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  1. I haven't seen it myself, but some people have mentioned The Hot Zone, a TV mini series from last year. Cast seems solid too.
  2. Basically surpassed the entirety of the Tranformers franchise ($4.8B) and Pirates franchise ($4.5B) in one year and only $317M behind the whole Fast franchise.
  3. I can't give you numbers, but I'm pretty sure BP reigns supreme in a lot of African territories. Biggest movie of all time here in SA.
  4. Local papers reporting that IW absolutely trounced Black Panther's opening weekend record at 24.6M rand. I can't begin to tell you how utterly obscene that number is. My math is a bit sketchy but that is like a 35% increase!
  5. Okay, did some calculations. We basically have two major chains, Ster-Kinekor and Nu Metro. Nu Metro is a bit more expensive but not by much. Overall, when using the current dollar-rand exchange rate the average 2D ticket is about 6.35 dollars while the average 3D ticket is about 8 dollars. IMAX is about 10.6 dollars
  6. As someone who lives in SA, thank you for starting this thread. I'll try to post some current ticket prices later when my wifi signal is better. Also, tried to go watch IW today and failed. Five screens all sold out for the rest of the day :-(
  7. Avengers was the highest grossing movie in South Africa back in 2012. Black Panther will make more than double its amount. Surreal.
  8. That expression on her face, that's all you're getting the entire movie.
  9. The cinematography is actually quite impressive at times, especially some of the wide shots. But yeah, I don't know if that warrants a 70M budget.
  10. Came back from my screening about an hour ago. It's not without its merits, but it's slow-paced to the point of being a slog to sit through. Lawrence was great, showing her range at every turn. Melancholy, sad, depressed, gloomy, dejected: you name it, she's got it. Very dreary and grim. Paints a picture of Russia that is borderline dystopian. Russian audiences will flock to this. If you're expecting action, don't. There is no action. If you're expecting fun, don't. There is no fun. You do get some brutality and boobies though, so there's that. L
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