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  1. Brinatico

    Russia Box Office

    But none of them have to share screen with 3 more big budget movies. Is even more impressive for Aquaman to open higher that all DC movies
  2. Brinatico

    Russia Box Office

    Bad for bumblebee, spider verse and the grinch to fight with a mammoth movie like Aquaman. Really bad realease date for them
  3. When you look how a garbage movie like Avengers get all thus high rated score, then you question is answered.
  4. I don't know but you look like a troll. First facts before spraying falsehoods
  5. Disappointed with bigger or par Monday that Venon. Remember AQM have small Sunday. Anything it get from here is a win
  6. Same thing was say before for DC and look what we fish this weekend to starting china. The Potterverse have infinity options from where to plot new movies.
  7. Remember those have more days on presales. AQ is doing much better right now
  8. Hi Charlie. Wich is the theater movie price at UAE
  9. Wait, wait , wait. All this high with the venom movie, and all the good performances at the box office, even better that a regular marvel movie. At first sight you think this movie is above average, but then you look deeper and find is a tencent movie ( Chinese studio). Mystery solved. Don't try to sell me this movie is doing fantastic because is good. This one is a Chinese movie camouflage with a American studio.
  10. Brinatico


    This was you 2 years ago. Actuals for Fantastic Beasts opening week Sat-Sun: 823.86M yen, 546k admissions, 1509 yen ATP 5-day:1724.32M yen, 1.19M admissions, Remember FB was 5 days opening
  11. Tell me what you drink. With 700 you could look normal , but with 600 you are a little drunk
  12. Anyway, with the inclusion of a mythology china beast this one was supposed to gain from the first.

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