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  1. Almost all films do reshoots. Solo was problematic because they basically remade the movie. People are morons.
  2. Deadline’s holdover numbers are generally pretty worthless unless they give a Friday number. They are awful with early extrapolations.
  3. Nope, despite mediocre reviews from critics it’s clear the audience loved Aladdin since it has had fantastic legs. Remains to be seen on Lion King but it’s opening incredibly well just about everywhere so far.
  4. Germany is doing fine. Second biggest opening day of the year behind Endgame. The German market just sucks these days for movies.
  5. If the social media reactions and reviews this week are glowing it really feels like this is going to explode (and I doubt Disney would be dropping the embargo this week if they weren't incredibly confident).
  6. The other obvious factor is that it is pretty clear that the re-release is going to at worst get AEG within $10 million of the record and there is just no way any studio is going to let a movie fall that short of a record like this.
  7. It might not pass it but the people here tend to know a lot more about box office than the people writing these articles.
  8. The greatest franchise in terms of quality ever?
  9. Agree 100% with this. If anything I think Disney would prefer to remove any connections at all to the X-Men/Marvel rather than using this film to introdue mutants to the MCU.
  10. You know the numbers are bad when Deadline doesn’t even bother with an evening update for an X-Men movie and a sequel to a $300m plus movie.
  11. Trailer views can definitely be deceptive but not at the level they are at. TLK is going to be massive.
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