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  1. The curse of la llorona is a movie title or the name of some one here. Because who don't see the movie is making a lot of money with a tiny budget is (LA LLORONA)
  2. But next weekend is the best Game of thrones episode (Battle of winterfell) is going to hurt 300M opening
  3. For those who don't believe. Shazam! 1.4x is a done deal 1.5x is the target
  4. Are you trying because call me troll
  5. Why you crybaby think I'm trolling POTUS. is just that the movie make a little better.
  6. Maybe you lowered to much. Just saying
  7. When do you get the 100M marketing. Dont put numbers you don't know. But the way Box Office is no the only source of revenue to this film. 1. Merchandise 2. International TV rights 3. Domestic TV rights 4. VOD and more much
  8. Anyone here predicting Shazam! numbers know there is nothing open next weekend. I dont say Shazam! do well on China, just that I think base on competition it could do better.
  9. I don't know how de 1.4x fit for SHAZAM! with a Monday 10mn+. Maybe the math on China is different 🤔🤔🤔
  10. Well Shazam! is a low budget movie in the world of SHM. Dont need to make huge amounts of money to be considered a hit. But the way this is some news from there.

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