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  1. €1.85M Friday. This past three days were practically full in the cinema I work. Could reach €30M, it's a cultural phenomenon here
  2. I work as a manager in a cinema in Spain and things are bad, pretty bad. Spanish cinema is practically dead at the BO, except for 3 or 4 films, US films are not doing the numbers we expect and future doesn't look particularly good, only Inside Out, Deadpool and DP4 are seen as potential cinema savers because the rest looks bleak. This weekend is the worst we had since the start of the year. Furiosa is doing nothing in Spain (€543K in 2 days). We have National Cinema Day on 3-6th June (3.50€ per ticket) and our new releases for next weekend are Back To Black and Arthur, both uninteresting for the public.
  3. Furiosa is DEAD in Spain. €542K in 2 days
  4. Furiosa is up to 97% on CGV, impressive
  5. Furiosa is getting pretty good reviews, 96% CGV, 9.05 Naver, 9.1 Megabox
  6. Saw it today and gosh this was AMAZING! The constant dread, the buildup to the third and impactful last act and Nell Tiger Free is terrific here. The horror surprise of the year so far
  7. Dune 2 OW - €3.09M (estimates)
  8. Loving that Robot Dreams nom, what a lovely and amazing movie
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