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  1. These numbers are mind boggling to me. I was one of those who didnt think 300M OW was logistically possible. Shows what i know. So for the posters on here who are obviosuly much smarter than me. What are we looking at here in terms of the floor for this thing.? How much could it possibly make when its all said and done looking at the number we have thus far?
  2. For real. Black Panther is not in my top 5 of the year but i think i think its a finely crafted film with a lot of significance. I'm thoroughly enjoying watching all these 'anti-sjw' people heads explode Kingsman style. There are worse films that have gotten nominations in the past with not so much as a peep, lol. I hope Panther gets a Best Picture nom just so i watch them really lose their shit.
  3. This. We all sat back and watch Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close get nominated for Best Pic with very little pushback. Honestly if you were to make a list of the worst Best Pic noms from the last 10 yrs, i dont think BP would make the cut assuming its nominated.
  4. I dont understand how anyone can watch Room or Short Term 12, and then question brie Larsons acting chops, lol. At worst, she's pretty good.
  5. So you simply can't wrap your mind around the fact that a number of people find her very attractive? lol. and you wonder why women continue to look sideways at dudes.
  6. lol, no i'm not a Jai Courtney 'apologist'. I just think that a hollywood actor who's come from some prestigious film school and has consistently worked in TV/Film for like a decade probably knows a bit more about film that some anonymous person on a message board. I don't think thats a particularly hot take.
  7. Fam, this is him like 2 months ago. Pratt hasnt been anything close to fat since GOTG 1, lol. He's just one of those people with a chubby-esque face
  8. Nah she said she wanted to do it initially, was excited at the the prospect and was close to accepting it, and then changed her mind later. And of course she could have had a change of heart, but i'm just saying she's probably looking back at that from a different perspective today.
  9. Man i wonder how Ava now feels about turning down that Black Panther gig. She said no to them on the basis that she would not be able to put her personal stamp on it, and then Marvel turns around and gives the film to the dude she considers her little brother. And he proceeds to make a film that crushes it out of the park, breaks all kinds of box office records, and becomes a cultural touchstone that's probably going to win a bunch of awards and be remembered for a long time. And he did all this while working across the hall from her in the Disney building. I'm sure she's happy for him and all, but thats gotta sting a little.
  10. Man i want this film to succeed so badly. I'm getting nervous about all these crazy tracking numbers, it seems surreal. Maybe one of you can allay my fears a bit: Has there ever been a situation where these tracking services have completely overshot a movies OW numbers? Like overestimating by by $20 mill plus?
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