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  1. MCU - 16 BiLLION and counting!! James Cameron - 6,1 BILLION James Cameron has a lot of catching up to do!!
  2. With 9M admissions by Monday I hope AIW will make at least 12M admissions at the end of its run.
  3. With a record breaking saturday this big the best domastic opening weekend of all time is in the bag for sure!! If it’s not with the estimates the actuals will overtake TFA with a few millions. AIW should make at least $250 million this weekend.
  4. The WW opening weekend is TOAST!!
  5. 150k for tomorrow and 200k for tuesday is good enough for me. As long as AIW will break the 1M barrier in PS and make a record breaking $30 million on opening weekend, then i’m satisfied.
  6. By tomorrow presales for AIW will explode in South Korea and all over the world. I hope and expect 200k+ PS for tomorrow and tuesday for an easy 1m+ in PS and a record breaking $30+ million opening weekend in South Korea.
  7. No, i meant $1b Domestic + China combined. Maybe my sentence wasn’t good, but not everyone on this forum have English as its first language.
  8. I’m in!! And i will make a prediction. Avengers Invinity War will make a billion dollars domestically and in China combined.
  9. Cold hard evidence? LOL.. the movie isn’t released yet and you’re already made your conclusion. I can only say one thing.....see you in a month, If you still have the guts to visit this forum, when you should eat all your words. And when i say to you: EAT DEFEAT!!
  10. It’s a shame i can’t give you a thumbs down.👎 What an utter bullshit, especially your second-last paragraph!
  11. It should be possible for AIW to reach 12 million admissons. Ultron’s WOM wasn’t great in South Korea and what i can remember it legs wasn’t great either. I think AIW will have a record opening and great WOM in South Korea and it will have great legs.
  12. I think it’s possible for Avengers Invinity War to gross $100+ million in South Korea.
  13. Star Wars movie’s doesn’t appeal to everyone either .....so? The kind of action in IW is more appealing for the general audience than a boring lightsaber show.

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