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  1. Current Markets + Italy,Greece could push it to 580M(maybe more).Presales in China are freaking huge and some predict a 180+ final cume.As it stands right now it seems like the movie will open over 100M in China.750M is not out of the question yet....especially with a country,like China,that a lot depends on word of mouth.
  2. TheDarkKnightOfSteel

    NUN-BELIEVERS ASSEMBLE: The Nun over 100M DOM and 300M WW CLUB

    I would not go against @EmpireCity.U really can't recall an example of him not being right on the money.H called Wonder Woman and Black Panther l9ng before anyone ever dreamt about the numbers these films pulled off.He even called JL underperformance when everyone said that it will be a decent success.
  3. How i was so blind when it comes to this movie?Trailer was great.Viola is a goddess.Debicky is just ❣️.
  4. Rihanna was....uuuummmm......eeeeemmmmmm.....hhhhmmmmm.....
  5. Question is which DCEU movie he will inevitably be offered...
  6. It is because the category was obvosouly created for it.But Fallout is far superior.Hell Infinity War is also better.And what if Aquaman,Bumblebee,Marry Poppins,Fantastic Beasts are better?I know they will be snubbed because it's obvious why the category was created.
  7. Margott Robbie is Hollywood's redemption for how it treated Charlize Theron.Theron deserved a much bigger career.
  8. TheDarkKnightOfSteel

    Monday Numbers: MI6 - $4.46M

    That's sad and ironic at the same time.Sad because UNCLE was fantastic and ironic vecause of Cavill joining MI for the next one.
  9. It could.WB actually own a lot of networks like The CW and HBO.But i hope to god no CW.HBO i would be excited...i mean Rowling has hinted that some disturbing and brutal shit went down in the wizarding world throughout its history.
  10. Umm sure i misunderstood...but why do you get so reactionary?
  11. Also,once again ( i guess it's one of these days that i will be obsessing over Harry Potter) thinking about a Founders movie.Simply name it "Hogwarts" and BOOM MONEY EVERYWHERE! Also cast Henry Cavill as Godric Gryffindor,Tom Hiddleston as Salazr Slytherin,Gemma Arterton as Rowena Ravenclaw and..idk...a chubby WOC actress for Helga Hufflepuff because diversity matters (or just call Emilia Clarke).It's a perfect film waiting to happen.
  12. Nope.At the time that the events of the film take place,Snape had not been born.McGonaggal can be either because she is still not born during the events of the film.Now Tom Marvol Riddle is a possibility but when the film takes place he is 1-year-old.So who could it be?Possibilities: Ollivander?Maybe Grindelwald goes to him to track the elder wand.He doesn't have it during the events of the first film but you can see him holding it on the second's trailer Bathilda Bagshot is a very good possibility as she has ties to Grindelwald(aunt).She was the one that brought Grindewald and Dumbledore together.She wrote A HISTORY OF MAGIC and worked at Hogwarts at the time. The Dumbledore Siblings : Her death became the catalyst that destroyed the relationship between Albus and Grindelwald.She died during a fight between Abertforth,Albus and Grindewald.Also there are rumors that,like Credence,Ariana was an obscurial.When looking at the mirror of Erizent,and that's somethink i think the movie got wrong,Dumbledore would see his family whole. I honestly hope that it's the third option.

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