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  1. I gave up on the spider-man fandom around the time that Shailene Woodley casting was made. I mean my God, we had grown ass men in forums bitching about how she's not hot enough and that MJ should look a hell of a lot more 'fuckable'. And we're talking about a high school character. Its sad that Spidey, the hero supposed to represent the everyman brings out the worst of fanboy culture. They have surpassed batfans as the most toxic crowd imo
  2. Thats a weird way of looking at this. He's also the same guy who directed Spiderman 3 and Oz the great and powerful. And i'm sure i can name multiple first time directors who've made way better movies than those.
  3. Angela Bassett was in Green Lantern if i recall correctly
  4. You know damn well these studios don't want to/dont have the balls to throw a $150 mill behind a black female led film. Look at how long it took us to get Wonder Woman and Black Panther. There was a rumor that Feige had to threaten to quit before Black Panther and Captain Marvel got greenlit. If THAT guy has to grovel to get those movies made, what chance does a solo Storm movie have
  5. This could end up being a real banner year for Superhero movies depending on how Justice League turns out
  6. Yeah is there really anyone who wants to see Spideys Origin again?
  7. I guess we arent getting more reviews because a ton of the bloggers are at the POTC screening
  8. Alright, there's no way this is a bad movie now. Social media embargo up 2 weeks before is great news
  9. I legitimately want to know wtf is going on in this gif. How does this particular story end?
  10. Grace Randolph is a sensationalist. She does put out good material by and large but she hops on stuff like this and makes mountains out of molehills.
  11. That went from 'cute' to 'holy shit' real quick. Kid can move. That flip to end the song must have had given his insurance folks some heart palpitations. Tom Holland is officially invited to the cookout after that performance
  12. I laughed way too hard at this. More people need to discover the absolute gem that is Black Dynamite
  13. Man this looks so damn good. My fears about Gadots acting have been pretty alleviated in this recent stretch of marketing. And she certainly looks the part Lawd baby Jesus, please dont let this film suck.
  14. Can't lie that trailer kinda left me cold. Its not bad, and it looks very well shot obviously and i'm sure the performances will be good as well. But...it just didnt grab me, unlike something like the Hacksaw Ridge trailer that had me locked in, regardless of how much i dislike Gibson, lol.
  15. Oh haven't u heard? In nerd circles, anything below 80 is now considered an abject disaster, lol

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