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  1. I don't find carol interesting in the comics but the movie version hopefully with Marvel's momentum will be aces.Also interested in how the Russos will handle her too.
  2. McConaughy and Michael Fassbender need better agents and roles 😕
  3. gonna be a sleeper hit .Revolutionary for horror movies.Predicting straight up 91 per cent on rotten tomatoes.
  4. jking123

    An Upset is Born : A Star is Born over Venom DOM

    In. Though it seems like a pipe dream.Venom will draw in the Suicide Skwad demographic.
  5. jking123

    Frozen 2 | Nov 27 2019

    Jordan peterson won't be happy.
  6. Oh well thats good.Still don't trust Kingberg though and its a shame that the closing curtains to Fox-men will be handled by him.
  7. I would be shocked if this is better than a Wrinkle in time.
  8. Honest question,did people really think Black panther had a shot at being nominated this year for BP?Havent seen it but reviews don't seem bad but arent their plenty of strong films out this year?
  9. I like most of that cast except for Vin.
  10. I don't know why i expected this film to be bad.Good to hear its good.
  11. Aren't we talking about his Guardian interview where he calls Wonder Womans characterisation a step backwards to stuff he has done.He called her an objectified icon or something similar to that. I kinda see what he means but at the same time i don't think its valid criticism.Not all women characters have to follow the ripley archetype or be troubled like something out of recent HBO tv dramas that have won acclaim.Patty Jenkins apparently said you don't know wonder woman as a response but the fact is she is a comic book character that has gone though many changes.Her roots stem from BDSM if i recall right.I just think calling it a step backwards because its doing something different is misguided.Also its not like the character wasnt handled gracefully in the film to begin with.

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