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  1. When disney crashed a movie, there is always a lot of excuses. The movie is not a good one, no even a hit.
  2. Maybe for you. Because for me we have the best president since RR..
  3. Well you and others are the ones with such experience in terms of BO.( what happens to the 50M OD ?) But the way i think 42 OD - 115 OW is actually a good one..
  4. Netflix have nothing without Disney and WB content. Just internacional boring stuff.
  5. Daily Domestic Chart for Monday October 14, 2019 ← Previous Chart Chart Index Movie Distributor Gross Change Thtrs. Per Thtr. Total Gross Days 1 (1) Joker Warner Bros. $8,400,000 -50%
  6. Deadline can jump his previos estimates to much. Remember they where predicting in 40M range the weekend. Wait for the midnight report to go a little bit up and them the saturday AM to get more in line with our jatiner predictions..
  7. This movie was good. Now i know the critics and the audience are 2 diferent things. No way the rotten score for this movie is 26 and Ad Astra 80+.
  8. Maybe the gurus here where wrong on the saturday number too. No a friday 13th thing anymore
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