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  1. The announcement being in an empty room is kind of a "red flag" that Phillip's is getting in.lol.
  2. So Joker could very well end up as the most nominated film this year.Already at 4. Sucks for JLo.She deserved it.
  3. I also do believe that it’s some sort of a black horse to win BP. In any case, I think one of the reasons Joker won’t win is because the academy doesn’t want another Green Book on their hands.But then again if Joker wins the audiences will go with it unlike Green Book.It’s just the media that will loose their shit. And let’s face it...the academy awards ratings have gone down the drain lately.Joker is the perfect opportunity for them to award a film that has already received a prestigious award ( Golden Lion...big deal...) and is also loved by audiences.Is it right?No.But it can happen.
  4. Because no movie ever should be reviews by a guy that his criticism says “good movie but fuck it because I do kit agree with it” or even someone who doesn’t provide a legit criticism of the film just his assumption that a lunatic may go on a killing spree.
  5. WB can't realise that their marketing policy of not showing much can't work with every film.Sure Disney can do it but that's because they are relying on films that already have huge fan following and are established brands.WB can't do it just yet.They are not in a place where the audiences will see their films no matter what.DC is a huge brand yes but the DCEU has a lot work to do so audiences will want to see their next offering without convincing them first. So obviously you understand that I think it's pretty stupid the way they decide to promote films like Shazam and BOP.Sure it worked with Joker but this film's hype was already through the roof and still got a more intense marketing campaign.
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