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  1. You are right its definitely more consistent than the Russian roulette that is the DCEU.
  2. WB are just doing the same as Aquaman and doing focused marketing im assuming.It was annoying with Doom Patrol and the same can be said for Shazam but tbf we did get new footage in January.
  3. Another Twitter person said it would be pretty divisive but I somehow doubt it.
  4. Reviews(Social media reactions are coming tomorrow) so that should be interesting.
  5. I think DC has cut down marketing for their stuff lol. Shazam plus a more severe case being Doom Patrol(tv series)
  6. When do you think we will get social media reactions or reviews?
  7. This is truly the most out there success story of our times.I legit wouldn't be surprised if this did a billion. Yet another potential billion movie this year...2019 looking really good.
  8. I think people are getting ahead of themselves.I mean I have high expectations but more along the 700-800 million range... Would love to be wrong
  9. Get Leigh whannel something I suppose.Hes friends with Wan too right?
  10. Im now betting RT score of 60-70 which would kinda suck but hey
  11. jking123

    Long Live The King: Godzilla KOTM over Aladdin DOM and WW

    Im betting Aladdin flops. Probably a bad bet but I think it will be the least successful of these remakes. IN.
  12. I think a well done Green Lantern film could hit it big in China too.Big mythos, creatures.They would need to nail the CGI but otherwise yea.
  13. IN. Though I have my doubts this will be a hit in US like in China.Would need WW like reviews or great WoW.

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