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  1. Poor Henry Cavill is getting shot today for basically saying that he hasn't seen the SC and wants to move on. This is why the whole campaign seems stupid to many.
  2. Captain Marvel was tease at the end of IW and everyone assumed that the events of her film would play a big part in Endgame. Captain Marvel is one of Marvel’s prominent female characters and one of t(e most popular from the comics....BW not so much. Fans have been asking for years for both ladies to get their movie but CM benefited from being the first female led film in the MCU.
  3. Yeah but whoever the girls is...she didn’t write all these reviews.The reviews are from professional critics.And the clearly outnumber by a wide margin the 4 reviews posted on here...and one isn’t even bad.
  4. Watson, my girl, shutting up the naysayers.Ronan and Pugh will get nominated.The film has a very good shot at Best Picture (maybe the runner up to Irishman). Gerwig seems to be getting her second nomination. And the cast will definitely get the SAG Ensemble.Great stuff all around.
  5. Haven't seen this one yet as i'm waiting for my nieces to come from Italy but ine to thing to consider is that, at least judging by the trailers, that F2 doesn't have the christmasy feel the first one had.
  6. Remember that THR had kinda jumped the gun with Cavill’s Superman status and until now we didn’t had any concrete evidence.I guess it’s a similar situation...
  7. Don’t be so quick... https://twitter.com/deadline/status/1197199111037935617?s=21
  8. How ironic that the buzz 2 years later is bigger than when the actual premiere happened...
  9. One look at the topic that has ~450K tweets tells me one thing...people loved Henry’s Superman. Doesn’t have to be imminent ...
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