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  1. What are the chances of Black Widow being released in china before being released on disney plus?
  2. I feel like this one is making closer to interestellar or harry potter re-release bc of how big avatar was. However that was at a time where people were hungry for theaters, now people came from seeing many movies.
  3. Are we entering a new era of Disney animation? Maybe the revival era ended with frozen 2 and we enter in a post-pandemic or post-disney plus era. That would be interesting to know. Btw I loved the film and it is sad it is a flop
  4. It doesnt even make sense to go hybrid in japan. Where theaters are fine.
  5. Yup the saddest thing is that this is the first original animated disney movie since Moana. I would have prefered a disney live action movie to be in this situation, instead of Raya
  6. Wow! Sad at this point only japan can "save" it (and I dont think so)
  7. So to reach a deal with cinepolis is almost impossible, at least for Raya, but possible for other films like Black Widow and Luca
  8. Cinepolis (the biggest chain in mexico) will not project Raya, ans the second largest (cinemex) is not open. Wow Raya will make $0 at the box office in Mexico
  9. I hope Asia delivers a good or decent box office. Not sure if china and japan will be interested in this movie.
  10. In latinamerica it will be available for all subscribers without cost on April 23
  11. Has a little red flower already surpassed birds of prey in 2020 highest grossing films?
  12. Any chance Disney aims earlier release date for Raya and the last dragon in China?
  13. How is this one compared in PS to your name or weathering with you?
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