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Phase 4 MCU film wish list/predict sequels from Phase 3

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On 10/30/2014 at 4:49 PM, Captain Craig said:

I'm thinking it's the ripe time to perhaps go with a Ghost Rider reboot, tied loosely to Dr.Strange.

I'd like to see Moon Knight appear and perhaps be the money man of the next phase. Stephen Grant is one of the personas used by Marc Spector afterall. He can be the financier of the Secret Avengers(cause maybe after Civil War the public is a bit turncoat on openly supporting the Avengers).

Shang Chi the Master of Kung Fu is ready for his shot after Iron Fist on Netflix. Plus looking at globally there is a huge market a solo film and him on an Avengers team will do well.


Black Panther 2

Dr. Strange 2

GotG 3

Ghost Rider

Moon Knight

Shang Chi

Captain Marvel 2

Hulk 2/Ant-Man 2 or Black Widow solo film(wild cards)

Secret Avengers


Since I started this 2yrs back Marvel Studios has made some suggestions moot. Time to rethink.


Marvel Studios Phase 4

Sure Bets

1. Black Panther 2 (very likely, well received in CA:CW, cast looks great)

2. Dr. Strange 2 (success of DS1 makes this a no brainer)

3. GotG 3 (it's just a sure thing)

4. Captain Marvel 2 (most uncertain of this lot)

5. Spider-man sequel (Tom Holland)

Existing Contenders

6. Hulk 2 (if his Ragnarok co-star status is done right, I could see this)

7. Black Widow (ScarJo is a lead for this character, Lucy shows it, GitShell could put her over the top for this to happen)

8. Mighty Avengers (just a rebrand coming out Infinity films)


This makes 8 films, Phase 3 has 10 cause of the late Spider-man deal, no reason Phase 4 has to equal P3. Maybe at least a 9th film

What character seems the best and worth trying?

Hercules: too much of an obvious riff on Thor, MS would be seen as not trying hard enough most likely

Sentry: Superman-esque character, MS seen as being lazy?

Nova: too much GL similarities again, it's why Marvel is altering Captain Marvel/Carol as they've already stated

Man-Thing: Marvel hasn't gone the more direct Horror route yet, use the more recent talking version of Man-Thing from Thunderbolts about 5yrs back. Tie into Dr.Strange.

Squirrel Girl: try to capture some Deadpool type money? I don't get her but hey.

She-Hulk: if they don't do Hulk 2 anyway, if I were Ruffalo I'd be a bit peeved though with all he's put into the Banner/Hulk character he deserves a solo effort

Spider-woman: Jessica Drew, use the Hydra origin to remind us all those bad guys are still out there doing crap.


Long Rumored but now spoken for

Ghost Rider is firmly on AoS now

Punisher series for Netflix, casting now

Shang-Chi is rumored to show up in Iron Fist on Netflix

Moon Knight, with the Netflix success, just seems more likely to be used there.

Blade also screams Netflix Phase 2 

Inhumans is going to ABC in Fall '17 now, so that's cinematically off the table.

Runaways is at a cable outlet owned by Disney/ABC

Cloak & Dagger is on ABC owned cable Freeform for 2018 as of now.


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37 minutes ago, Captain Craig said:

6. Hulk 2 (if his Ragnarok co-star status is done right, I could see this)

As far as I understood it, Marvel can use him in another movie not called / centred on him, but there might still some legal .... things that might mean no Hulk movie for now

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I think there will be some kind of mystic team with Dr. Strange and Scarlet Witch and maybe Vision for P4,(although they could do something like that in DS2.) I think you will see a lot more mini team-up films for P4. New Avengers maybe? a Star-lord Spin-off movie with Thor or Captain America in it would be amazing, all three actually. I wouldn't rule out Black Widow and Hawkeye getting their own films either. Miss Marvel maybe? but that might get confusing since they already have Captain Marvel. 

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Spider-Man 2 and GOTG Vol. 3 are confirmed. Black Panther 2, Doctor Strange 2 and Captain Marvel 2 are all locks. Ant-Man 3 is a very strong possibility. And of course Avengers 5 [which could be Secret Invasion, since the Skrulls will appear in Captain Marvel].


But all of these are sequels, and the real challenge is always to predict the new characters/standalones/franchises. Who tf knows how serious they really are w/the Black Widow movie, so ignoring that.... I think that out of the already introduced characters, there's a shot that Valkyrie gets a solo movie, but I can't envision anyone else for solo stuff. On the other hand, it's also not impossible that they conjur up an all-female team up. Thunderbolts, Nova and Sentry are all possibilities too.

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So confirmed at this point we have Spider-Man 2, Black Widow, Eternals, Doctor Strange 2, Black Panther, Shang-Chi, and Guardians 3. I expect to see Ant-Man 3 and Captain Marvel 2 at some point. Spider-Man is also supposed to have a film every 2 years, so we’ll probably get Spider-Man 3 in 2021. Avengers 5 will probably end the phase, maybe in 2023.


That’s a pretty full list already for Phase 4. I think X-Men and Fantastic Four come in at the beginning of Phase 5 (the latter could be squeezed in at the end of 4), so maybe like 2023 or 2024. We could definitely see spinoffs for Silver Surfer and Wolverine/Gambit/some other big X-Men member/team as well. Other characters I want them to introduce include Sub-Mariner, Moon Knight, Blade, and Nova (perfect setup with the decimation of Xandar).


Something tells me the Netflix series will be retconned out of the MCU officially, maybe Inhumans as well, so hopefully we get something from any of those characters. Still wanna see Squirrel Girl too.


Any of these could also wind up as Disney+ series of course.

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