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Phase 4 MCU film wish list/predict sequels from Phase 3

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So what do you think Phase 4 of the MCU might look like for 2020-2026. Keeping in mind that some years could see 3 films per so the slate is bigger. No longer just 5/6 films anymore per Phase.

No need to rest on our laurels with the recent Phase 3 announcements.

Having no idea which secondary characters will see debut in GotG sequels or how Infinity War shakes out. If AoS and the Netflix series will have produced any viable candidates it's prime time to be speculative once again!


After Infinity War, and having gone so cosmic I think it's likely the MCU settles back down to Earth for Phase 4. Especially since most likely the actors in the roles we've come to love will also be done with contract obligations.


I'm thinking it's the ripe time to perhaps go with a Ghost Rider reboot, tied loosely to Dr.Strange.

I'd like to see Moon Knight appear and perhaps be the money man of the next phase. Stephen Grant is one of the personas used by Marc Spector afterall. He can be the financier of the Secret Avengers(cause maybe after Civil War the public is a bit turncoat on openly supporting the Avengers).

Shang Chi the Master of Kung Fu is ready for his shot after Iron Fist on Netflix. Plus looking at globally there is a huge market a solo film and him on an Avengers team will do well.


Black Panther 2

Dr. Strange 2

GotG 3

Ghost Rider

Moon Knight

Shang Chi

Captain Marvel 2

Hulk 2/Ant-Man 2 or Black Widow solo film(wild cards)

Secret Avengers



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God damn it there is no need for a phase four. Just let phase 3 play out and let it all sit for awhile.


You do realize right, CBM are the only movies Marvel make so there won't be any end in sight. Feige has already said, they'll continue even after the big 3 leave. 

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Squirrel Girl!! :P jk.. well actually at this point it's possible 

I'm just going to list movies apart from the obvious sequels if their previous film are a success. which I honestly think all of them will be.


i would love a Daredevil movie. 

A She-Hulk movie might not be as out of the question as you would think

New Avengers maybe

Secret Avengers

I think if Scarlet is up for it, we might have a Black Widow film but it would have to be early in phase four. she's not getting any younger and who wants to see a black widow film without Scarjo? 

Hulk standalone maybe

Captain Britain or the UK Superhero team.. not sure on what they are called. 

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By getting the Netflix series that essentially is MCU. 

Clark Gregg has expressed interest in also showing up in DD or another series. It's all connected.

Please keep Coulson out of all of those series. I don't need more of him.
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I am thinking secret invasion as a phase 4 avengers movie but not with with the skrulls, there are plenty of other shape shifters, my personal choice would be Makluans (e.g. like Fin Fang Foom), would be an interesting twist on secret invasion and maybe we could introduce a version of the mandarin (he would not be stated as "the mandarin" like vanko was not called whiplash but he would be Gene Khan, cue "my name is Khan")


Would be interesting.


As for solo movies more sequels to the phase 3 debutants but in phase 4 I cannot see any new character introductions. 

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2018 now has Antman 2, and we have 3 untitled movies scheduled for 2020


May 1
July 10

Nov 6


The May 1st movie I think will be the new anchor of the MCU.  Depending on how GotG 2 and Civil War do I think it'll be either a Cap movie or a GotG movie.  Then July will be another sequel, and Nov will be their original movie for that year.


Order of likelihood for the july sequel:


GotG/Cap (depending on which one gets the May slot)



Black Panther



They're gonna have to kill off some characters in IW or do a lot more team-ups if they want to keep doing an original movie every year and also have audiences still care about existing characters.  There are too many to keep doing solo movies for all of them.

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