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  1. "These characters only exist to add moral questions on a thematic level." What? So...like good characters are supposed to function? Who are these people that somehow think superhero movies can't engage these questions?
  2. Obviously true. Regardless. None of this matters, because Hartnett turned it down. I'm pretty sure Gosling has been offered a few big superhero roles over the years that he's turned down, too. But Gosling is totally a "Ken." The studio and Robbie and most of us here understand that. But Excel apparently knows better. 😉🤣 He's making a value judgment on Gosling's "handsomeness" when everyone defines it slightly differently. The industry clearly values Gosling more than most other dudes, lately. It's a fact. Somebody's making money from him somewhere...even if his movies don't *seem* t
  3. Of course Nolan likes this [groan]... but big filmmakers are probably all in collusion to support the big screen experience, I get that... Disclaimer: I still haven't seen Villeneuveeee's DUNE...
  4. Exactamundo. The Sept. reshoots were the "planned" pick-ups. I'm betting these are completely new, based on the existing cut/reaction.
  5. Look, it's very simple, here. Robbie's a producer on this, right? They asked her "Who do you see as your Ken?" I'm pretty sure Gosling's name came up pretty quickly. Gosling is also just about the only guy out of all those Excel's mentioned who still has an A-list career, is reasonably critically-acclaimed, and has an affinity for the kind of work that Gerwig has done. It's a art-commercial mix made in heaven...or so they think. We'll see... Hey, I saw Hartnett in the great Showtime show "Penny Dreadful." That show is phenomenal and it's one of the best thing's Hartnett's
  6. Are you f'in serious??? 😂 You must not have talked to many straight women lately... This will play juuuuuuuust fiiiiiiine.
  7. Back in the day, I think critics-turned-filmmakers Godard and Truffaut of the French New Wave might have torn Zhao apart for making a movie like "Nomadland" and then segueing right into the biggest of studio-products like "Eternals." But it was also a different reality, then...this kind of blockbuster system that seems to drive a lot of the business right now wasn't quite so emphasized. There are fundamentalists about this, and people in-between. But the reality is that most filmmakers who even achieve Zhao's stature do at least one of these kinds of projects for the notoriety (and yes, mon
  8. Film Criticism *used* to be about using art as the basis of analysis for what it represents and what it could signal in history, culture, the populace. The best film critics can encourage their readers to think more deeply about why this art matters, what it's doing to us, and where it can go further. If all you look to a critic for is "whether they enjoyed it or not," then why don't you just decide yourself, as so many armchair fans like to say these days? I ended up coming out of a big franchise entry a few years back and writing 5000 words about it, even though I, like many others, had *
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