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  1. I mean the episode quality was very good, easily the best so far, but...
  2. I am confident in Thor over DS2, but I don't think that Google trends graph is the best evidence.
  3. Man when I saw all these notifications all of a sudden I thought there actually had been some D+ release bullshit. As for the actual news, cool. Giacchino is a solid, reliable choice. He's definitely having a very prolific few months wrt blockbusters.
  4. NWH had 3 pm previews and a much larger absolute preview number than Batman is likely to get.
  5. I thought the second half was even worse than the first tbh, especially the WTF finale.
  6. A better episode, but the show still feels like it's missing something.
  7. Like Mandalorian, S1 of this show ages quite well in hindsight. 9 great/very good episodes, 5 pretty good ones, and only 2 that I found meh, without a single one I disliked -- quite a good ratio compared to a lot of new sci-fi/fantasy shows that I have watched. I think I underappreciated it at the time, will bump up my rating from a B+ to an A-. For S2 my main hopes are some more expansion on the chips plotline, exploration of Nala Se's work on Mount Tantiss, and (most importantly) some more time for Tech and Echo.
  8. They are putting a lot more importance on this than WoT. The production values at least will be far better with the huge budget.
  9. Hmm, don't love the idea of putting multiple SW series out there at once. This show faces enough challenges as it is being animated and with a (perceived) high barrier to entry, going up against the most anticipated Star Wars show won't help.
  10. I guess it doesn't really show much or reveal anything that we didn't already know.
  11. Hopefully with this show having a bit of a gap since NWH (as opposed to Hawkeye coming very soon after Eternals) and DS2 not being anywhere near as hyped as NWH, it can retain some more buzz for itself. I think it also has an inherently more exciting premise for most MCU fans.
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