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  1. Agree entirely on this. Ruffalo has gotten less and less "serious" and committed as he's gone along...he's now like the comic relief...a strange place for Banner/Hulk to be in, considering their inherent nature. In the latest TV spots, Ruffalo can't even hide a half-smirk in moments that should be dire (post-IW feelings). He's clearly checked out (pun intended). Keeps these movies imperfect because of it. RDJ, Hems and Evans and most others remain entirely committed as much as their talents allow.
  2. Still IRON MAN. Is this even a question? Although I did watch Cap last week for a refresher, and it holds up very well, almost gives IM competition, I'd say. And I do like THOR more than most, and TIHulk is respectfully done, if not quite as slick as the others (but I like that about it). Oh wait...is WINTER SOLDIER a PHASE ONE or TWO? I can't keep track of these things... if so, that's top, for me.
  3. Is it wrong that I'm equally insulted that the general public still doesn't know the difference between SONY and MARVEL STUDIOS/DISNEY?
  4. Someone in this thread called it already. "The Rise of Skywalker" is the one that we know already exists... And the supposed "hero" will have to fight her own legacy...literally. It's poetic...in a J.J. kinda way. 😂
  5. Uhh... You'd better believe that absolutely everyone's in this one...you just haven't seen them yet...or the how, why, or where...
  6. Was much less impressed by this than the rest of you. But what I almost found more amusing on a meta-production level was that the movie is full of casting in-jokes to previous unmade or ill-received DC Comics film adaptations. Adam Brody was attached as The Flash in George Miller's unmade Justice League film, costumes were made, and they were down in Australia around 12 years ago, just weeks away from filming, before the plug was pulled. D.J. Cotrona was attached as Superman in Miller's film. Mark Strong was Sinestro in the ill-fated Green Lantern, but gets to go full-super-villain here. And John Glover was of course Lionel Luthor on Smallville for many years. I'm sure this was conscious of Sandberg/the studio, nicely played. But I thought the animated drawings at the end were almost more amusing than the entire movie. The toy store scene is funny, but the more meta-scene is when a young buy is play-fighting Batman and Superman toys in his apartment, when outside Shazam and Sinest-oops-Sivana show up, and the boy drops the toys with a thud. Thought that was amusing, considering the current state of things. And then...the headless Supes cameo with someone else in Cavill's costume...groan. 😂
  7. My post was half-in-jest, but I wouldn't be surprised for at least one of those things I mentioned happening. And...nothing's ever too late for reveal/reversals of "everything you think you knew." Not only does J.J. have a history of swindling for plot, but he and Lucasfilm no doubt want to regain some lost goodwill amongst certain fans... And lest we forget: Third movies in trilogies have a pattern of re-envisioning elements from the first film and/or revealing new things about them. Pretty sure that will happen here, in some form.
  8. Yep, and they need to make sure to remind everyone that the Black Panther universe still has something to do with this movie...because all the other prominents got...you know...
  9. Macleod


    Was just going to mention the FOX 2000 loss. One of the first of many "surprises" I think... Chalk one more up for corporate feels over mid-budget individualized voices in filmmaking. So boring and predictable. Where does it end? Can the government step in before Disney swallows existence whole? It's too late...it was knowing ya, American films...
  10. Love this one and can explain all the reasons why...but don't want to cloud up the forum, here. 😉

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