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  1. The hype of the first movie was freaking insane from the second it was announced and it was getting bigger and bigger with every new bit of info. The only real problem leading to the release was the day the revies hit. Other than that, marketing was great. Easy 1B.
  2. Exactly. We are talking about an age where studios throw 150-200M to streaming exclusive movie and get nothing back from actual box office. The term flop should be revised now that it has this hybrid release and in an era that covid still goes strong.
  3. I think she plays for many demos, young and d alike, but making BOP R Rated was very stupid to begin with. But this is WB so...
  4. I just hope that the critic that changed her rating to fresh didn't get bullied in doing so. That being said,her review didn't sound negative to begin with. So maybe she gave it rotten by mistake.
  5. Just here to say that BOP could have been a lot worse but ended up being better than I expected (after the first trailer). Anyway, I guess I am a little bit excited for TSS after the first reaction. Curious i would say, which says a lot because I used to be crazy excited for every new DC movie. It's just that I lost my "connection" to their current DCEU. I am not one of those tweeting #RestoreTheSnyderverse 24/7 but WB's disrespect to their talent made me loose any excitement i had. I am really not willing to give any money to them. I mean Disney is a greedy as well but at least th
  6. I found this to be a huge mess. But an entertaining mess nonetheless.
  7. I can watch anything Guy Ritchie puts out. The Gentlemen was great and I am still hoping for a sequel to one of the most underrated films of the past decade, Man from UNCLE. So I am looking forward to this. Trailer was very good.
  8. Saying the whole SnyderCut community is bad and are bombing GvK is like saying...anyway I don’t want to get banned... just don’t judge a whole fandom by the actions of few. Outlets are very quick to forget all the good they have done (charities etc.)
  9. Many on Twitter say that The Rock is going to announce that Henry will be I. Black Adambut I don’t think so... Firstly, if he is he is gonna have a cameo and they would’ve announce it but rather keep it as a surprise. Secondly, I can’t see how Superman will fit into this.... I mean it takes place many years ago and they would have to jave a time jump just to have him in.
  10. Gunn has gone on record that this one was his favorite movie experience as a filmmaker so it’s plausible for him to hype everything like that.
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