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  1. Oof. Not gonna have much an xmas boost. Losing 2000 of its 2600 theaters this weekend.
  2. COG is likely going to make more than 75% of its WW gross outside of the US/Canada. Only a handful of films over 700M+ WW have had such a low DOM gross.
  3. Really don't see that happening. The HP franchise has made billions for WB and although CoG is doing poorly in North America, overseas audiences will make this film profitable. This is the lowest grossing wizarding world film by a significant margin and the mixed reviews aren't making the situation any better. But WB has been working along side Rowling for nearly 20 years and David Yates as well for over 10 years. Neither of them are getting fired over Crimes of Grindelwald - a film that will end up being profitable for them in the long run. I'm sure there will be plenty of behind the scene meetings discussing the best way to move forward. Probably some edits to the script and who knows what else. But no one is getting fired. WB is not going to jeopardize their relationship with these two over COG box office performance. 600m+ WW is still quite a respectable total and if the third film is an improvement (frankly i loved it - but clearly there are haters) then there is a good chances that this franchise may have bottomed out with this instalment.
  4. Jesus, the over reactions in this thread are ridiculous. There isn’t anything to suggest that this can’t still do 70m OW and 200m DOM. We have 1 preview number which is right around the same ballpark as the first and people are freaking out. Also we have opening day numbers from numerous overseas markets where numbers are up quite a bit. And the bad reviews? As someone whose actually seen then film it was a huge improvement over the first film. Definitely a film made exclusively for the fans though - which explains critics panning it. As a HP fan I couldn’t be happier. Worldwide this will probably come in higher and I can assure you there is a lot more positive word of mouth coming from this film then what this forum would suggest.
  5. OK - Just left the theater about an hour ago. Absolutely L-O-V-E-D it! My expectations were pretty low as i was not a fan of the first instalment and the 50% RT had me concerned - but within 5 min of the Crime of Grindelwald you can tell this is a very different type of film. Also the mediocre reviews totally make sense after seeing it. There's A LOT of things Jo is trying to cover. But as a huge HP fan i absolutely loved all of it. She is not making this film for the average Joe....this is made for the fans and i couldn't be happier. Also the last 20 min were just....wow. Can't articulate how i feel but it was amazing. Also the production and costume design were just stunning. Even the visual effects were surpassingly good for this franchise. I give it a solid 4/5....and i wasn't expecting it to be more than 2.5 - which is why i am soooo HAPPY!! PS. My two friends who i went to see it with both enjoyed it more than the first one. I think this will have solid WOM.
  6. Pretty sure 99% of fans couldn't care less about the Pokemon wizard story. They want world building and as much tie ins from the HP series as possible. The series would be much more financially successful if she dropped the Newt/beasts plot line....but the series is literally named after it so that's not happening.
  7. I dont understand why so many are predicting such an unprecdented opening weekend for The Lion King. It feels very similar to Toy Story 3 where everyone was throwing out these ridiculous numbers. It's going to be a huge film - Nostalgia sells. It might even hit 700M DOM but I feel like it will have a more modest opening weekend with a leggy run. OW: 175M - 200M DOM: 700Mish
  8. The meltdowns are going to be fun to read this weekend. I see a lot of people being disappointed with an opening below TFA and realistically it has about a 10% chance of hitting that number. These 290-300m OW predictions are absurd. The original Avengers and Black Panther are the only marvel moves to top 600m domestically and they both had a novelty factor. This film doesn't have that. A dom total above Age of Ultron adjusted (490m) would be a success in my opinion. My prediction.... OW: 235M DOM: 565M
  9. 9 million views already just on Facebook and trending #1 on YouTube ahead of Taylor Swift’s new music video. Pretty good numbers for a teaser, and still 8 more months until Nov.
  10. Great trailer! I'm actually genuinely exited to see this now, which is saying something because the first FB was pretty forgettable. No idea what to expect box office wise. I think matching the first one would be a reasonable goal. This one feels a lot more like an actual HP movie though - Hogwarts, a European setting, Dumbledore etc....if the quality of the film is there maybe we could see 250M?
  11. A "Part 1" film can never open this large. Deathly Hallows P1 did less than HBP, Breaking Dawns P1 did less than Eclipse & Mokingjay P1 did less than Catching Fire. It may be the finale but its part 1 of the finale...just like all the other Part 1 films in history. Also, I can't think of anyone who would skip age of ulton just to catch "Part 1" in theaters. This is being way over predicted. OW: 185M DOM: 440M
  12. Slightly annoyed that this Thursday preview number topped DH2's midnight gross ( by a mere 3%). Knocked down to #3 now....still amazing its sitting so high though after nearly 7 years.
  13. I think this opening weekend proves that studios should be releasing more blockbusters in months like January, September and October. If there is an audience for a movie they will go and see it regardless of the time of year. And releasing a film in those months can actually be beneficial as the competition is next to none.
  14. LOL at the people still predicting around 80m. This is hitting 100M+ easily this weekend....
  15. I'm seeing an opening anywhere between 90-110m. Hopefully on the higher end....so in, with 104m.
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