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  1. the cast of LOTR was brilliant. All of them. Viggo and Sean Bean were at the top of their game. Liv and Cate and Miranda were pretty luminous and lovely and Sean Astin and Elijah were cute and convincing. They were all simply perfect casting. I dont give a toss about people whinging about their subsequent careers, in LOTR they were great. nuff said.
  2. Peter Jackson not getting a bean after all that hype about him revolutionizing cinema with 48fps. It was a slap in the face from the Academy.
  3. you lot have already given some fantastic recent films, so I will go for some classics if I may? Wicker Man - Chris Lee is truly scary and its probably the scariest creepiest film I ever saw. Brazil - when Gilliam was a genius. Robert de Niro gives an unforgettable performance as a Ninja Plumber. Timebandits. Its got Sean Connery as Agamemnon, Ian Holm as Napoleon, and John Cleese as Robin Hood, nuff said.
  4. Anonymous. its haunting and exquisitely beautiful. Elf. its good to watch with some pipe weed. and some cakes.
  5. so many.that one about the brothers Grimm with Matt Damon, Avengers, Clash of the Titons, Prince of Persia, Deathly Hallows 1 & 2, The Hobbit, Percy Jackson, Wolverine X-men in general, Pirates of the Deadly Boredom 3 and 4. its all shite.
  6. Arya has really grown on me, she used to be an annoying brat, but now she is interesting to watch.
  7. The Ryans havent flopped yet but they are over hyped, its just a matter of time.
  8. cant wait for Sherlock 3. is he or isnt he? and how did he do it? brilliant.
  9. I only read the first book, is the Magnar of Thenn the scary ice zombies at the end of season 2? I am confused.
  10. well no Cersei has the same expression on her face all the time, in the first season she had a blank expression and a slight frown, in the second series she had obviously been at the Botox because she was just as expressionless without the unsightly frown. Even if a character has to remain remote and glacial for political or social reasons, you should be able to see the hidden emtions in the eyes. A good actor can say a thousand words with a glance. (Just one example among many because most people have seen it) take for example Frodo's face when they have escaped Moria and have lost Gandalf, he stands alone and turns to camera, silent tears, his expression showing the grief he feels, its intense, or the moment Eomer finds Eowyn, he thinks she is dead, his scream says it all, its powerful, he doesnt need words.Jon Snow is probably the silent brooding type, but I still want to see his inner turmoi, but often his eyes look dead. His mate Sam has all the interesting qualities and humanity. But this is just my opinion, I may be wrong and I dont dispute other peoples reading, its just interesting to know other peoples interpretation.
  11. cant wait for season 3, the last few scenes of season 2 were amazing. I dont know if you have to use spoilers here to talk about it though, so I wont go into details for anyone who hasnt seen season 2 yet, but I am more looking forward to GOT than DOS. I have only read the first book so I dont know any details, but does Tyrian survive? he is my favourite character, he would be me if he was 5ft 6" and a woman . But yeah its great stuff, although I still think Jon Snow and Queen Cerce are a bit wooden they never seem to emote, like ever.
  12. totally agree with you about the 'cold hand of Yates'. he made the films look empty and strangely stilted and the magic of the first 4 films was turned into an urban pedestrian gloomfest. I hate what he did to the Burrow, that whole sequence is not in the spirit of Rowling, it looked more like a M Night Shyamalan rip-off. It was so dreary, a darker theme does not have to mean gritty urban settings in almost darkness. The score was boring and some sections like the camping is almost impossible to rewatch its so boring, as are any bits with Luna. The first two films are often critisized but I can watch them many times and still get the sense of joy and wonder at seeing Diagon Alley, the atmosphere they set up is lovely, and Yates destroyed it.
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