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  1. @Eric the HedgehogShouldn't this thread be moved to the main forum as it's 17 and half months away
  2. I think he meant 595-600 bcoz it was already at 453 at the end of last weekend thus ww total around 940mn
  3. So you finally got the Time Stone
  4. That is @Jedi Jat extrapolating Endgame presales from the data we had not the OW prediction of TROS
  5. This must be the reason for Endgame not passing avatar
  6. An increase of 2% for CM over the last Monday
  7. https://www.the-numbers.com/box-office-chart/daily/2019/04/15 Daily Domestic Chart for Monday, April 15, 2019 ← Previous Chart Chart Index Movie Distributor Gross Change Thtrs. Per Thtr. Total Gross Days 1 (1) Shazam! Warner Bros. $2,098,212 -70%
  8. DOM: $315,000,000 OS: $745,000,000 WW: $1,060,000,000 China: ¥1,850,000,000
  9. Well not to undermine WW's incredible run but the week was inflated by the July 4th holiday
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