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  1. IMO, WW84 will see gains in every international market , and some of them will be huge jumps, and if it falls domestically it won’t be that much.So 900+ M should happen imo.
  2. Didn’t said that they will be at that Brazilian Expo that the WW84 trailer debuted. Imo comic con will only have some looks at the chatracters, if the won’t skip it altogether.
  3. Meanwhile Harley is the lead In Gunn's The Suicide Squad...I can't imagine they are now running around panicked demanding for Gunn to change his script...
  4. In itself I think yes.But they could be used as supporting characters in a future Batgirl movie or their movie will be an HBO Max exclusive. But If by sequel you mean Gotham City Sirens then I think this still has potential and may happen. Poison Ivy and Catwoman are royalty and very popular across the world.
  5. 1.Skyfall 2.You Know My Name 3.That song from Man from UNCLE (what...it was basically a bond movie) 4.No Time To Die (should also be a song to a Tom Cruise movie) 5. writing’s on the wall (...that we should have seen the quality of the movie from the from it’s theme song)
  6. After seeing what kind of buzz a simple costume reveal is creating I will say that there is a chance for a 200M+ opening.For the time being I’m going to say 170-180M. But imagine if close to release the announce that Pattinson’s Batman is in the same universe as Phoenix’s Joker. 250M+ OW/600Μ + DOM/ 1.6B+ WW ...and it would be funny when In a future sequel the actor that plays Batman will get second billing to the actor that plays joker.
  7. It’s kinda funny and epic that this year was so strong for the Best Actor category that , imo, Driver and Banderas and maybe DiCaprio would win in previous years...but Phoenix absolutely gives a performance for the ages and that it wan’t even a competition.
  8. For what is worth, the other day I me and my friends were discussing which movie to see next and the kept referring to it as “Harley Quinn” so maybe the did right?It will be more easily recognizable for audiences not familiar with comics and as I said before the title sounds ridiculous in some countries. I had one flat out sayin “I’m not gonna watch a movie called birds of prey” (in Greek).
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