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  1. Still have some doubts about how this will review and perform.I just want another good DC movie Trailer shave been great so I have hope. Gonna need to be great though to compete against Bumblebee, Poppins and Spider which are all apparently great movies per Twitter reactions.
  2. Ash is a loser but I would love a cameo to set up a spinoff starring him.
  3. Ehh they change up suff for the movies all the time.Sometimes like Lexie Luthor its a great disservice tot he character other times like Starlord t kinda works out.
  4. I hope the feminazis take over everything. I have no reason to doubt Marvel at this point tbh.At worst it will be antman levels or I dunno Strange tier (which I think was somewhat under realised).Phase 3 has been great.
  5. I don't find carol interesting in the comics but the movie version hopefully with Marvel's momentum will be aces.Also interested in how the Russos will handle her too.
  6. McConaughy and Michael Fassbender need better agents and roles 😕
  7. gonna be a sleeper hit .Revolutionary for horror movies.Predicting straight up 91 per cent on rotten tomatoes.
  8. jking123

    An Upset is Born : A Star is Born over Venom DOM

    In. Though it seems like a pipe dream.Venom will draw in the Suicide Skwad demographic.
  9. jking123

    Frozen 2 | Nov 22 2019

    Jordan peterson won't be happy.

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