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  1. TheDarkKnightOfSteel

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    Aquaman's run in China reminds of Wonder Woman's run DOM.
  2. According to @Gavin Feng Aquaman looking to make more than Infinity War and Venom in their 2nd weekend.280M in China looks very possible.It now has to severly undeperform in the US to not have a total north of 500M in just these two countries.
  3. Will only supprt DC as i did like 6 months ago only once MOS2 starts production.Cavill is the only Superman i will accept.
  4. Krathen or somethong... It was more than that?I mean Arthur breaking Orm's trident meant Orm's defeat before Atlanna showed up It was better.And i loved Martha. One.Nor that exciting.
  5. Does this film undermine Sam's relationahip with Bumblebee?But i have to say i would he all in for a Tf blockbuster film with an old female lead.
  6. It's true,while i liked Momoa and his chemistry with Heard,i still think what the film would be had they cast a better actor as Aquaman.The truth is that this Aquaman is a version of the character suitable of the actor that plays him and not the other way around.Maybe a better actor would have been given a more multy-dimentional character and story? In any way,Momoa is the actor that i want to see a sequel with and noone else because now i know his Aquaman and i like him.It's just a "what could have been" thing and that doesn't always mean "better".
  7. TheDarkKnightOfSteel

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    All i care is for Aquaman to beat Venom.Still a massive win even if it falls off a cliff after the 2nd weekend and manages something like "just" 200M.
  8. Guys...relax...it’s just Disney forgetting to pay some critics.All will be fine once they get their paychecks.
  9. Apparently he had McQuarrie (whatever) expressing his wish to direct his MOS sequel...how wrong could this go?
  10. It wishes.Man of Steel is a damn masterpiece.WTF is wrong with me?I actually liked the film very much.

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