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  1. Jesus, the over reactions in this thread are ridiculous. There isn’t anything to suggest that this can’t still do 70m OW and 200m DOM. We have 1 preview number which is right around the same ballpark as the first and people are freaking out. Also we have opening day numbers from numerous overseas markets where numbers are up quite a bit. And the bad reviews? As someone whose actually seen then film it was a huge improvement over the first film. Definitely a film made exclusively for the fans though - which explains critics panning it. As a HP fan I couldn’t be happier. Worldwide this will probably come in higher and I can assure you there is a lot more positive word of mouth coming from this film then what this forum would suggest.
  2. I dont understand why so many are predicting such an unprecdented opening weekend for The Lion King. It feels very similar to Toy Story 3 where everyone was throwing out these ridiculous numbers. It's going to be a huge film - Nostalgia sells. It might even hit 700M DOM but I feel like it will have a more modest opening weekend with a leggy run. OW: 175M - 200M DOM: 700Mish
  3. The meltdowns are going to be fun to read this weekend. I see a lot of people being disappointed with an opening below TFA and realistically it has about a 10% chance of hitting that number. These 290-300m OW predictions are absurd. The original Avengers and Black Panther are the only marvel moves to top 600m domestically and they both had a novelty factor. This film doesn't have that. A dom total above Age of Ultron adjusted (490m) would be a success in my opinion. My prediction.... OW: 235M DOM: 565M
  4. A "Part 1" film can never open this large. Deathly Hallows P1 did less than HBP, Breaking Dawns P1 did less than Eclipse & Mokingjay P1 did less than Catching Fire. It may be the finale but its part 1 of the finale...just like all the other Part 1 films in history. Also, I can't think of anyone who would skip age of ulton just to catch "Part 1" in theaters. This is being way over predicted. OW: 185M DOM: 440M
  5. Slightly annoyed that this Thursday preview number topped DH2's midnight gross ( by a mere 3%). Knocked down to #3 now....still amazing its sitting so high though after nearly 7 years.
  6. I think this opening weekend proves that studios should be releasing more blockbusters in months like January, September and October. If there is an audience for a movie they will go and see it regardless of the time of year. And releasing a film in those months can actually be beneficial as the competition is next to none.
  7. LOL at the people still predicting around 80m. This is hitting 100M+ easily this weekend....
  8. I'm seeing an opening anywhere between 90-110m. Hopefully on the higher end....so in, with 104m.
  9. I'm shocked at how many views this trailer has. It's up there with some of the biggest blockbusters today. No idea how this is going to translate to the box office...but having this many people talking about the film this early is a good thing. I could see this passing Get Out if the reviews are decent. Amazing year for horror!
  10. I think every Potter fan is pleased with the success Emma has seen post Potter. However this isn't really her biggest film....as far as tickets sold are concerned BATB and Sorcerer's Stone will likely be tied domestically. And WW almost half of the Potter films will sell more tickets than BATB. But yes, going by monetary value this will be her biggest hit...and I think that's something every Potter fan would be happy about....she's more relevant than ever before!
  11. I'm surprised so many of you are expecting a 100M 2nd weekend. I for one think 90M should be the target. There is a chance this has a similar Friday/Saturday increase as Cinderella (2015) which would only put it at 86M for the weekend. That is likely the worst case scenario. But still...100M is the best I see it doing this weekend. Even adjusted for inflation there have only been 5 films in history to do this....and their runs were legendary. They all adjust to over 600M today. I'm predicting 90-95m 2nd weekend.
  12. Friday: 25.8m Saturday: 42.5m Sunday: 28.5m 2nd weekend: 96.8m Over. But I don't think it will hit 100M this weekend.
  13. Holy shit! That's a sexy Sunday number! This feels very similar to shrek 2 back in 2004. Kind of a slow start out of the gate and then jaw dropping Saturday and Sunday numbers. Always thought this was headed for 500m+.....and with a 179m OW I can't see it missing the mark. Will probably top TDK unadjusted as well. Amazing numbers!
  14. When you look at the 10 biggest unadjusted OW's of all time I think BatB stands apart from almost all of them. Demographically it is easily the most family friendly film on the list and it really doesn't feel like a film people have to see in the first 24 hours. Not saying Saturday is locked for 60m....but it's certainly possible. PG rated family films tend to do well on saturdays.
  15. Best case scenerio Fri: 64m Sat: 64m (+36% minus previews) Sun: 48m Total: 176m Worst case Fri: 64m Sat: 55m (+17%) Sun: 41m Total: 160m Im thinking this should have a really strong Saturday though. Expecting a 170m+ finish
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