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  1. I think it would be wise for the story to reflect his aging.Show him in his graduation and then getting to college...
  2. The main reason I think I will love Shazam is because Sanberg's awesome sense of humor.
  3. I do feel she is a a bit extreme with her commends.Should have done it the Emma Watson way.
  4. Who the fuck cares?I mean it’s important social issue and this guy can fuck off but this is the Birds of Prey thread.The fact that his sister is in the film does not mean it’s relevant.Hell anyone who judges his sister by her brother’s action is ...unfair to put it mildly.
  5. Honestly it’s overseas that is the issue since DF movies are monsters there,especially in Asia.Humanity is stupid tbh.
  6. For what is worth, maybe WB is hoping that this will play like a family film.
  7. I would hope they cut Jacob.He is likeable but so...redundant.
  8. I think this is doing 140-145M for a 380-400 total.
  9. TheDarkKnightOfSteel

    Frozen II | Nov 22 2019 | 1st teaser drops... page 15

    So you guys are into anime pornnor what?
  10. This movie is a success.period.
  11. @EmpireCity bless us with your knowledge so this madness can stop?
  12. I personally think 65M/205M but anything above 180M is a win.

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