 3. HA , you wish 4. Page numbers..... 5. Understandable but looks like everyone cares 6.Weird flex but OK 7. How did this reason still here after CM's performance
  2. Ranking time : 1. Infinity War : No doubt , Amazing , Spectacular , Magisterial , Fascinating , Beautiful , Staggering , Groundbreaking , Phenomenal , Storytelling at its best , Fantastic. 2. GOTG : Got chills while watching. This movie was the one that makes me love and more obsessed to MCU. 3. Avengers : Greatness at its time. The scale and war is unprecedented. Love it cause it have so many action scenes. The movie that makes me love Avengers. 4. Iron Man 3 : So much hate for this movie. Fuck you all, The hype pays off for me. Love those effects and fights. 5. Ultron : What a great follow up from Avengers 2012. More action , more funny moment and the language meme. 6. Winter Soldier : Darkest MCU movie. Great storytelling and cinematography. Unforgettable MCU debut for Russo Bros. 7. GOTG 2 : Yeahhhh , more song + baby groot + the sad ending 😢 + comedy. Top notch film from Marvel 8. Doctor Strange : Tripping action effect. Nuff Said. 9. Ragnarok : Fun film with Comedy and Devil’s Anus . Not great but somehow still entertains me. Very entertains me. 10.Incredible Hulk : I just remember the opening and the main fight scene between Hulk and Antagonist ( forget the name ). Judging just by that scene , good movie for me. 11. Ant Man 2 : Funnier + Michael Pena Monologue . 12. Ant-Man : Michael Pena monologue. 13. Black Panther : Most overrrated movie in the MCU if not all time. Just good movie nothing more. 14. Captain Marvel : ehhhhhhh...... still like it tho. 15. Iron Man : Hate old movie even a masterpiece like this. Too bad this came out long ago. 16. SMH : Shake My Head 😒. 17. Iron Man 2 : Much worse than the first. 18. Thor : Awful. Portman and Dennings tho 😍😍😍😍 19. Thor 2 : My heart cried during this movie. Cried while saying ‘ Why Am I buying ticket for this !! “. At least I saw Portman 😍😍. 20. First Avenger : never seen it full. Again , I hate old movies. 21. Civil War. Should’ve been up there , Love seeing them altogether like Avengers 2.5 , Smart plot ( the villain is great ) , great consequences. But again :
  3. Claudio


    Now it's standing at $18.597B. Expect CM to add another $23M for $18.62B which left just $1.38B for EG. If EG indeed hit $1B WW OW , then I could see it as early as Thursday ( 2 May ). If not , Friday will do it.
  4. Claudio


    Feel bad for you , Here in Indonesia , Endgame will screen as early as 5AM on 24th. Maybe America still hate Vietnam after that loss at Vietnam War.
  5. Claudio


    Where are you?
  6. Claudio


  7. Claudio


    Finally , a legendary table is back.
  8. An earlier leak , said that Tony and Widow has done their part so it’s a plus for me. As for another battle after that , the leak didn’t explain who kills Thanos so there’s still a chance for the remaining OG 6 to do it. While the Reddit leak said that Tony is the one who kills Thanos.
  9. Yeah , I know. But the comment from him that you replied was fine. It didn’t contain any backlash for CM . He’s just grateful that OG 6 will beat Thanos. That’s why I told you that cause I feel you’re mistakenly interpret the comment’s meaning.
  10. Well , I’m a big MCU fan and I like Captain Marvel and Brie Larson even I rooted for CM to massive success and so glad that It did. But in all honesty , If a new hero out of nowhere killed Thanos , then I would be pretty pissed. Same goes with CM who just lurking around in MCU with just 2 movies ( including Endgame ). Only one if not all the OG 6 deserve to end it. They’ve become a part of my life ( and so does a lot of people ) for 11 years. So it’s not a mistake if many people wants the OG 6 to be the one who beats Thanos.
  11. Yeah I get that part , but many people speculating that the leak battle footage was a 3rd act which means that was the fight after it and Tony still alive. Or maybe this is just me who can’t let Tony die. 😭😭😭 same brother. 😭😭😭😭
  12. I don’t understand either. It said that Tony died permanently but in the leak footage , we can see Tony standing there with everyone just before they’re charging to fight.
  13. Claudio


    2 hours after presales start , most show for opening day at XXI Cinema around 4PM - 8PM are 40%-50% full while morning and late night show are just 15%-25%. Note : my estimation are based from 46 theatres. I'm checking every theatre based on seat map and estimate the % sold myself. Note again : I'm not checking every showtime cause it would take forever. Just checking random showtimes at different theatre and all points out to similar result. Presales for CGV still hasn't started yet. Lastly , as Indonesian , I can proudly say that there's no crashing on the website😎 . that 12:15 AM start time helps. I'm expecting more seats sold during tomorrow afternoon.
  14. Claudio


    $2.5M is great number , perhaps you're not aware that CM opens on national holiday at Wednesday while Endgame will open on usual workday. So beating that by 20% would be awesome and that's still in the low end of projection. After those 5AM show and 24hr show , I believe it has a chance to push the number up to $3.5M. As for $4M , it's difficult if not nearly impossible.

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