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  1. Halloween Kills debuts at #2, The French Dispatch at #6 and Rone Gone Wrong at #7. Venom still at #1
  2. €3.35M for Venom 2, surpassing the first one (€3.13M). It becomes the biggest opener since Rise of Skywalker in 2019
  3. Amazing Saturday for Venom, it's at €2.3M in two days. Will be the biggest opener during the pandemic surpassing F9 400k people went to cinemas yesterday, biggest day of the pandemic
  4. Venom 2 smashes and grosses €1M on Friday, the best Friday for a film during the pandemic
  5. VENOM: LET THERE BE CARNAGE (D-0) - 1.547 tickets sold in 4 theatres (40 showtimes) Best pre-sales of the pandemic at these 4 theatres but it's because in Madrid cinemas are operating at 100%. Comps are all over the place because of that. Venom 1 did €3.13M OW in 2018 so this could do €2.5M OW Comps: 1,34x NTTD (€2,92M OW) 1,14x DUNE (€2,34M OW) 1,56x BW (€2,55M OW) 1,82x SC (€2,77M OW)
  6. TOP 25 - OCTOBER 8-10 1. No Time To Die - €1.316.437 (-40%) (€4.320.881) 2. The Addams Family 2 - €944.829 (NEW) 3. Madres Paralelas - €613.000 (NEW) 4. DUNE - €459.290 (-39%) (€6.650.174) 5. Maixabel - €237.980 (-39%) (€1.750.193) 6. Las Leyes de la Frontera - €207.040 (NEW) 7. Don't Breathe 2 - €181.350 (-39%) (€1.369.469) 8. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Rings - €121.683 (-44%) (€5.498.836) 9. Paw Patrol: The Movie - €89.575 (-50%) (€2.642.250) 10. Mediterráneo - €62.326 (-57%) (€300.610) 11. TITANE - €58.253 (NEW) 12. A Todo Tre
  7. Saturday and Sunday were fantastic for NTTD and it grosses €2.2M OW beating out Dune. Tomorrow we will have actuals. Box office is getting exciting in Spain
  8. NTTD, Dune and Maixabel did amazing on my 4 theatres yesterday. This bodes well for the Box Office here, and I think Fiesta del Cine did wonders for people to return to the multiplexes for the first time since the pandemic began
  9. NTTD grosses $643K (€560K) on Friday. €1.8M possible for the entire weekend (in line with my range)
  10. Franspeech usually does it but he didn't do it for DUNE for example, only OW numbers. Same with Taquilla España. So it's uncertain to have the breakdowns for big blockbusters OW
  11. The problem here and why I did the entire weekend is because I don't have access to ComScore or something similar to have the breakdown per day for films so it's extremely difficult to extrapolate numbers and trends only having the weekend ones
  12. NO TIME TO DIE PRE-SALES (D-0) - 1.154 tickets sold in 4 theatres (32 showtimes) (+336 tickets sold since last update 24 hours ago) Great last day, a bit less than DUNE (382 tickets) and practically the same as SC (339 tickets) Comps: 1,05x F9 (€2,94M OW) 1,16x Black Widow (€1,90M OW) 1,36x Shang-Chi (€2,07M OW) 0,86x Dune (€1,76M OW) €1,75-2M OW is a safe range but it could do more. Let's see how it behaves tomorrow because NTTD skews much older than SC and BW. Spectre did €2,7M OW and Skyfall did €3,1M OW
  13. NO TIME TO DIE PRE-SALES (D-1) - 818 tickets sold in 4 theatres (32 showtimes) (+279 tickets sold since last update 24 hours ago) Dune sold 218 tickets on D-1 so this is great. Meanwhile, SC sold 130 on D-1. And like in Dune, the same theatre is heavily underperforming for the film while the other 3 are doing amazing. This is looking exciting. Comps (D-1): 1,61x Shang-Chi (€2,45M OW) 0,85x Dune (€1,74M OW)
  14. NO TIME TO DIE PRE-SALES (D-2) - 539 tickets sold in 4 theatres (32 showtimes) (+182 tickets sold since last update 24 hours ago) Both comps increased. This is boding well for a great OW Comps (D-2): 1,43x Shang-Chi (€2,17M OW) 0,72x Dune (€1,48M OW)
  15. Good hold for Dune (-40%). Maixabel (Spanish drama about ETA) debuts with great numbers and Dont Breathe 2 grosses more than Candyman and Escape Room 2. Cry Macho posted soft numbers. Saw Maixabel today on a matinee and it was full. Saw Dont Breathe 2 too and had 30 people at 10PM so not bad. We will know more about Fiesta del Cine 1st day tomorrow NO TIME TO DIE PRE-SALES (D-3) - 357 tickets sold in 4 theatres (26 showtimes) (+110 tickets sold since last update 24 hours ago) Better than Shang-Chi's D-3 (+80 tickets) but worse than Dune (+173 tickets). Comps
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