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  1. I still think its opening more than 1,000. Because Doctor Sleep is going to be limited 400 theaters on October 30th and the closest theater to my area is 45 minutes away in a neighboring county. But when I check The Lighthouse for the 24th its shows all the typical theaters I usually go to for tentpoles and other wide releases. Sure this is anecdotal, but I live in typical white kid suburbia so it's not like my area is likely to be an outlier.
  2. 300-400 theaters isnt a wide release, that's still limited. A wide release is 1,000 theaters or more.
  3. BTW, does anyone have any presale data for 'The Lighthouse'? It's supposed to have a limited release this weekend and I'm curious on what its opening gross may be.
  4. Except your prediction has a 102% Friday increase. Not 125% like you said. 9.7-4.8 = 4.9 4.9/4.8 = 102.1% Edit: oh wait I was using the Wednesday number. I'm stoopid.
  5. Yo, the Friday increase is gonna be gonna be more like 135%
  6. Dammit. Oh well, the trade's tracking will probably be something like $30M. Keep an eye out for that Deadline article.
  7. I know its a little early, but Doctor Sleep presales just went on yesterday afternoon and was just curious if anyone had any info or comps on that one? I know BOP isnt projecting it 40M+ but it starts tracking for the trades tomorrow, so I was wondering if presales would turn up any signs on what that number may be?
  8. NOOOOOOOO!!! Joker needs its 3rd weekend at number 1. Please Box Office gods smile down upon this request.
  9. For some reason I can only find showtimes for The Lighthouse on the 24th and beyond. Nothing on the 18th or any weekday before the 24th. Can someone tell me why this is?
  10. I was expecting at least 4,000 for this one. Lol guess Disney thought it was gonna flop and left it to die.
  11. How's this; Fri: $14.95M +116% Sat: $19.94M +30% Sun: $15.34M -25% Wknd: $50.23M -47.8% from last wknd I didn't want to touch Friday too much because of the loss of PLF screens @keysersoze123 was talking about.
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