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  1. Well, I think this one have the true elements to be a box office hit. 1. Female stars. 2. No another BS Disney movie. 3. Sequel of a good franchise
  2. After all the no existing super hype for AIW.. even after some illuminati who predicted 300 OW.. I get to the conclusion tha this movie is going to make a lot of money, but no what the super MARVEL, DISNEY fans think before... 225 OW & 580 Total
  3. I don't have a problem with Han.. is just my point of view.. Even if I don't write much , I read a lot. Sorry no be the handwriting you are..
  4. Well maybe because you are the only one to try harder to trash some movies... And is only two , but could be 5 or 6 at least... you don't see what you write?
  5. The same drop you predicted over weekend... keep trying to undermine... And you theatre is no a meter when come to nationalwide movie gross... sorry
  6. Last time I check you were wrong all the time.. sorry
  7. No just Saturday, but there is one that just keep trying to low ball the entire movie all this months...
  8. 6.00 PM ET. 5 min on pulse RP1 216 tickets/5min If this no make $60M on weekend then sorry.. this one is huge
  9. How is possible that on 5 min on pulse RP1 sell 108 tickets and BP sell just 23 tickets, then on movietickets BP is on better % that RP1. And this trend has been consistent from yesterday.. Maybe FANDANGO sell mostly more than MOVIETICKES
  10. Updated 11.45 PM ET on pulse 15 min RP1 385/15 min This one look like a hit to me
  11. 10.00 PM ET 15 min on pulse RP1 326/15 Really is selling very well..
  12. I remember you say this one going to flop... Better go to make you numbers again, because you still failing dow... Go up
  13. Trending Movies Top tickets sold in the last 24 hours on MovieTickets.com. 10.9% Pacific Rim: Uprising 10.8% I Can Only Imagine 10.2% Black Panther 9.3% Ready Player One 7.7% Sherlock Gnomes
  14. 7.00 am ET 5min on pulse RP1 90/5 PRU 50/5 Ready player selling very well at this point, look like a 50-60 (4) days

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