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  1. Shoul have clarified that i mean acting...
  2. If that would be release in Decembwr then maybe Gaga would sneak in the Beast Actress category.Academy Awards Nominee Stephanie Germanotta...what a world we live in...
  3. Straight man here,totally against marriage and i would propose to his gf on sight.Her body is just perfect and her face is nice too.
  4. I prefer Superman's haircut on this poster than the previous slicked back haircut he was sporting.
  5. MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS | 11.10.17 | Fox

    I love it.Honestly,i am more excited for this than i am for Ragnarok (though Blanchett already sold me the ticket for ow).I love stories like this and Sherlock Holmes and on top of that the movie has a top notch cast directed by a director that has yet to fail me.
  6. Yeah vut he was the first to give a warning about Darkseid's arrival so it could also make sense if he was in.
  7. It has now become official that WW has replaced Batman as the new face of DC... http://deadline.com/2017/09/gal-gadot-bradley-cooper-deeper-wonder-woman-kornel-mundruczo-1202173988/
  8. It's official WW is DC's new atman and Marvel's Iron Man. http://deadline.com/2017/09/gal-gadot-bradley-cooper-deeper-wonder-woman-kornel-mundruczo-1202173988/
  9. Tuesday: IT 5,37 mln; Annabelle passed 100 m$ domestic

    Beauty and the Beast was a guarantee success.I remember that the majority of people were laughing at the predictions that had it at 100M OW/370M DOM.Most expected 450M+ long before release.So Beaty and the Beast grossing 500M and retaining the top spot until now it''s not a surprise.A surprise is a superhero film having a 4x multy this day and age (in Summer no less).An even bigger surprise is a horror film in September playing like a huge tentpole in Summer.
  10. https://twitter.com/BatmanNewsCom/status/910569749985288192 I trust this guy.He has a good head on his should,he is kinda biased but admits it when he does not like something and i don't think he would tweet something unless he actually heard something.So if we are going to believe what has been posted so far...we have 4 reaction and they are all positive.That being said,SS and BvS also had early positive reactions.WW also had early positive reactin.Hopefully it follows WW.
  11. What was your friend's reaction to previous DC films and how easy is he to be pleased by a film?

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