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  1. Wouldn't be surprised if this is basically ghost-directed by The Rock at this point. The damn thing has been circling in his head for over a decade, he probably has it all envisioned.
  2. Title should be corrected. Only one Wachowski, Lana, is really involved here, correct?
  3. They're obviously going to wait and see how the theatrical market is doing by that time...and judging by Godzilla/Kong, there are strong possibilities... but if it moves back to "only in theatres" -- I do wonder if anyone will actually take up suit with HBO/WarnerMedia for "false advertising." 😂
  4. I'll admit that I woke up today, saw the Godzilla/Kong numbers, and my first thought was: "...They should have kept Black Widow in May." Best trailer yet, in my opinion, and it's clear they're intending to stick to JULY 9th, the way they emphasize it... 😂
  5. I'm guessing multiple time-jumps. Early origins. Then most of the movie probably takes place decades back, JSA-period, and my bet is that by the end, Black Adam is somehow buried/imprisoned and doesn't wake until present-day, where he starts creating havoc due to his unsettled mind. (Dr. Fate is also flexible to later reappear in present-day, as he is essentially immortal and goes through different hosts.) Naturally, the first being on Earth that would probably "hear" Adam's rumblings and/or be able to react/arrive most quickly would be...Superman.
  6. Fair enough. I edited my statement to say "most of". Davis is on that tier. These other two guys are great/entertaining, but I wouldn't put them on that tier. But I know questions of "quality" don't come into play for most with a movie like this. And yes, I know "Birds of Prey" kind of flopped, so Warners is clearly leaning into other angles right now for this. But even BoP feels like it had more "style" than this. We'll see...
  7. OK -- then they should show at least a snippet of that in the next trailer. Because based on what I've seen so far, there's nothing interesting enough here to convince me to pay any extra fee to see this, and surely not to go to theaters.
  8. I don't know...the kind that an Oscar-nominated, multi-award nominated actress wants and probably deserves? She and Elba are still clearly in a different league than most of the other performers in this project. The question then is...was this a "contract" movie for Robbie? I.E. was she kind of "forced" to do it because of a contract option when signing for the first one? Possibly.
  9. Stallone has basically revealed on his Instagram that *he* is voicing King Shark. Ho-hum. I was dreaming he was playing a revived "John Spartan."
  10. What do you mean by "closest equivalent"? By "spy" theme/genre? Serious question. And this is yet another reason why Cruise remains a model for the industry -- if he's able to deliver what he has with those M:I films at a significant/percentage price point less than certain other blockbusters -- more reason why Paramount was smart to reverse Summer Redstone's "attitude" a few years back and remain in business with him. James Bond, well... essentially independently produced and one of the longest-running "continuous" film series of all time, barring perhaps Godzilla. But I'd argue that the Bond movies are too expensive now, too...eventually one will flop again (not just because of COVID, but creatively and at the box office). Sure. But they wouldn't be making this decision at all (especially for July) unless they were seriously unsure of U.S. and global theatrical potential. And I don't blame them -- I was 99% sure they were going this direction. Just saying... I would have found a way to make Black Widow for $150 mil. or less. But I digress... Anyway, it's all a fix... 😂 The "film business" makes a lot of its initial money through buying/selling properties, distribution deals, investment trade, tax shelters. Box Office is just gravy... Jolie's Tomb Raider was technically "in profit" before they even shot a role of film... but most of us are not really here to talk about that, I know...
  11. For you, perhaps, not for me, in terms of the industry. We are at the point where $200 million is "average" for a tentpole. Eventually that model will implode, even for Marvel/Disney. And one could say that it might have already due to the COVID crisis, they just aren't talking about it...yet. The acceleration towards streaming is a good backup in the event traditional box office receipts don't come back the way we're used to. We will likely see budgets curbed a bit over the next couple of years due to this couple of year's COVID issues and lack of profits. I wouldn't have spent this much on a Black Widow film now or then, that's all I'm saying. And now current circumstances dictate that it's going to be a money-loser, regardless.
  12. Yeah, rather surprised how short-changed she is in this trailer... For Harley fans, what is going on here with her character that offers any progression? I don't see anything... And Elba is a great, great actor, but I don't buy him in Gunn's tone of humor.
  13. This is what the industry would call/used to call a "loose sequel." It can be viewed as a sequel, but clearly also as a singular thing, note the emphasis on "THE" on the first poster, which I'm sure was Gunn's preference...if not also Warner's.
  14. Is that STARRO??????? DC nerds take note... one of the few beyond-first level nerdy DC things I know... I really don't have any opinion on this, otherwise... Just not something that enthuses me. Looks a damn sight better than the first movie...but what doesn't? I'm just not a fan of Gunn's style, the jokes here don't work for me...but I know I'm in the minority.
  15. Yeah, it's more than I would have spent, too. I know costs raised with the delay, but still. This movie should have been made 5-10 years ago and for a half or even a third of the cost. They could have upped it for the sequel, if it was a huge success. Ah, well...
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