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  1. if it finishes at leats around cap marvel that would be pretty damn great. Also damn now I will be sad if this underperforms. 😕
  2. I wish DC had the marvel level of marketing and hype. Still as long as they eke out sequel getting hits like shazam eventually they have to be able to get the marvel consistency in the Box office I suppose. Is it still possible for BOP to be a breakout?
  3. would have thought the "go woke get broke" idea was dead after black panther and captain marvel. no matter how well or badly this does that will be the case still.
  4. hey now suicide squad was terrible and still made bank. Fro some reason if this was terrible I cant see the same being true it. I need more black canary and huntress
  5. I dont like her because of her bashing on certain actresses or pandering to alt right idiots/toxic fans with bigoted "criticisms".
  6. grace Randolph is trash and this is coming from someone who thinks dc fans tend to be more immature on the web.
  7. im not gonna go that far but yea I hope critical reception is more like shazam. Hope the movie does well at the box office importantly. Fecking joker got a billion dammit.Give this one half that.
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