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  1. That’s really really bad if true. Presales have increased dramatically since FB1 came out so if this isn’t out selling it is basically certain to underperform.
  2. Lol, how is this troubling? The movie could be great, it could suck, but reading this quote as troubling is just dumb.
  3. Not that this would surprise me if true, but is there a reason that the Manchester Times should be considered a reputable source for this type of news?
  4. SoSaysI

    Venom Under $100m

    That is stunning to me. These trailers look absolutely horrendous and I'd be shocked if the movie was any good.
  5. Yep, anyone paying to see that is a fucking moron so wouldn’t surprise me either.
  6. As a long time reader of the boards various iterations who doesn’t post much this board is going to shit. Constant trolling and nearly every new account basically comes here to just stir things up and not actually contribute value to the site.
  7. Yeah, was going to say, imdb has been a joke for years when it comes to user reviews. Sadly rotten tomatoes has followed suit.
  8. SoSaysI

    Tuesday numbers

    Maybe but never a good sign with the way presales are trending when the Fandango compares are to a film from 2015 and one from 2016. It really doesn't mean anything that it is outpacing those films in presales.
  9. Disney pretty much won this officially with the news today that the DOJ has approved their deal with Fox.
  10. Why on earth would anyone want this film? One of the things that makes the Joker so much fun is that you don’t know his exact back story in most iterations of the character.
  11. Somehow despite Incredibles 2 absolutely killing it we have had very few updates or actual numbers to discuss.
  12. Yeah, its presales being this low compared to say Deadpool is interesting. The first one was a walk-up monster but I'm with you that it feels like a sequel to a $650M movie should have much bigger pre-sales than this and I'd be shocked if walk-ups are nearly as high unless reviews are absolutely stellar given that there isn't close to the same hook for this one as there was for JW which did a brilliant job marketing the park is open concept.
  13. Yep, Especially since it is clear as hell a huge portion of the negatives haven’t even seen the movie.

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