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  1. I have just one question: How can a movie be both "wobbly" and "beautifully constructed"? Seems kind of an oxymoron, to me...
  2. Sensible heads would say.... Warner Bros. is obviously waiting for the Captain Marvel onslaught to die down a bit...no point in competing with *that.* I'm sure we'll see more things pop once CM is released.
  3. My call is that this will end up somewhere in the second half/bottom 10 of worldwide grosses for Marvel films...and possibly the same in the U.S. (though I'm betting it does better in the U.S. than WW overall). https://www.boxofficemojo.com/franchises/chart/?id=avengers.htm
  4. Of course it's truthful. The Playlist is connected, definitely... this is not "Schmoes Knows." Sounds like this Bond is once again dangling off the rails...very apt for the character.
  5. Doesn't explain all the behind the scenes shots of Stark with the rest of the OG Avengers on set. I think Stark gets back by the halfway point, or no later than an hour in. Then the shenanigans start. Captain Marvel arrives, they join up with the "leftover" crew, and Ant-Man takes them all into the quantum vortex for a journey through time and space to "undo the damage done." Stark and certain others may even confront their younger selves, "dying" so they they may live...in a new timeline. Those are my predictions... 😁
  6. If it's not called COMING 2 AMERICA there will be riots. If Prince were alive, he would have done a song for this, guaranteed. 😉
  7. And...? The point is...if they're willing to diversify that, then they can diversify their box office potential, which I guess is what they were thinking when casting internationally... but I'm just astounded at their relative low-key casting here.
  8. Gods of Egypt is a silly movie, but actually wonderfully diverse in its overall background casting of its world. Pause any frame with more than just the stars, and you'll see. Plus...Chadwick Boseman? 😉 Plus...it's a myth, it's not even based on any known "reality" or written history...or written myth. Fight me. 😁
  9. Well, there are a couple of Iranians, that I can see... ? 😁 I'm not striving for accuracy...quite the opposite. I'm saying...they could have starred it up a bit, relatively.
  10. "When I see Jafar, I think Sean Penn...he's got the eyes of a killer!" -- Jon Peters (Hey, how about Russell Crowe for Jafar...or even Antonio Bandaras?? *Someone*?) Don't tell me they care about Arab accuracy when they cast Will Smith, and previously...Robin Williams...which is the toughest hurdle to get over, of course...even for Will Smith.
  11. This looks bloody awful. Bomb city. No stars, no charisma, unsure camera work, sloppy design/cheap looking backgrounds, Guy Ritchie, bluman Will Smith that doesn't seem natural to his world. And they're darkening the skin of the actress who plays Jasmine? Is that true?? I could go on... Teaser is entirely forgettable except for nightmarish Will Smith. Disney's lowest-grossing of the year, by far, very possible bomb.
  12. I have. And Thanos wins. He's sitting lounging, maxin' out, relaxin'. It's his story. And he's the victor. The story is complete, as far as he is concerned. James Bond movies all said "James Bond will Return" also...but most of them weren't really "sequels." 😉
  13. Take a look over at SHAZAM's thread, and you'll see what he's talking about...
  14. Why did movie-Piccolo rip off the Skrulls, who were in existence long before that? I like to emphasize these comments, because trust me, if Marvel Studios thought that the look would not 'sell' to the general public at this point with enough distance between older projects like that, then they wouldn't have done it. They're smart people. I have less of a problem with the Skrulls (nice that they're finally showing them) than I do with the overall picture looking underwhelming...but not from a budget/spectacle perspective!

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