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  1. I can watch anything Guy Ritchie puts out. The Gentlemen was great and I am still hoping for a sequel to one of the most underrated films of the past decade, Man from UNCLE. So I am looking forward to this. Trailer was very good.
  2. Saying the whole SnyderCut community is bad and are bombing GvK is like saying...anyway I don’t want to get banned... just don’t judge a whole fandom by the actions of few. Outlets are very quick to forget all the good they have done (charities etc.)
  3. Many on Twitter say that The Rock is going to announce that Henry will be I. Black Adambut I don’t think so... Firstly, if he is he is gonna have a cameo and they would’ve announce it but rather keep it as a surprise. Secondly, I can’t see how Superman will fit into this.... I mean it takes place many years ago and they would have to jave a time jump just to have him in.
  4. Gunn has gone on record that this one was his favorite movie experience as a filmmaker so it’s plausible for him to hype everything like that.
  5. This actually looks good? I’m Kind of surprised myself. Like I was so afraid that, like Maleficent, they would try to make seem good but, unlike Maleficent, there is no turning back for a person that later in her life tried to make a coat out of puppies. So I am pleased that they basically made Disney’s version of Harley Quinn. Still I don’t think Harley would hurt a puppy but she would surely massacre Cruella if she ever crossed paths with her.
  6. If so then WB will be utter idiots if they don't release HBO Max worldwide by then. So chances are HBO Max will still be US only on April 1st.
  7. In defense of the people, it didn't seem like WW84 would fall like that.
  8. Action sequences look insane but I hate these song in trailers so as trailer it was average but I am looking forward to the movie it self.
  9. Is Millie Bobby Brown basically playing the new version of Ann Darrow? edit: nvm
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