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  1. In 2017, Lady Bird managed to reach the Top Ten in its 2nd weekend--with just 37 theaters. For its 2nd weekend, Parasite stands a great Top Ten chance as it plays in 33 theaters.
  2. Well, I just saw the new trailer for Marriage Story. The trailer framed as a much more lighthearted film than I thought it was. Netflix might be gearing up to make the strategic decision to push Marriage Story for Comedy. That'd be crazy... I'm inspired to make a list of which films I think will run in Drama and which films will run Comedy. Definites for Drama 1917 A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Ad Astra The Aeronauts Clemency The Current War Dark Waters Harriet A Hidden Life Honey Boy The Irishman Joker Just Mercy The Lighthouse Motherless Brooklyn Queen & Slim The Report Richard Jewell Definites for Comedy/Musical Cats Dolemite Is My Name Hustlers Jojo Rabbit Knives Out Rocketman Once Upon a Time in Hollywood I'm Not Sure Avengers: Endgame (homogenization of blockbusters) Bombshell (similar to Vice and Big Short) The Farewell (film includes some comedy) Ford V. Ferrari (feel-good crowd-pleaser) Judy (song numbers) Little Women (Lady Bird was run in 'Comedy') Marriage Story (comic relief heavy trailer) Star Wars Episode IX: Rise of the Skywalker (homogenization of blockbusters) The Two Popes (feel-good crowd-pleaser) Uncut Gems (I dunno...) Us (Get Out was run in 'Comedy') Waves (initially billed as a musical) I think where each film is going to be campaigned is really important to think about because a few of these films' Oscar pursuits could live or die depending on where they're placed. Say what you will about the Golden Globes, but they're one of the most important precursors in the awards season...
  3. I'll brainstorm a few more... The Villain (The) Red Riddle Antiheroes Scoundrel (The) False God
  4. Exciting anecdote: I'm taking a special seminar class and I got to meet character actor Omar Dorsey, who plays a black bounty hunter that helps the confederates find missing slaves. He's a cool guy. He's worked with Tarantino and DuVernay, and he's been on shows like Ray Donovan and When They See Us. I previously had no idea there was a black bounty hunter against the slaves in this movie, so that makes this movie, like, five times more compelling to me. I'm running out of reasons not to see Harriet. I'm concurrently taking an African American Film History class, and my teacher's talked with the class about Harriet. Now, one of the actors in Harriet comes to campus. I'm thinking, "I might as well see it now." Plus, while the people's feeling that it looks like a TV film is valid... It's not like the film looks particularly bad. It looks pretty enjoyable! And I'm sure Cynthia Erivo is great in it, too. Tell you what. If this doesn't gross more than Race, the Jessie Owens film from 2016 (DOM: $19,206,207), I'll eat my hat.
  5. Yeah. I understand and agree with the criticisms, but I don't think the movie looks that bad. The filmmakers clearly treated it as an important project and their passion will likely shine through. Robert Downey Jr. will attract open-minded Marvel fans, older folks will mistake it for Oscar bait, and parents will take younger kids to see it if they aren't ready for the more action-oriented films. I'm predicting a subdued Greatest Showman situation.
  6. Hollywood needs to learn the lesson that, while some films become really big, only a handful warrant sequels that can actually be just as successful as their first films. Personally, I think they're learning--ever-so-slowly, but they're definitely learning.
  7. 1. The Current War: Director's Cut 2. Parasite 3. The Lighthouse 4. Jojo Rabbit 5. Motherless Brooklyn 6. Terminator: Dark Fate 7. Ford V. Ferrari 8. The Good Liar 9. 21 Bridges 10. Honey Boy
  8. One thing that's definitely in Eddie Murphy's corner is the Golden Globes. Best Actor is pretty packed, but there's no way Dolemite Is My Name isn't pushed in the Comedy/Musicsl categories. That nomination would keep him visible. Plus, it's very easy for voters to watch a film on Netflix. Very convenient. I doubt Ballad of Buster Scruggs would've gotten those three nominations without the convenience factor tied to the access granted to the film by Netflix. We talk about how only a certain amount of things from Netflix will make it in. I'm saying, with ease of access to films that would actually deserve nominations... Do they even have to campaign that hard? Yeah, Eddie Murphy still has a great shot. He's easily a Top 10 competitor.
  9. @CayomMagazine New Journey Pictures is pleased to report that the creative team has taken the opportunity to play the original Banjo-Kazooie, the source material of the studio's next animated film, hands-on. "We really appreciated how open and alive the world felt," said fictional CEO Glenn Guthrie. "If only we had saved before exiting the game, you know what I'm sayin'?"
  10. All of these characters originated in movies first and are therefore ineligible.
  11. Duck Hunt is eligible. Character who debuted in movies before their appearance in video games are ineligible, though.
  12. Well, in terms of internal competition, the only other Best Actor candidate from a Sony film is Matthew Rhys for A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.
  13. My apologies for the double post, but I just found this Deadline interview with the director of this film. The director talks about Harvey Weinstein, what it was like to have Martin Scorsese and Timur Bekmambetov as producers on the film, and how he thought his career would be over when Weinstein's cut premiered at TIFF in 2017. Great read. https://deadline.com/2019/10/alfonso-gomez-rejon-the-current-war-erasing-harvey-weinstein-cut-new-rotten-tomatoes-score-benedict-cumberbatch-michael-shannon-1202760319/
  14. @CayomMagazine While New Journey Pictures was originally planning to place The Croaking of Prince Chrom in the month of March, the studio has decided that, as the film deals with young love for obvious reasons, the film will be strategically released on the weekend correlating with or preceding Valentine's Day. "March is becoming hectic," stated fictional CEO Glenn Guthrie. "We have to get out of dodge, you know what I'm sayin'?"
  15. This has to be the biggest submission list I've ever seen for this category. There's so many interesting choices here that it genuinely saddens me to have three slots practically reserved for sequels. But two things are certain: based on their absence, Masaaski Yuasa's Riding With You will probably run in 2020, and the Italian one about the bears in Sicily will probably run in 2020, too. Bombay Rose will probably run in 2020 as well. No shame in that; if they need more time in the oven, so be it.
  16. On second thought, I agree with the ones who are saying it's a bit too early and wouldn't mind waiting two weeks. It's great to get the ball rolling early but I could wait if I needed to. Either way.
  17. If Xillix is Gordon Ramsay, I am the "Idiot Sandwich."
  18. The sooner the better. The upcoming Sunday works for me as well.
  19. Come to think of it, that's actually much more significant than it seems; Weinstein was notorious for making 'safe' cuts. A film like The Current War getting what is likely to be a better cut is a great nail in the coffin to Weinstein's grip on the industry. One of many nails in the coffin.
  20. Never say never. Though he'd definitely get in for Supporting. Of course, both Lead and Supporting are pretty competitive this year.
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