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  1. Perhaps it's all just elaborate in-jokes from the production to fake people out...
  2. Weird. My bet is also that they are fictional characters in this Batverse...for now. Until Flashpoint opens the door for other possibilities later - if it still gets made (...I know, I'm cynical).
  3. I'm betting that Marvel/Disney had the Ghost Rider show squashed because Feige wanted to bring him back on the feature film level...and this could be a very likely place he may show up for a cameo...
  4. Will ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Open on Christmas? ‘I Don’t Think Anybody Can Be Confident,’ Says Patty Jenkins https://variety.com/2020/film/news/wonder-woman-1984-release-date-patty-jenkins-1234807206/
  5. Stop bombin' on one of my favorite movies, man... 😂 ALEXANDER RULEZZZZ! ALL FOUR CUTS OF IT!!
  6. Nice to see this FINALLY getting a release. It's been held back by the Chinese Government for almost two years...which means he was doing something right. Unfortunately this is not quite his original cut or vision. https://variety.com/2020/film/news/zhang-yimou-one-second-censorship-approval-1234783262/ But yes, he has two other already-completed movies he directed/ready for release, as well!
  7. It's already "out there" in terms of people claiming their info from "sources tied to the production." So if it's indeed happening at all...it's leaked already.
  8. Or also possible...they are letting them reach their weakest, most desperate point, and will then use the squashed Paramount Decrees to come in and "save"/co-invest/or indeed wholly buy-out a chain or two. It's going to happen, it's just a matter of time. And they may have planned it all along.... Cruel, but that's Hollywood. Warners was already burned with Tenet, they won't let it happen with WW84; they'll hold it until 2022, if need be. Or at the very least they may do a simultaneous theater/VOD release, or a two/three week lead time in theaters, but they won't release this baby until they have a significantly more stable theatrical revenue stream.
  9. Wrong again! DRAT! ZOOM! BANG! My instincts are clearly off for this production. But still then... I'm thinking Mr. Wayne must be cozy with Selina already...that's the only reason he would get anywhere near those dastardly criminals (re-read what I just wrote in Adam West's voice)!
  10. It's a funeral. The flowers give it away. The question is...whose. I suspect Falcone's wife/Selina's mother, in this version. And why is Wayne walking so close to Cobblepot and these criminals at all! 😎 I guess he's already close to Selina at this time. But it's time for new twists on the material. I was convinced Farrell was playing the newer version of Penguin, but maaaaan, I guess I'm wrong. Wild.
  11. Garfield is probably the best actor out of the three, there's the irony, it's just his movies that were the problem -- although we're hearing great things about Holland's recent and upcoming roles (I haven't checked out the Netflix movie, yet).
  12. People eat what they're fed. My issue lately is more with a real lack of narrative/character consequence in the MCU and these kinds of movies, and of course the erasing of the concept of "death" that sticks from that is a big part of it. While I have loved Spidey since childhood, and as interested as I am to see where they take all this next (you've seen my speculation here with recent announcements) -- I find that once you introduce "easy access" multiverses and time travel without much consequence, yes, anything is at your disposal, but that robs stories of characters of gravity. "No problem if Cap sacrifices himself, we'll just pick up one from an alternate universe." We've seen TV shows and things like Fast and Furious even introduce this (even without alternate universes)...and where does it end? That's my question. The answer is, it doesn't, according to Disney/Marvel, of course -- or rather, they don't want it to. They would prefer if you developed a rotating viewing interest of movies and Disney+, back and forth, ad nauseum. (It's interesting how COVID is obviously messing with all these plans...) However, yes, this concept would be a great way to introduce the Morales character into the Sony/MCU, and I'm sure Feige is thinking about that. But the Spider-Verse animated film really is better than any of the live-action Spidey films of the past ten years! That'll be tough to beat. I kind of checked out during FFH because yeah, it's becoming not about just him, anymore...and this MCU Parker never really was. Yes, audiences have seen that cycle twice with the character in the last 15 years, so I get why Feige wanted to try something different. But they've seen Bond 25 times now, too, and that series remains phenomenally successful. For me, these MCU Spideys are fun fluff, but not quite as successful and meaningful for the character, himself, and I still find myself "thinking about" the older films more.
  13. Was anticipating one of those "late Friday afternoon release date change announcements" that the studios love to throw out just about this time... But it's still afternoon in L.A. Alas...it will indeed happen eventually. 😂
  14. Cinema Groups Should Consider Content Deals With Streamers as a "Lifeline": Analyst https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/cinema-groups-should-consider-content-deals-with-streamers-as-a-lifeline-analyst
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