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  1. Man, I wonder what Patty Jenkins would do with a character like Thor. Wouldn't that be an interesting pairing.
  2. You may not have noticed, but there has been nothing about this year that met "expectations". She might have to go back to making Oscar, Emmy, and Golden Globe winning content. The shame.
  3. If you're at home and you feel unengaged, find something else to watch. You aren't beholden to keep watching a film you feel is wasting your time. It's actually quite easier to do than if you're in the theater.
  4. I enjoyed WW84 a good amount more than I enjoyed WW, which took itself too seriously. This went (a bit too far) in the opposite direction with goofy fun, but honestly that’s exactly what I wanted on Christmas Day at the end of this miserable year.
  5. I was called a death monger on here back in February for warning posters here about what was about to happen to America, the world, and this industry. Some users here wanted to insult me. I stand with Tom on this subject. Sure, he's no saint. He's got some crazy beliefs. Oprah's couch still hasn't recovered from his jumping. But as it pertains to COVID, Tom's 100% in the right. Either take the virus seriously, or GTFO. If 5 people quit because they don't want to take the necessary steps to keep the production running smoothly, then that's 5 less weights dragging down everyone else. 5 replaceable weights. If trying to enforce a healthy film set on the largest currently active film production in the middle of the worst medical crisis in a century is wrong, then I don't want to be right. Tom Cruise is the producer. This film, this franchise, is his baby. All Tom wants is the people he employs to follow health and safety protocols. I don't remember Tom launching into a tantrum, blaming everyone around him when production on Fallout shut down for 2 months because Tom injured himself during a stunt. I don't remember Tom yelling at people when production paused on Rogue Nation so that he and McQuarrie could rewrite the finale. If there are two sides to this story, the sides are people who are following health protocols, and people who aren't. IMO, there's only one side that deserves respect.
  6. I'm with Tom. He's the producer. He's the star. He's the ONLY reason those people had this particular job. Without Tom, there are no M:I films. And I feel for Tom when he says he feels like the weight of the industry is on his shoulders. I understand where he's coming from. Tom's still got some Les f'n Grossman in him.
  7. With everything we know so far, in a pre-pandemic world, this film would open somewhere between Avengers 1 and IW. Bring back D’Onofrio as Kingpin...
  8. Universal still cut a deal though, ensuring a cinema-first experience for their theatrical slate for half a month before home release. And their home release model is still pay-per-view, not part of a monthly-billed streaming service. Disney of course is putting an emphasis on streaming. Everyone is. That's a far cry from making your entire slate day-and-date, theaters and streaming service. Neither Universal nor Disney are anywhere near the level of stupidity that ATT is demonstrating today.
  9. I agree with you that theaters shouldn't (and won't) abandon theaters. However, that's clearly the message ATT/TimeWarner/WarnerMedia is sending today. I don't think any of the other major distributors with streaming platforms have been heading in this direction (day-and-date theater and streaming). So as it pertains to Nolan, if ATT wants day-and-date to be their standard moving forward, I think Nolan will have no problem bouncing to a studio that is committed to the cinema experience first and foremost. Nolan has no loyalty to ATT. I can not understate how massively stupid I think this move by ATT was.
  10. Nolan's arrangements with WB includes back-end participation. Can't get back-end without the box office, and I don't see Nolan compromising on the business aspect, much like he doesn't compromise on the on-screen aspect of his films.
  11. Man I hope that news is true. I've been hoping for it ever since the Jamie Foxx announcement. Molina's Doc Ock remains the best villain in a comic book film.
  12. I've never caught a Blumhouse film (was Get Out from Blumhouse? If so, that's the only one), but I am absolutely 100% sold on this... when I can catch it at home. Ace trailer.
  13. Eh, the trailer was alright. Even in normal times, doesn't scream to me "holiday breakout hit". As someone who had 0 familiarity with Blade Runner prior to the marketing for 2049, and has 0 familiarity with Dune, but has been a huge fan of Denis Villeneuve since I watched "Prisoners" in 2013, this trailer was far less appealing than any of the trailers for BR2049. This just doesn't grab me. I don't know if it's the sprawling cast, dreary visuals (especially compared to 2049, which was vibrant despite being a futuristic dystopia) or the high-concept nature of the source material, or a mix of it all, but I'm honestly a little disappointed.
  14. 2 hours, 43 minutes is the run time. I think teaser trailers have more creative hooks these days than primary trailers. For example, WW84's teaser knocked the 80s aesthetic out of the park.
  15. I loved that trailer. Much better than the first trailer, which felt too much like it was spelling out the entire plot of the film in chronological order. The shot selection, cinematography, color palate, action choreography, retro costumes, and Craig putting much more oomph into his line readings than in SPECTRE.
  16. As someone who was adamant over several years that this was doomed for a streaming release, I would like to congratulate the true fans of this project for getting the opportunity to see this on the big screen.
  17. Fuck you, 2020. And fuck cancer. This is the biggest heartbreaking sudden death in probably the history of Hollywood. Or at least modern history. On a cultural level this is much sadder than Heath Ledger, Anton Yelchin, or Paul Walker. I think this even trounces Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Boseman filming his Marvel work while undergoing treatment for Stage 3 cancer (on top of his other incredible work) makes Boseman one of the ultimate forever Hollywood legends. Rest In Peace, forever. The show must go on, and will go on. After several years of mourning. I can’t imagine Boseman would have wanted this legacy of his to end with him. T’challa will not be recast though. Marvel should continue with the excellent cast and characters already assembled. Front and center should be Lupita Nyong’o and/or Winston Duke. The best way to honor the King is to continue the story of his country.
  18. Finally, a look at the mythical Palm Springs Desert shoot. I can understand why a chunk of critics would go rotten because the film lacks the emotional punch and character driven nature of his previous blockbusters. To me though, that's not the point of the film, so it won't bother me.
  19. Disney pushing ahead with New Mutants right now is a hilarious fate befitting of this project's very troubled distribution history.
  20. I just want to provide an update to this. Texas is about to be hit by a relatively minor storm (but a big flooding threat), and there's another storm that's going to die out in the Caribbean in a couple days. However, there's a system expected to form in the mid-Atlantic over the next couple days, name would be Isaias, and early indications are it's going to be a doozy. Based on the data available right now, there's a strong possibility (dare I say probability) of a strong Hurricane making a SE-to-NW approach toward the (generally speaking) SE USA from the Caribbean in roughly 10 days. Still way too early for conclusive predictions, but it's definitely something to keep an eye on.
  21. Smallpox has been eradicated. EDIT: Going more into the relevant part of that article, emphasis mine: Essentially, don't compare a vaccine for a virus that's been wiped off the earth for 40 years to a vaccine still in development for a virus we've known about for half a year.
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