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  1. I hated Green Book and Bohemain rhapsody getting received so well last year.I don't want Joker to win BP but best actor and a few others I wouldn't mind and may even welcome it. Unlike last year though I wouldn't be on the side of critics who would be pissed about it.
  2. Sure they are free to take liberties but theres a difference between changing the race of a character which often happens and pisses off some pope and doing the character so that virtually all the important things about them are non-existent. Like at that point should have just made up anew character like Michelle in the new Spiderman films
  3. But you are missing the entire point of the freaking character come on. Like Its like having a black panther who's from Detroit. She was raised as a fighting weapon. Daughter to two of the Dc universes best fighting character/martial artists. She wasn't taught to allowed to speak and instead "speaks through violence". Her character arc is about being fostered by Bruce a s surrogate father figure, and the birds of prey as sisters etc. She gains her confidence to speak etc.
  4. nah fuck the changing of case cain.Her whole point is she's a mute kickass little girl. Being mute or at least difficulty speaking is part of the character. Its basically Cass in name only.
  5. fuck green book. But also I think the film twitter scene will explode if joker gets best picture so I want it to happen
  6. Bond is trash and I dunno if Fukunaga and Phoebe waller bridge can salvage the script. Im still gonna work on the assumption this movie is hiding something. Inception part deux or otherwise.
  7. I really wish the movie was in this year. 😕 And have a separate movie for 2020 along with BOP
  8. don't jinx the casting.Its not a sure thing 😕 On another note really hope this movie is great.Sounds great at least
  9. So I haven't been keeping up but is this sounding like a hit Box office wise? Too soon to tell? I would be pretty disappointed if Aladdin does better tbh...
  10. So Detective pikachu wont hit a billie? Endgame taking out Avatar and its spiritual successor Pokemon in one go Alright on a more serious note I hope this film acts as the Iron Man to the Pokemon cinematic universe(PoCU)
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