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  1. Top 20 actuals with Sonic, Hasta que la Boda nos separe and Fantasy Island debuts. Parasite already at €4.6M
  2. Good debuts for Sonic and Hasta Que la Boda nos Separe. Parasite goes up 500% compared to last weekend. It could target 10M
  3. Pikachu comparison was perfect. Sonic debuts with $2M (€1.85M OW). Impressive numbers
  4. Sonic debuts at #1, Parasite is #2, Hasta que la Boda nos Separe debuts at #3 and Fantasy Island at #6. It looks like a great weekend
  5. Couldn't post yesterday but I checked pre-sales for 3 new releases and the wide release of Parasite: SONIC THE HEDGEHOG - 612/3.565 tickets (17,17% sold from 4 theatres) Yeah, this looks strong. Dolittle sold 572 tickets (1.74M OW) and that would be the direct comparison, that would give Sonic €1.86M and I think €1.8M+ OW could be conservative. Pikachu did €1.95M a year ago. FANTASY ISLAND - 58/1.577 tickets (3,67% sold from 3 theatres) Direct comp is Underwater (43 tickets - 372K), that would put Fantasy Island with 500K, let's low it down to €450K OW if WOM is toxic (and that seems realistic) HASTA QUE LA BODA NOS SEPARE - 140/2.636 tickets (5,31% sold from 4 theatres) Spanish romantic comedy produced by AtresMedia but distribution is not by a major and that could hurt a lot. Spanish films are tricky to predict because they are not pre-sale heavy and 140 tickets sold are a good amount. €900K OW but could be the wildcard of the weekend PARASITE - 225/3.777 tickets (5,95% sold from 4 theatres): Strong pre-sales, walk-up heavy movie, let's risk and say €900K+
  6. The film is expanding to 300 theaters this weekend (it grossed 220K last weekend). Can we see €1M this weekend? I've checked pre-sales today (Discount Wednesday) and the film is selling out like crazy. €6M could be a pretty good target for the film at the end but the ceiling is uncertain
  7. Well, this is incredible. Parasite goes up to #1 on Tuesday on its 111th day passing Birds of Prey. The film is expanding this weekend and WOM is super strong.
  8. Top 20 actuals. Parasite enters the Top 10 for the first time after 16 weekends
  9. Parasite explodes after the Oscars and goes up to #3 on Monday
  10. Actuals will be out tomorrow but Adu was close to win the weekend. BoP would need really good legs
  11. Saturday was better with BoP grossing $1.4M (~1.3M€) OW. Predictions were pretty much on point
  12. Well, pre-sales were spot on. Birds Of Prey grosses €340K on Friday, with an €1.1M gross OW. This is terrible. The film is pretty good and could have legs (3x) EDIT: Checked and BoP sold out 8-10PM shows today on 3 of 4 theaters I've tracked. Let's wait for OW numbers on Sunday but we could see +€1.1M if today increases a lot
  13. With no competition, BoP debuts at #1 and Bombshell at #5. No signs of Hidden Life and Le Lion. Pre-sales for BoP look horrible today again
  14. Pre-sales for tomorrow with 4 releases (4 theaters tracked). It's Margot Robbie's time with Bombshell and BoP releasing BIRDS OF PREY - 381/7.314 tickets (5,21% sold from 4 theaters) Let's put some context. Dolittle (€1.7M) sold 572 tickets, Bad Boys For Life (€2M) sold 333 tickets and Little Women sold 367 so this is a bit screwed up. With the theater I've always tracked, Shazam (€1.5M) sold 97 tickets and BoP sold 68 so this is a bit alarming. One of the theatres is doing gangbusters numbers (+200 tickets sold) so there's an audience. Let's be cautious and put €1.35M OW for BoP (-10% less than Shazam). Walk-ups could be strong with female audiences and WoM. BOMBSHELL - 62/1.949 tickets (3,18% sold from 4 theaters) Comp here is Judy with 24 tickets (233K OW) which translates to 495K OW and that seems reasonable but it can go higher with strong walk-ups. €500K OW A HIDDEN LIFE - 6/723 tickets (0,83% sold from 1 theatre) Terrence Malick new film. Semi-wide release (60 theatres), €100K OW would be great. LE LION - 17/603 tickets (2,82% sold from 2 theatres) French comedy film. It's not a super wide release (+60 theatres) so we can expect the film to do €70K OW, out of Top 10.
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