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ARGYLLE| Matthew Vaughn| Henry Cavill, Samuel L. Jackson, Bryce Dallas Howard, Bryan Cranston, Sam Rockwell | February 2, 2023

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4 hours ago, marveldcfox said:

Great cast, but bombs away if they stick to the title. 


Just found out that Bryce is playing the lead role. Already not a good start. 


Confused, it says:



The film, based on the soon to be launched spy novel Argylle from author Ellie Conway, follows “the world’s greatest spy” ‘Argylle’ as he is caught up in a globe-trotting adventure.



Assumed this meant Cavill was lead?

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On 7/9/2021 at 11:12 AM, TheDarkKnightOfSteel said:

It has a man on the poster (who could be either Henry or John Cena) and his name as a title and most importantly the synopsis says Argylle is the main character . How is the Howard the lead ?


Same way the actresses who play Yennefer and Ciri are the co-leads in The Witcher despite it having Cavill on the poster, his name as the title and everything pointing to him being the sole lead.

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I can now see why it is so hard to make it in Hollywood. Imagine taking acting lessons for years and being rejected for multiple roles only to see Hollywood casting people like Dua Lipa, Jack Harlow, and Addison Rae in various different movies. 

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What in the absolute outer space is that hair? Complete and total madness. An absolute trainwreck in the same dimension of a Yellowstone eruption from which I can't look away.

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