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  1. It's all a ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuse.... 😉
  2. The reports are that Locke passed away early in November, but that her family/people didn't let out the news until now. Could this have been a deliberate move by her/her people, knowing The Mule was getting released? One more swipe back at Eastwood for his ill treatment of her years ago? Hmm... 🧐
  3. What is this article you're referring to? Can anyone point me to this?
  4. Compelling stuff. 😒 They need to figure out how to sell this better. It's a problem.
  5. Yeah, Hogwarts feels not-earned yet when it shows up here. Why was Dumbledore even in this film? The film struggles to deliver a compelling-enough reason for it by its conclusion. And yeah, a petering-out finale does not help. Agreed: Queenie's turn doesn't feel earned, either. Depp is fine here, but the movie's all about how fearful everyone is of this guy...and yet he isn't witnessed really doing anything threatening here? Except philosophize a bit? He even leaves the baby-killing to someone else! Lots of threads...but no coherent direction or journey with them (within the scope of one movie, at least, which it should accomplish). A fascinating dud.
  6. In the video interview with Nicole Kidman linked within the Aquamomoa review here, Amy Adams basically confirms right up front that she's done with the Lois Lane role due to them "re-vamping." That's more confirmation than Cavill ever admitted to. https://variety.com/2018/film/reviews/aquaman-review-dc-comics-1203086479/
  7. It's hard to discern how much of this is natural creative movement these days, and how much is cynical pandering (like in Fantastic Beasts...what was that Chinese creature all about?). I'm sure Warners would like to have this released in China... But these individuals involved are much more nuanced than it initially appears: While Yan, the director, is of Chinese birth and a split childhood, she's been educated in the west/NYU, and her graduate thesis was about "internet social and political change in China." But yes, her first film was based in China with Chinese investors...but was a satire of certain elements of modern China...but she didn't want to make it overtly political, and worked with Chinese censors to make sure it passed through. She's smart. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/sundance-award-winning-director-cathy-yan-on-shunning-hollywood-for-china-with-her-debut-movie-dead-pigs-2018-01-30 The writer, Christina Hodson, is entirely western British-born and educated, and of Taiwanese descent/background. So that's not really a factor, here. If anything...it would be trouble if anyone decided to make it an issue, as China of course has its own particular POV about Taiwan. But I don't think it will be. She is who she is.
  8. If Captain Marvel doesn't start selling itself better, I'm not sure it will get past Ant-Man in WW gross, let alone $1 billion. They are obviously attempting to hide some conceits of the film, but it's hard to sell something to audiences when you can't reveal enough to entice them other than "Come see this because Nick Fury's in it...with a cat."
  9. Again a reminder that most of the "Tweet Reviews" published so far are from the nu-school bloggers/fanboy critics. They may differ slightly...or widely...from the more established "serious" critics whose reviews might mostly debut soon. But hey, when was the last time that stopped American audiences and worldwide box office? The only question about this one now is Over/Under Venom WW?
  10. Speaking of....Stark's "Alright, you're done. You're going home." really sticks in my head as the most effective line/moment from Civil War. I was skeptical about the whole Tony/Spidey thing at first, but it works perfectly on screen, but almost even better in CW. I like all that Spidey-stuff better under the Russos than in his own movie. I don't think I'm alone.
  11. They might not have thought about it -- their goal was saving the f'n universe, baby! And preventing Thanos from getting to Earth, primarily. So they "took the fight to him." Sacrifice. Deep down, Tony knew he was possibly going on a one way trip...which makes Peter Parker's sneakaway and loss for him of course all the more tragic...this kid shouldn't have been anywhere near this.

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