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  1. Pfeiffer not getting nominated for Catwoman is top 5 oscar snubs in history in my book. Thankfully the people are appreciating her masterful work.
  2. Had the rules not been changed Margot would have a legit chance to be nominated for this. Elizabeth Moss would win. It won’t happen but it would be fun.
  3. This is a genius move on DC/WB's part. Hell they should make this an annual event and skip comic-con or maybe just a couple announcements there.
  4. Johnson has many fans and a lot good will on him in international markets. They won’t care. Honestly I don’t think anyone cares.
  5. Movie is actually relevant right now, but these people just want attention. edit: I mean the people that are dressed as jokers and one of them even burnt down a car as in the movie.
  6. I hate WB for not taking care of this movie and the entire franchise. Countless directors to choose from and they chose the dude from La Llorona. Not necessarily saying it will be bad but judging from that film....
  7. Liked it. First trailer was better. Here Washington’s acting seemed off. But Pattinson and my wife Debicki seem great.
  8. https://deadline.com/2020/05/tenet-coronavirus-release-date-change-movie-theaters-1202928823/ If that happens and audiences feel safe to return to theaters by then, this is making the billion club.
  9. Haven't done this in awhile but I will list for more than one week... Movies The Count of Monte Cristo- 8/10 Love. Wedding. Repeat. - 6/10 The Man from UNCLE - 9/10 ( still mad this flopped) King Arthur: Legend of the Sword- 4/10 (the sole Ritchie that I have seen and don't like) TV Show Locked Up - 6.5/10 I Am Not Okay With This - 6/10 Hollywood- 7/10
  10. I just bought a freaking great home cinema, fucking huge screen I am telling you. My gf wants to smack my face with it and I gave so much money that they better release all these titles on streaming.
  11. Movies Beauty and the Beast (2017) - 7/10 The Hunger Games - 6/10 The Hunger Games Catching Fire - 8/10 The Hunger Games Mockingjay Pt.1 - 6/10 The Hunger Games Mockingjay Pt.2 -5/10 ...before you ask...my sister is visiting. Can’t wait for her to go back to my parents (video games will be added ofc)
  12. Watson said that she only wants to do roles that she feels that are meaningful to her. Thing is that these roles are going to actresses like Robbie, Lawrence and Ronan ...and now Pugh. Still I do believe that studios have her as a top choice when they are discussing their huge ass role in CGI Blockbuster X. Thing is Emma doesn’t want to do them. I mean for studios she is an easy access to a shitload of followers. In fact, she is among the top actors when it comes to social media. Surely it doesn’t work in films like the freaking circle but her following is more than willing to follow her to a potential Beauty and The Beast.
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