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  1. some rumblings on twitter made me wonder if reactions would be a bit more negative. but seems it will generally be well received. Good thing its more or less guaranteed a sequel anyways. wonder what the post credits scene is about
  2. Good thing about hbo max deal is that WW3 is probably guaranteed. But still its real dumb hbo max isn't out in many market...
  3. punisher wasn't that great. Could have been better. Also Jessica jones hundred percent deserves to be there as well.Luke cage can probably be redeemed. Daughters of the dragon too. Iron fist can be recast or again potentially redeemed. This movie sounds really busy tbh.Though atman 3 is rumoured to be much more expansive than the previous 2 iirc too. I dunno props on Disney/marvel turning spider into a multiversal character but would have preferred a simpler plot with just daredevil.
  4. hmm.i wonder how much money they could lose from this.Like the blockbusters surely need theatre level performances right?
  5. heard isn't that great an actress. Recast with Blake lively or something. Dont think WB cares either way.
  6. I guess wonder woman marketing wont be like shazam and BOP.Hope ti gets that billion
  7. comics Barry is boring. but movie Barry is too annoying. Cw Barry is okay and has good moments. They made him too neurotic. Also cw Barry isn't liek the movies. Harley is Harley- fun.
  8. Fiege will probably get a greta director for this and film will probably be great too. That being said I wonder who's free. Apparently Alex garland is a fan of dr strange? Travis knight seems to be free and bumblebee and he seems the type fiege would be interested in.
  9. Nolan usually delivers but that budget is pretty huge. Hope the film's a success. Also may be an unpopular opinion but i would love WB and Nolan to do more stuff with inception. Think a hbo max series would be interesting in that world.
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