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  1. I saw it was at 71% on RT and I was like "why people are panicking". Then I checked RT and saw that the score was for only 41 reviews and I was like...why people are panicking?
  2. I don't think Dune will be hurt by the hybrid release the way the rest of the WB films did this year. I am hearing lots of "it's great" and most importantly lots of "movie itself was meh but you have to see it on theaters". So there are two sides when it comes to the movie itself but both agree that this film needs the big screen.
  3. After these reactions , this is the most excited I have been for a Marvel film maybe ever. Like I loved IW, Iron Man and Thor among others but Marvel being formulaic was always a problem for me. If true, this is the first time they are taking a different approach and I'm 100% here for it.
  4. Exactly. I mean I can't count how many times I turned it off because of a CW show and turn it back on to see if there's something interesting. I recognize that there is an audience for these shows even though I can't find anything remotely decent on them so they should have just kept them separately.
  5. WTF with Supergirl taking so much time. Black Adam looks fantastic. Peacemaker looks fun. SS game is interesting and trailer was great. Anyway, 200k + are watching on YouTube which is waaaay better than the 60K, where TUDUM peaked. Still surprised how Netflix fucked this up with all their content.
  6. I am seeing the amazing numbers by both Venom and NTTD and I am still baffled why WB hasn't made Matrix 4 exclusive to theaters. Or at least if they want to stick with this "all 2021 movies to HBO Max" plan, just move the damn thing to 2022. Let's face it having an FHD copy of such a movie out there the day of release is a stupid move.
  7. Honestly, this looks like a ton fun and with a fantastic ensemble. I don't radically care for this type of movies and I am excited for this one. And the trailer seems to have connected with the audience, even going viral on social media (and especially that father, son line). I believe it will do much better than the usual biographical film.
  8. Look i don't care about critics and RT and I want to say that I liked the first venom the second time around. But the fact that Sony has lifted the embargo while only showing it to GA and not critics should be more telling of what the studio think off the movie. I mean we had this with BVS as well (which i still loved- UE is great) and Suicide Squad (which was shit no matter how you cut it).
  9. I mean they were pretty clear that it was just for the 2021 releases. Plus, they can just throw the House of the Dragom trailer to them.
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