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  1. But when you go to a thread about a movie you dislike to only downplay its box office run in favour of your favorite movie or director is imho trolling!!
  2. better luck next time....... Spider-man: Homecoming - $880,166,350 Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 - $862,316,233 Thor Ragnarok - $846,980,024 Wonderwoman - $821,133,378 Justice League - $655,945,209
  3. LOL...... You guys will never learn from your mistakes!! I know it’s a common thing on this forum to underestimate a MCU movie and overestimate a movie from a rival film studio or franchise. You shouldn’t underestimate Black Widow. Next year is all 2016 over again when you guys thought Batman v Superman would destroy Captain America: Civil War at the box office, but we all know what eventually happened. I will tell you only one thing.....Never underestimate the MCU!!
  4. Your biases for James Cameron cringe me!! https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thewrap.com/avengers-endgame-144-box-office-records/amp/
  5. Lol....deal with it. EndGame’s admissions are much bigger than Avatar.
  6. You’re wrong.... The Dark Knight needed a re-release to reach the $1 billion milestone.
  7. The weekend thread says otherwise. When Endgame passed Titanic at the worldwide box office last weekend some dickriding Cameronsexuals were spamming the weekend thread!!
  8. Nope, i can see you’ve looked at my profile and you should have notice that i’m a member since may 14, 2016. That’s before you became a member.
  9. LOL for Shazam!! I’m glad that CM wil overtake Shazam next weekend. Shazam is the most overrated movie in BOT history!!
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