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  1. Nolan's film seems to have significant use of some form of masks, too, so the extra new subtext will be thrown right back in their faces. 😂
  2. I don't even love Nolan's movies, and I agree on the above @excel1 This trailer appeals only to hardcore NOnlyFans, at this point. It's too pseudo-science-y for your average paranoid freedom-loving mask denier...and ironically, that's the audience they'll need most, right now...if it still gets released this summer...or this year, at all. Either way, my bet is that this will not be one of Nolan's highest-grossing movies.
  3. Yeah, but who knew he directed Artemis Fowl? Not me, I just looked it up!! Actually, Branagh's box office history as a Director has had its ups and downs. 2000's Love's Labour's Lost flopped, and Miramax canceled further planned Shakespeare film productions with him (including Macbeth!). As You Like It in 2006 went straight to HBO in the US, and was only released in a few territories worldwide. And The Magic Flute (2006) went straight-to-video in the US...seven years later! All have worthy things in them and are worth checking out, but I'm just commenting on the brass tax of Branagh's box office... shuffling off Death on the Nile to VOD wouldn't exactly be unprecedented, unfortunately...
  4. Tweet was removed. What did it say? A VOD date within a few months? No matter what happens, VOD dates will probably be shortening across the board, until theaters ramp up fully again...
  5. Warner Bros. removing the release date is their first acquiesce to the possibility that all near-future/2020 release dates are fluid. There will not be a date on the trailer.
  6. At this point, Warner Bros. and Disney are basically playing the biggest game of "chicken" that they ever have, against each other...and against the virus and the public!
  7. They didn't "announce" anything, Variety just says here that currently it's undated for Warner Bros., but scheduled for 2021. We'll see. Also the headline and what's actually written in their article don't really coalesce. Is the headline talking about the 8-week contract "hold" for the cast to cover the COVID-19 delay, or 8 additional weeks of photography...or both? I guess it's likely they'll need 8 additional weeks, anyway...but it's just not clearly worded.
  8. They place millions of dollars on superstitions every day. That's the inherent nature of the motion picture business. But I think you're misinterpreting my point entirely. It's not about the movie doing well in Los Angeles, it's that...they're not going to be piecemeal about opening any major release like this. It will open wide, with the majority of theaters in the country/world open...or they'll wait.
  9. LA includes HOLLYWOOD. The center of everything. Do you think Hollywood wants to wait to see this while Podunk, Iowa gets first dibs? Ain't gonna happen. Disney was already shammed on LA karma once with this movie (they had the premiere, then were forced to pull it a few days later). I guarantee if California en masse and LA in particular are not open wide for moviegoing by July (and that's basically being confirmed right now), then this will not open. Neither will TENET. I said otherwise, previously, thinking they were willing to offer MULAN to be their sacrificial lamb in the marketplace...but I've changed my tune. Maybe you'll get a Russell Crowe movie. Maybe. 😂
  10. The only thing Warner Bros. and Disney have to bank on by keeping these dates, at this point, is the reality that IF they stick to those dates and encourage most of the rest of the global theater industry to open for them, they will essentially be the only two movies in the marketplace (that anyone cares about), so in spacing out seats in half or 1/3 filled screens as precaution, they would hope to make up for that by gaining screens in every theater across the country/world...with 50% of screens for TENET and 50% of screens for MULAN. Within a week or so, we'll see if Warners and Disney will bark or retreat and wait for a better, more prosperous time.
  11. This ain't a "MARVEL STUDIOS" movie...and everyone at Disney/and whatever still exists of FOX knows it. They don't care about it...in that way. 😎
  12. Hey, they held the LA premiere, than pulled it a few days later! Nothing is certain in these uncertain times...
  13. Slow and Furious: Inside Vin Diesel’s Long Battle For Street Cred at the Producers Guild https://variety.com/2020/film/news/vin-diesel-producer-credit-fast-furious-franchise-1234593277/ ... The struggle boils down to Diesel’s desire for the Producers Guild of America’s mark of distinction, an addendum to a film credit that signifies to the industry and audiences that a producer has been verified as a substantial contributor in the making of a movie. Diesel has attempted to receive the mark for nearly every film in the “Fast” series, sources said, which have grossed over $5.9 billion worldwide to date. He has consistently been denied and sought appeals, which have turned ugly. In his Sunday post, Diesel called the group “the prejudice guild of America.” But the idea that Diesel is active in the daily slog that gets the movies made — films where Mustangs drop out of aircraft carriers and land safely on mountaintops — is dubious to people involved in these projects. Diesel “leans in” to behavior typical of star talent, despite being listed on call sheets as a producer, said two sources familiar with numerous “Fast” productions. That behavior includes arriving hours late on pricey stunt days, said one source, behavior that costs time and swells budgets — two of any producer’s biggest obstacles.
  14. This will all blow over once production and theatrical re-assume ongoing business...whenever that is. They will make their apologies privately and publicly everyone will be a winner.
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