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  1. Whatever WB shows at Comic Con goes online a little time later.They dodn't want the first look at their movies to be a shitty bottleg video.Wonder Woman and Justice League had their first trailers released on the same ay right after the WB SDCC panel.
  2. HOOOOOLY FUCKING SHIT This looks to be like a bat-shit crazy ride.I just love that they didn't try to make it "grounded" amd kept the crazy comic book feel.Thank you James Wan.My man.
  3. Snyder. Everything looks great...and then you notice Kidman's costume.Hopefully it will look better in motion. But Queen Mera...she looks badass and regal at the same time.
  4. The AIDS Crisis will add so much depth to a movie revolved around a character that among other things represents love.And i am sure Jenkins has put together a story to celebrate diversity and representation so given the AIDS crisis being involved the LGBT community will turn up in droves for this one.Patty...you magnificent woman, As for getting a first look during Comic Con i would not put it past WB.We got our first look at Justice League in Comic Con 2016 along with our first trailer for Wonder Woman.The same could happen with Wonder Woman/Shazam.That being said,could they master a teaser in time?
  5. Holy fuck.Did they just announce that the main villain will not be in fact Cheetah but the greatest villain even in DC history. I mean look at Steve's picture.Looks like the evil moustache that defeated JL is finally going to make its debut .
  6. Also,it's a crime that noone has mentioned how amazing the costumes are.
  7. Hade,Circe and Greek trippy stuff aside i have read some good theories. 1.The pond Steve took a bath in while in Themyscira was a version of the Lazarus Pit. 2(i am not a fan of this one).Steve and Diana are destined to be together and always find their way to each other.
  8. I am more thrilled than i expected to be to see Steve/Chris back but they wouldn't just let it out there...Patty is not naive...there is definetly something more...Plus,theywouldn't just ignore what happenned before.Like it or not,WW is a part of a shared universe and while they can change other things and get away with it,this is not one of them.So i am prepared to have my heart crushed again.
  9. Loved it. God i love this franchise so much.I am not a fun of horror films but tgese films are awesome.For me,horror films thar don't solely rely on jumpscares and slash but create these unsetting,creepy feeling inside you just by its atmosphere.And while this franchise has its fair share of the former they trully master at the later. This film seems to be no exception and Valak is scary af just by looking at her/him/it.I also loved the cinematography from what i saw.Corin Hardy won't dissapoint.
  10. Lawsuit or not,WB will not let one of their most profitable franchise pause.The Conjuring is a goldmine for them and they will keep milking this cash cow like nobody's bussiness.The xroojed man will happen,TC3 will happen and whatever monster it brings with it will get its spin-off.I don't kow how Wan did it but the brand is strobg atm.
  11. They will release the trailer before FK and theaters will just casually attach it to FK. Off the new trailers we got this week amd the previous this is most likely the biggest mobeymaker this christmas season and starr of 2019 so even if it's Universal,who will decide the last trailer before FK,theaters will put AQM in there as well. Plus,they probably want to bebit the first look at Shazam at comic con so they are wise to not let one movie's buzz bite into the other's movies buzz.
  12. TheDarkKnightOfSteel

    An Upset is Born : A Star is Born over Venom OW/DOM

    Y'all better come to your senses and join my ranks because you know my last club was a roaring success.

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