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  1. @Neucentro and others, I'm doing a research project, does anyone have any record of the BO top 20 for Hong Kong during the 1/31 - 2/2 Weekend?
  2. Now that TIM is out in all of the Continental US, I wonder how are walkups doing?
  3. I am trying to stay conservative so I'm predicting around $3.3M Tuesday. How's that?
  4. Is that a possible 15% increase from True Friday? or Friday w/ previews?
  5. Um, I dont know what world you're living in but normally a tentpole's TV and streaming chances are damaged if the film doesnt make $100M+ domestically. BoP's break even is $235M including possible international tv deals, and it's not making that much.
  6. The comps are getting better at least. Does this include fandango screenings?
  7. I think that was supposed to be a neutral joke. Take mr J's advice and getta sensa huma
  8. How are Doctor Sleep Presales looking for October 30th? There are supposed to be Fandango early access
  9. So as a safe guess, what would you say the percentage of preview revenue are presales for a SW film? I'd imagine its pretty presale loaded. Would 60%-65% seem accurate?
  10. Is that $18mn presale preview figure you mention here; happening? How would it compare to presaled preview money from TLJ and TFA?
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