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  1. Great news for both movies then [emoji1] Sent from my F1f using Tapatalk
  2. According to Imdb , Ice Age 5 will be release there on 23 June or about 3 days from now. Is this true ? And if this true , how much impact that it could give to Dory's leg at box office? Sent from my F1f using Tapatalk
  3. The major markets that opened this weekend just Australia ( biggest opening weekend for Pixar movies ) , Russia and China ( not kind to Pixar..... ). It still has Japan , Germany , France , South Korea Mexico , UK , Spain for the next 2.5 months Sent from my F1f using Tapatalk Edit : Italy and Brazil still waiting too [emoji1]
  4. 1. Star Wars Eps VIII $800M 2. Guardians of The Galaxy $400M 3. Beauty and the Beast $385M 4. Spiderman Homecoming $370M 5. Deadpool 2 $360M 6. Justice League $330M 7. Despicable Me III $310M 8. Thor Ragnarok $300M 9. Coco $280M 10. Pirates of the Carribean $250M Special Mention : Fast 8 Wonder Woman Tansformers How the Grinch Stole Christmas Lego Batman Sent from my F1f using Tapatalk
  5. Ok , my bad.... @Gavin Feng I'm sorry... I thought it was japanese currency sign not China.Lesson : I should do some research before
  6. The sequel to one of the best original superhero movies ever been made??? I would say $650M+ OS thanks to the growth of China and market expansions
  7. No Paul Walker effect behind it. OS would be a let down from Furious 7. For now I'm predicting below $1B OS total. Maybe around $850 - 900M
  8. $80M is too much. Domestic still has about $20M and OS market witout Japan still has $15M which will put zootopia stand at $942M ( $4M from Japan ). So it needs at least $62M from Japan alone
  9. Yeah.. Disney Will do anything to push this reach $1Bn. I still believe this one will reach that.
  10. Weww... I got it. Thanks man. Too lazy to scroll down.... I thought there's just a weekend table below it
  11. Great reviews + golden week ahead surely will help its leg. But it really needs an incredible leg to reach that amount.
  12. How did you get that overseas report from boxoffice.com??? I can't find it anymore since they changed the layout
  13. $907M + $25M domestic + $15M OS without japan = $947M ( needs $53M from Japan ) Japan debuted this weekend with $4M and that's already included in WW number so it needs $57M from Japan. Could Zootopia reach that???
  14. It's doing very poor... Final OS total about, $100-$130M seems about right
  15. Presales Keep falling from AoU.... Still has a chance to surpass 10M admissions?
  16. Still has a chance to top $1Bn WW with Japan still on the tank
  17. My prediction : 1. Jungle Book ( obviously ) $65M 2. Huntsman : Winter's War $22M 3. Barbershop $9.5M 4. Zootopia : $5M 5. The Boss : $4.5M 6. Batman V Superman $4M
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