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  1. Mediocre numbers for AQP II and HWB. In The Heights flops
  2. In The Heights flops and debuts with $133K. It's numbers are similar to Freaky and Let Him Go
  3. The Conjuring 3 and Cruella still going strong. AQP II goes up to #2 afteir being on #3 Wednesday and Thursday, Hitman's Wife Bodyguard is at #4 after 3 days and In The Heights debuts at #5
  4. RE: Black Widow pre-sales. They are extremely low as of now. 30 tickets sold through 4 theatres. I will start to track them the week of the release
  5. Black Widow tickets are starting to appear. We have Thursday previews. I will try to post pre-sales tonight
  6. The Conjuring 3 drops an excellent 44% on its second weekend and it's already at €3M. A Quiet Place II is being released next Wednesday
  7. The Conjuring 3 becomes the biggest OW of the pandemic with €1.5M. It surpasses TENET and GvK
  8. Conjuring 3 grosses €1M between Friday and Saturday And 200K people went to cinemas yesterday, the biggest Saturday of the year
  9. Big news. The Conjuring 3 grosses €430K on Friday and it's the biggest Friday of the year (surpassing GVK's €395K)
  10. THE CONJURING 3 PRE-SALES (D-0) CINESA MANOTERAS CINESA EQUINOCCIO CINESA MORALEJA CINESA LORANCA TOTAL THE CONJURING 3 57/1439 147/557 75/366 217/525 496/2887 (17,18%) CRUELLA 53/1776 74/731 49/411 41/522 217/3440 (6,31%) WW84 169/1802 132/511 86/354 146/446 533/3113 (17.12%) GVK 185/8
  11. Pre-sales for The Conjuring 3 are pretty strong (better than Cruella), I will post them tomorrow
  12. Predictions were on point. Cruella grosses €655K OW
  13. Cruella grossed €150K on Friday. €750K could be a good target for the weekend
  14. This is so exciting to watch. I hope Cruella delivers good numbers in Spain this weekend. AQP II is being released here on three weeks
  15. Another update for Cruella OW: Cruella is being released in 368 theatres, biggest theatre count since reopening. Comparing the PTA with another big releases, the range here is €593K-1,86M. With €2K PTA, Cruella grosses €736K. Let's hope for something similar to Wonder Woman 1984 and Cruella grosses €1M OW PTA Cruella Comp MORTAL KOMBAT 1,61K 593K GVK 5,05K 1,86M WW84 2,85K 1,05M DEMON SLAYER 2,75K 1,01M
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