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  1. 1. Which Star Wars spinoff movies are you looking forward to?

    • Lando
    • Han Solo
    • Boba Fett
    • Palpatine or Darth Plagueis
    • Obi-Wan
    • Yoda
    • SW film set centuries before ANH
    • One not mentioned

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Discuss the Star Wars spinoffs.  


3 Star Wars spinoffs are reportedly set to be released by 2021.  Rumors suggest Han Solo and Boba Fett will be the subjects of two of them.  Nothing set in stone.





Are spinoffs a good idea?


Which character or storyline do you want to see get its own movie?


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A Han Solo spinoff is a dumb idea IMO. A Yoda spinoff would be cool because it would show us a time with the Jedi and Republic at their peak, and also show the growing stagnancy of the Jedi Order that would lead into it being blind and robotic by the era of the prequels.


A Boba Fett spinoff is only justifiable if they have him escape the Sarlacc.

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I'd rather they quit while they're ahead when it comes to Boba Fett.  He has a mystery about him because so little is known.  Even if a Boba Fett spinoff is good, he will still lose that mystique.

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Knights of the Old Republic trilogy


Darth Plagues I would love to see movie from the Sith point of view.  


This ^


If we have to have a million spinoffs I want at least one of them to be from the time of the Old Republic

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The Old Republic, KNights of the Old Republic, anything in that era, would be a dream I don't really get the "Character" approach they are doing, not that they can't be great, but it seems like limited the scope to me, I would like to see a film about Obi-Wan set between the events of ROTS and ANH though, as well as a "Darth Plagueis movie, but the book is pretty much perfect and they scrapped that so.. 

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A mini MCU-like saga based around the Tales of the Jedi arc.


A trilogy centered around the fall and survival of the Sith in the galactic war 1,000 years prior to the prequels.

I think Lucas Arts is going to do the Old Republic trilogy after episode 9. Si they can do Episode 10 about 8 years after Episode 9. 

So I see something like this. I put in some of the rumor spin offs but I really hope Lucasarts moves away from the characters spinoffs movies and gives new characters and new settings. 


Episode VII-2015 

Rogue One-2016

Episode VIII-2017

Boba Fett -2018

Episode IX -2019

Han Solo-2020

Knights of the Old Republic 1-2021


Knights of the Old Republic 2 2022


Knights of the Old Republic 3-2024

Darth Plagues-2025


Episode X-2027

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