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  1. They specify a $301M “net” budget for NTTD. I wonder if that includes marketing and distribution costs off-set by promo deals.
  2. Look man, RON’S GONE WRONG tickets aren’t easy to come by. When you find an open seat you take it, no matter what other movie you might be seeing at the time.
  3. Between Halloween falling on Sunday and Universal-adjacent LAST NIGHT IN SOHO opening next week (not that studios would ever give money from an opener to a holdover...), HALLOWEEN KILLS could in theory have a decent enough hold that it can be dragged over the $100 million mark. Seems like a long-shot though.
  4. I wish Deadline was consistent with their PostTrak reports. Sometimes they report a score out of 5, sometimes they just report the positivity rate.
  5. Maybe? Does Josh Brolin need to be hard-ass military guy? If not, that saves you a couple million dollars. Does Javier Bardem need to play “Hi I’m cameoing so you’ll remember me in the sequel” guy? If not, there’s a few more million saved.
  6. The sad thing with DUNE is that if it cost $100 million to make instead of $165 million, a $40M-ish opening and $300M+ worldwide finish wouldn't even be in question as being, at the very least, pretty good. Movies are too expensive now.
  7. This thread is emotional whiplash. Every sort of a doom and gloom "I wish it was doing better..." post is immediately followed by a "It's doing great!" post.
  8. Genuinely being disturbed because someone likes a piece of entertainment more than you do is very odd.
  9. Why is it when people point to “the best director working today” it’s always someone who exclusively makes $150M+-budgeted movies?
  10. The movie, probably without any prior attachment to the source material which I would go out on a limb and guess doesn’t apply to you if you’re defensive about it
  11. If you might indulge me a moment to pop on my tinfoil hat, part of me wonders if Universal played with the numbers a bit to bring HALLOWEEN KILLS in just a hair under $50M. Doesn’t their deal with theaters allow them to sell sub-$50M OW grossers on VOD platforms after just 17 days? Getting KILLS out there on November 1st has to look mighty tempting to them.
  12. Keep in mind that the trades are often mouth-pieces for the studios. I'm not saying this is the case (I hope it's not the case), but if IATSE truly walked away, getting something out there saying "We're really close to a deal!" makes it easier to paint the guilds as greedy, selfish, etc.
  13. That is not the worst case scenario but my landlord appreciates your optimism.
  14. Not that it’d ever be this consistent, but just for funsies: HALLOWEEN 2018 made $7.7M in previews for a $76.2M weekend. If HALLOWEEN KILLS managed the exact same ratio: $4.8M = $47.5M $5.25M = $51.9M
  15. Can confirm it happened and I can’t believe they’d make it so obvious they were there under their real names.
  16. Hard to tell with the Peacock factor but I’d think closer to $30-35M. H2018 made $7.7M in previews and KILLS seems to be pacing somewhere around half of that based on the comps in this thread?
  17. This is legit. Lots of stuff that's in the movie that I haven't talked about.
  18. But all of those people said I was wrong when I said it wasn't in there
  19. CASINO ROYALE's a hell of an experience after watching NTTD. We witness the death of every major character by the end of Craig's run!
  20. $100 million is obviously insane but I absolutely think NTTD skewing older than VENOM bodes well for its walkups, and $7.5M in previews (ignoring Wednesday) would still be a 42% increase over SPECTRE.
  21. LAST JEDI is the sequel to a film that made $2 billion. FURY ROAD made $374 million worldwide. And that's not even getting into a clear pre-/post-GHOSTBUSTERS 2016 split when it comes to angry internet trolls going nuts about wokeness and realizing they could monetize the outrage.
  22. Universal doesn't have anything to do with NTTD's domestic release, do they? Their logo certainly isn't in front of the film in the US.
  23. I'm not a tracker but I looked at a couple of LA theaters Friday night and DUNE has sold a bunch of seats.
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