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  1. Disney pretty much won this officially with the news today that the DOJ has approved their deal with Fox.
  2. Why on earth would anyone want this film? One of the things that makes the Joker so much fun is that you don’t know his exact back story in most iterations of the character.
  3. Somehow despite Incredibles 2 absolutely killing it we have had very few updates or actual numbers to discuss.
  4. Yeah, its presales being this low compared to say Deadpool is interesting. The first one was a walk-up monster but I'm with you that it feels like a sequel to a $650M movie should have much bigger pre-sales than this and I'd be shocked if walk-ups are nearly as high unless reviews are absolutely stellar given that there isn't close to the same hook for this one as there was for JW which did a brilliant job marketing the park is open concept.
  5. Yep, Especially since it is clear as hell a huge portion of the negatives haven’t even seen the movie.
  6. And even that didn't reach any where near the heights of the first Spider-Man or Spider-Man 2.
  7. That is certainly the case if they are going to insist on every movie being set between Episode I and Episode IX in terms of the timeline.
  8. Yep, if there is one positive to this it is that all the stupid solo character movies being thrown around like Obi-Wan, Boba Fett, etc. won't happen now and they will focus on actually using the awesome fabric of the Star Wars universe to tell original stories.
  9. Not organic if you read what people are writing. There are certainly people who didn't like TLJ and won't be seeing this and have voted it down but a huge number of the comments have nothing to do with that.
  10. Divisive reaction to Last Jedi playing a part but on top of that, who asked for a Han Solo origin story played by a new actor? The marketing for this was also pretty bad starting with the Super Bowl spot that didn't generate much interest. My group of friends really like Star Wars and are in the group that really liked Last Jedi but while I'm seeing this this weekend and I'm sure I'll enjoy it, it is a much smaller group of us caring to see it (for TLJ, RO and TFA I was in a group of 12 that saw those opening night), 4 of us are seeing Solo opening weekend and none on opening night.
  11. I think August was the release date for this if not December. August is wide open this year and the back half of July really doesn't have much competition either other than Mission Impossible and even that won't be that big. Instead you made it really hard to build hype for a Star Wars movie people were skeptical of to begin with (who asked for a Han Solo backstory) that is being released not long after one of the most hyped movies ever in Infinity War and the week after a $125M opener, both of which had better reviews than Solo.
  12. There is zero reason to pay attention to the RT audience score for this one. A bunch of losers with no lives down voting it because of an agenda that Star Wars is for white males. Sad
  13. Go read a couple pages of the audience reviews. A huge number of them are boycotting Kathleen Kennedy, mention SJWs, etc. These aren't simply people who wandered over to RT saw the reviews were decent but not great and decided they weren't interested.
  14. A huge number of the comments of those not wanting to see the movie are the right wing douchebags complaining about SJW and feminism.

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