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  1. I don't understand the crying from Cameron stans. Pure Spirit has gone crazy. It seems only NCSoft is atleast decent dude. Here's the thing Endgame is expanding not re releasing and you guys know it too. The posts you mention from other sources they do click bait headline for ad revenue... You are more reasonable human don't do troll like shit... Also are you that afraid that if Avatar's No.1spot is taken by Endgame that no other Avatar movie will outgrows it.... I think that's the reason you keep defending anyhow for Avatar. If you were so confident you should be saying Avatar 2 has great challenge and hope Cameron can pull it off... Unless you know the drill (shit on Endgame )
  2. It's fantastic!!! I was quite bored when I saw SL make only 200+ below 250 score. I thought England would win it easily in 23-25 overs... But SL made a great comeback man that was great. I'm really sad that India vs NZ match was abandoned. It would have made great match... Sigh.. Hope to see something amazing like yesterday...
  3. But I'm pretty sure Disney is adding extra theatres for the WW record. They will get it anyhow.... Coz if they don't it will be embarrassing for Disney... There are plenty of examples of this happening.. Black Panther , A Wrinkle in Time... From other studios Skyfall, Passengers.... So I don't think that it will be behind Avatar.
  4. So if you beat Usain Bolt's record by 100 millisecond rather than say 1 minute or maybe more it's not amazing????? Dude if you break a record or even score 1 mark than a student who had highest marks on exam it's amazing cause no one else could achieve it..... You guys are just butthurt....
  5. This is such a bullshit. Dude I live in India . I have been in many cities. So I know how people love or like a movie (majority of people).... In villages people don't watch hollywood movies 70% of population of India lives in villages. So hollywood movies are only watched in cities.. The way Avengers movies have grown and so many people like it.... You can literally see it if you are here. I don't know what to tell you since Endgame is highest grossing hollywood movie of all time and not even Bollywood movies will for rest of the year wont gross more... If you want data you can ask Charlie....
  6. Well I don't think he is wrong. Simply because it has been more than 10 years since Avatar came and Avengers has became a global phenomenon... If you simply ask someone in India or any other country they will remember (majority of them) Avengers over Avatar any time of the day.... It's not even a question... So try again
  7. So what's up with Japan and obsession with loli's... Most of the anime I see or even Manga has atleast 1 loli in it... Just seeing loli turns me off...
  8. Says the guy who throws around 4 Billie's is locked for Avatar 2.... First learn yourself then teach others
  9. I must be genius.. I already got a hunch that he was a possible alt account lmao
  10. Are you sure you're not a alt account .... Cause I'm seriously getting Shivampa vibes from you...
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