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  1. I guess wonder woman marketing wont be like shazam and BOP.Hope ti gets that billion
  2. lmao this is just hilarious. Slade would be alright maybe but casting wasn't that hype, Affleck was in a rough place with his relationship problems , alcohol or whatever. His last directed movie was a mess and his performances were never the best either so Im more interested in Pattinson definitely. Also wtf with this age stuff. Pattinson is 33. Make edgy? Biatch its batman. Snyder already messed him up by making him akiller. He was definitely edgy with his branding schtick.
  3. only one im unsure of is Zoe Kravitz but I trust Reeves considering the cast. I have seen people doubt Alfred casting but I think he will make for a fun rough Alfred.
  4. ayo fuck Phillips getting nominated. Surprised by so many nomination but aside form acting and music dunno if it deserves some of the others it did get.
  5. sure its a great film to many but imo there are many other great movies worthy and more worthy of a nom. Case closed.Period.
  6. joker doesnt deserve best picture nom or win but like...they gave the win to green book so I can see it.
  7. Fiege will probably get a greta director for this and film will probably be great too. That being said I wonder who's free. Apparently Alex garland is a fan of dr strange? Travis knight seems to be free and bumblebee and he seems the type fiege would be interested in.
  8. Nolan usually delivers but that budget is pretty huge. Hope the film's a success. Also may be an unpopular opinion but i would love WB and Nolan to do more stuff with inception. Think a hbo max series would be interesting in that world.
  9. his company were already doing the second unit direction and stunts form the beginning . IIrc he stepped in at the end to fix up a few scenes not a big deal.
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