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The Marvel / MCU Thread || From Blade to Secret Wars, All Things Marvel!

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You’ve been asking for it and now it’s here. This is your drop off point for all things Marvel and MCU related. We’ve got your movies, we’ve got your series, we’ve even got your comics and your tangentially related discussion topics 😮‍💨


Please remember that we want this to be a place for people to have open and honest discussions; not a thread for you to rage, troll or devolve into fanboyism. 

With that being said….


Captain America Avengers GIF






Cap Here with a Reminder!



Try to courteous of others when talking about future projects. Just because you know something, doesn't mean everyone else does, or everyone else wants to.  Any talk about future projects, that is not cited by a magazine feature, or just your personal theories, should go behind a spoiler drop-down box.  Think of this like how we handle the TV series.  Not everyone has watched it day one, or cares to.

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Anyone following any of the comics right now? I’ve been trying to keep up with all of the ‘Age of Krakoa’ X-Men comics but it’s like 500 issues at this point. The overarching storyline is good IMO. I’m curious to see how they’re going to “end” it.


I’m also into this new G.O.D.S comic written by Jonathan Hickman. It’s revamping the whole cosmic hierarchy. If you know me, you know I like the side of comics that involves big powers and large scales.


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Just now, SpiderByte said:

Ironically Krakoa is about to end in a few months. And even more ironically the best book of the current books is the Nightcrawler one.


Where hes decided to be Spider-Man.

I’m curious who the Dominion actually ends up being. I wonder if we’ll know before the Age of Krakoa ends.


Didnt know about the Nightcrawler/Spidey thing. Is he actually in a Spider suit or just kind doing similar stuff?

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Just now, Liiviig 1998 said:

Wouldn't it be quite the story if echo ends up being MCU's andor. 


That trailer got from a state of  apathy  to like cautiously optimistic.



Certainly possible. Either way it works out, the trailer did its job and got me more interested in the show.

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10 minutes ago, XXR's Eras Tour said:

Anyone following any of the comics right now?


I am buying the Ms Marvel written by Iman (but I haven't read it yet, just have it), and the Capwolf and Howling Commandos mini-series.


That is kind of disappointing.  It seems like your standard "Steve got bit and gets turned into a werewolf" affair.  I was hoping for more "Steve is already a werewolf and living his best life" series.  But any Capwolf is good.


Right now I'm debating if I want to write my Avengers Boyband AU fic.  We've been kicking around the idea for a while, and with it being November, it feels like the time to start a draft.  


That said, lolololooll, like I have a moment to myself to write things.

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