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  1. Yeah EG digital sales are ridiculous.... It was downloaded like 5-6 million times in a single day or something. But yeah DVD sales and Blu-Ray sales are gonna take a hit in the digitised era. So there's that.
  2. I'm going to be honest I was let down by this movie. Although this is well made movie the story isn't so great they should have gone with Ash or Red story and this thing would have blown out.
  3. They(DC movies exception are there but) aren't well regarded because they are not good enough that even general audience care about them. Also I don't get this military thing if it's only exclusive to US but none of that matters to GA and others. This is really weird. I can understand why people have problem with Joker cause in US gun laws are not strong and people generally blame the murderer as mental disability like every fucking single time thats why glorifying Joker or having something related to with it and the recent mass shootings is what have critics concerned. This is a serious problem in US.
  4. Yeah but I didn't know about Singer until recently tbh. About Micheal yeah I have heard the allegations but really don't know what to make of them, some people deny it vehemently some say he did it.
  5. I have watched Days Of Future Past but is he in it? I havent watched any other movies.
  6. So was he punished or not? And how can people watch a movie of that guy , who has raped a woman? Disgusting.
  7. Also @Thanos Legion does better job at predictions and stuff than some of the people here. So even if he is against the movie I think it's fine until he is doing logical predictions....
  8. Is @Litio a troll like @Kenny . For every post against It they are giving not cool and wtf reactions... I mean calm your *it's.
  9. What about Mickey? I think Mickey is the main villain even bigger than Joker
  10. Lol I don't give a fuck about remakes . I'm just saying what I have seen. I like MCU and Pixar and WDAS animation couldn't care less about anything else that Disney does...
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