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  1. 87 reviews and 90% and 7.1 avg rating.This will get certified fresh.This will be overlooked.Thanks a lot Disney.
  2. Don’t remind me about that.They have destroyed the movie with the casting before they even begun ....
  3. Doesn’t seem like a very loyal dude to me...It would be funny if twitter destroyed this man’s whole career.He was too quick to unfollow.
  4. Having just gotten my degree in finance I could tell you that the deal that Disney is/was asking is not only greedy but ridiculous too.And you don’t have to study economics to realize that.If I were Sony i wouldn’t make the deal.Marvel actors siding with anyone is a douchey move imo but it’s Hollywood and you gotta do what you gotta do to survive. And, honestly, if Holland,Zendaya And idk who else are such pricks Sony should let them go and let the character rest for a while.
  5. Maybe we truly live to some sort of dictatorship where people are afraid to talk against Disney...
  6. And This whole circus is like reliving the “Henry Cavill is out as Superman...Or is he?” Mess all over again.Fun stuff all around.
  7. The whole situation is just hilarious because all these shitheads on Twitter that claim to have inside sources were hellbent about the future of Spider-Man in the MCU like a couple of days ago making fun of everyone who dared to say otherwise.
  8. All this talk about companies buying companies just to give even more millions upon million to franchise fare...this Thanksgiving I will be thankful for A24....
  9. And this why we somehow collectively have to embrace original films ways from the franchise fare and the fireworks that come with it.Personally I am a huge sucker for comic book films myself but I have decided to support more original films at the theaters (rather discovering them at a boring night at my house ). Nolan is our one true savor.
  10. I realize that Stewart is a fine actress but, in the trailer, her reaction to the underwater “earthquake” is freaking hillarious.
  11. So 17 reviews in and this has still a 100% score on RT and avg rating has risen to 7.3.Why isn’t it getting more coverage and buzz?And why Disney/Fox insisted to keep it right before It 2?Could have made wonders with better marketing and release date.
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