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  1. I was so excited to read what extraordinary thing AEG did again in presales...and then I read this thread’s last page?There is a thread for this shit...
  2. So my my girlfriend will see it tomorrow and can’t get a +1 ticket so I guess i’m Single now...I feel betrayed ...
  3. Diana’s greatest love has always been a man.She is not queer.More like bi because some writers have implied it but never had the balls to depict it on paper.So as it stands right now don’t put labels...
  4. Just for fun... If AEG sees the same bump as AIW from A:AOU the its OW weekend is 345M.Then if you apply the same multy as AIW then AEG gets to 900+M. Now a scenario where this gets 1/3 of the bump and say it increases 15% then AEG gets to 296M OW and with a lower multy of 2.4, 711M total. IDK why I'm even choosing these numbers but I am so bored.
  5. Endgame presales in Athens (only the biggest theater chain) Basically,from the 24th of April and on AEG will be the only film playing in the entire country occupying all screens.Literally they are cancelling showing from other films to give to AEG and meet the demand. To begin with,for the first time ever the theaters will open at 12 pm.They usually open at 4 pm. Added 10+ showing (3 of them are very early on the biggest auditoriums.) 38 sell outs(including 12 in the biggest auditoriums) 15 near sell outs(including 2 in the biggest auditoriums) And i’m Certain that no other film has opened to sooo many screens.Maybe not even half. comp from last report: +14 sell outs No change for the near sold out screenings UNBELIEVABLE
  6. Whoever opts to see any scene from such an event film at shit potato quality is an idiot that should not go to the cinema and communicate with anyone either way.
  7. TheDarkKnightOfSteel

    Avengers: End Game $1 Billion Opening Weekend Globally.

    290M Dom 280M Ch 350M from counties that IW saw a 10+M opening It needs some 80M more from the rest i will do better math later that I will have the time.
  8. For what is worth, and it's anecdotal evidence ,It was 4 am in my country and I know at least 4 bars that were live streaming the episode and they were packed.Personally,at 4 am I was watching with 10 more friends and yes we had to go to work in the morning.Totally worth it.
  9. Don't kill the messenger. And for what is worth,maybe they don't only count views from HBO but also those who tuned it with some network that has partnered with HBO and live streams the show.
  10. For what is worth,1B viewers around the globe watching the premiere live,is pretty fucking insane.And that figure does not include the poor souls who watched it later by illegally streaming or downloading the episode or even those who gathered at bars,homes etc. To watch it with company.
  11. Congrats on Shazam hitting 200 pages on here.It will be the only 200 mark it will be hitting...
  12. Idk because I can only find data in totals but as far as I know in terms of tickets a local comedy holds the record released many years ago .
  13. Endgame report from Athens (only from one theater chain ) 24 Sold outs (all formats with 6 of them in the biggest auditoriums) 15 near sold out showings . Again this has never happened before .And for the first time ever they hVe added showings early in the day and again they sold out very quickly.And that’s just OD. For its second day is at 6 sold out and 5 near sold out showings,which would still be on par with the second biggest preseller here (TLJ) that I have tracked in its OD. mindblowing to say the least . IMO,this could get the opening weekend record here (or everywhere for that matter).
  14. TheDarkKnightOfSteel

    Avengers: End Game $1 Billion Opening Weekend Globally.

    It opens in a lot of countries this on the 24th and China and US should provide 500M at the minimum...it's not impossible but it's crazy.I like crazy.IN.
  15. Smart move for Black Adam would be for them to have it set in the past obviously, create an entire world around d it with mythical creatures give a shitload of money on CGI and BOOM China will secure a great OS total.The Rock will take care of the rest.

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