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  1. Warners wasn't even fully convinced to do a sequel to Batman Begins until home video numbers came in...when a lot more people caught onto it that had skipped it in theaters.
  2. "You live long enough to become the villain..." Guy Pearce should have been Harvey Dent/Two-Face for Nolan. And now he can't get a gig in Hollywood unless it's a villain. It's all a vicious circle. 😆
  3. The movie is called "The Rise of Skywalker." Who is a Skywalker? There are only a few choices. Or perhaps "Skywalker" will be the new way "The Force" will be referred to. But I can virtually guarantee that J.J. won't be directly referring to anything R/J claimed with those loopy final moments of The Last Jedoo. I guess we'll all interpret it our own way, but I think it's pretty clear from the trailer(s) that nostalgia and possible retconning will factor in here, which "vague sequels" often try do. The reality is that the new characters (despite some good actors involved) didn't resonate with the public on the level Lucasfilm would have liked them to. Similar to the Terminator franchise, which continues to involve Arnold because, according to Jim Cameron, "he needs to be there." And basically, Billy Dee got lucky when RJ decided to kill off Luke and Fisher passed away, as I don't think they would have come to him otherwise...but they needed to fill a "nostalgia gap." We'll see with the movie, but J.J. will obviously, on the surface, attempt to play it both ways here, appealing to fans old and new...the question is, is there a story to justify it? The trailer doesn't seem to sell us one (not that I need to know everything, but where's the narrative hook?)...probably because they've been rejigging the thing behind the scenes for months.
  4. https://www.boxofficemojo.com/franchises/chart/?id=terminator.htm Genisys actually grossed more in box office worldwide totals than Terminator 3 and 4. Although grosses kept declining in the U.S., yes. But none of these were an outright flop, otherwise they may very well have put the property away for a while. The other thing to note is that every single Terminator film since T2 has essentially been made by a different creative team, producers, and studio. The only constant among every single one of them is...yes...Schwarzenegger (who is the only thing that I recall got any vocal audience reaction in the theater when I saw Salvation, and whose performance actually moved me nearly to tears in his final moments on screen in Genysis...despite the rest of the movie being a shambola).
  5. Well, check the poster... the actor is credited, so it's officially official, now. Although he could be appearing with just his voice, or something else... Yep, see the final poster. It is indeed interesting. Wouldn't be surprised if Hamill's agent also negotiated top 3 billing in all three movies regardless of how much he appears. How do you know all the money shots? Have you seen it? 😉
  6. True, but you know like I do, from experience, that this stuff always leaks out a bit before the trades "force" someone at the studio to acknowledge it... The finite percentages of truth of the matter, like any other big reshoot on any movie, will be debated ad nauseum, but something major is clearly going on. Rogue One's situation and post-production press rollout is still the gold standard of reference, here.
  7. Four months ain't no two weeks; reshoot debate over. And why would anyone believe anything from Chinese state media, at this point?? Clearly, the MobMouse has issues with the movie internally...and perhaps externally.
  8. What if...they kill off Yifei's Mulan character in the first ten minutes...then introduce "the real Mulan" as played by another actor... Nope, that hasn't been done before... 😂
  9. Nope, this isn't a haunting, allegorical message at all for the people of China. Nope. #FreeHongKong Of course they aren't. Big surprise. Rogue One is only one of the best Star Wars movies, that's all.
  10. BO-RING. Big surprise. Niki Caro's a great filmmaker...once again a director's vision is usurped by test screenings within the Disney system...
  11. Agreed on your first point. I'm not advocating for this...just speculating as to what SJ and/or Marvel may be thinking...They could see BW as their "James Bond." And I could also see SJ angling to direct the all-female Marvel superheroes project...if it ever happens.
  12. She could also be perfectly interested in directing a future Black Widow movie...without her starring.
  13. SJ is meta-commenting on the never-ending-non-death-no-consequence scenarios of Marvel's comic-book-based output. 😂 Sure, all this stuff happened in the comics...but movies need to have some closure...arguably. If people want never-ending sagas, go to TV. But I know I'm shouting down a rabbit hole that only 5% of the current movie-going population will side with.
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