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  1. The comps are getting better at least. Does this include fandango screenings?
  2. I think that was supposed to be a neutral joke. Take mr J's advice and getta sensa huma
  3. How are Doctor Sleep Presales looking for October 30th? There are supposed to be Fandango early access
  4. So as a safe guess, what would you say the percentage of preview revenue are presales for a SW film? I'd imagine its pretty presale loaded. Would 60%-65% seem accurate?
  5. Is that $18mn presale preview figure you mention here; happening? How would it compare to presaled preview money from TLJ and TFA?
  6. I won't be surprised at this point. The presales have been underwhelming and the lower than normal 3,500 theater count just screams a poor per-theater average.
  7. keep in mind there's a lot of amazing films I haven't seen. And, now that I am thinking, it may not be my number 1, but a close second to my favorite film of all time; The Truman Show. Damn, that film brings me to tears each time I watch it, so inspirational. Its a shame it never won an Oscar. I sure hope The Lighthouse does because a lot of the categories are in play for this film winning. Also Chris Stuckmann gave the film his best grade an A+ after not giving it to a film for 2 whole years. And imo he's a pretty reliable critic.
  8. Does anyone have anyidea what the Lighthouse is making on Friday or the 3-day weekend? Deadline didnt report on it.
  9. Does anyone have any idea what presales may indicate for The Lighthouse's Friday number? I hope it gets at least a $3.5M 3-day Opening weekend. Deadline didnt report on it
  10. My Personal Prediction: OW: $184.12M DO: $571.7M (46.2%) OS: $665.8M (53.8%) WW: $1.237B I have better legs than Charlie because I dont believe this film will be nearly as divisive as TLJ since JJ is behind it. I mostly agree with his opening weekend cause I think his evaluation of the hype behind it is pretty accurate.
  11. Doctor Sleep tickets went on sale last Thursday. For anyone checkinv presales, how's it doing so far? What are some mad comps? If it isnt too much trouble
  12. I still think its opening more than 1,000. Because Doctor Sleep is going to be limited 400 theaters on October 30th and the closest theater to my area is 45 minutes away in a neighboring county. But when I check The Lighthouse for the 24th its shows all the typical theaters I usually go to for tentpoles and other wide releases. Sure this is anecdotal, but I live in typical white kid suburbia so it's not like my area is likely to be an outlier.
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