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Pitch Perfect 2 OS | $102.7m OS | $286.5m WW

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‘Pitch Perfect 2′ Opens
On High Note Down
Under; Outpacing Original
By Over 200%
Australia was the top overseas
market for 2012’s Pitch Perfect,
Universal ’s a cappella-themed
comedy that earned more than
$13M there. Ahead of its day-
and-day rollout with North
America next week, the sequel
tuned up in Oz and New
Zealand yesterday and is
outpacing the original by more
than 200%. Pitch Perfect 2
opened at No. 1 in both
territories with combined
grosses of $1.87M . It marked
the fourth-biggest opening day
of 2015 in Australia, behind
blockbuster tentpoles Avengers:
Age Of Ultron, Fast & Furious 7
and Fifty Shades Of Grey .
Elizabeth Banks Is Billie Jean King &
Paul Giamatti Bobby Riggs In HBO's...
Developed and produced by
Universal, Gold Circle
Entertainment and Brownstone
Productions, Pitch Perfect 2
reunites stars Anna Kendrick,
Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow
and Elizabeth Banks; and adds
Oscar nominee Hailee
Steinfeld to the singing Barden
Bellas. Banks directs this time
in her feature helming debut.
There’s added offshore appeal
with the Bellas entering the
World Championships of A
Cappella in Copenhagen in a
bid to redeem their legacy. The
first film made about $50M
A savvy marketing plan Down
Under highlighted the music
and comedy in the film. Key
talent were widely accessible
for interviews, while Universal
partnered with Vocal Australia
and the Australian A Cappella
Championships as well as local
performing arts organizations
for various a cappella
performance related stunts.
The film also got a week-long
jump before Mad Max: Fury
Road , which has key ties Down
Under, thunders into Oz. Pitch
Perfect 2 starts further
international rollout next
Wednesday with 27 overseas
markets opening through the
weekend including the UK,
Germany and Russia.
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In an early rollout, Universal sequel Pitch Perfect 2 is singing a happy tune Down Under where it has a weekend estimate of $8.8M. Australia was the top overseas market for 2012’s Pitch Perfect with the a cappella-themed comedyicon1.png earning more than $13M there. Pitch Pefect 2 is currently outpacing it by more than 300%. InOz, the $7.6M weekend is the 4th biggest debut frame of 2015, behind blockbustersUltronFurious 7 and Fifty Shades Of Grey. It has 60% market share and is performing 348% above the original. In NZ, the starter session was worth an estimated $1.2M, good for the 3rd biggest opening weekend of the year behind F7 andUltron. North America opens next weekend along with 27 international territories including the UK, Germany, Russia and Philippines.

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"Pitch Perfect 2 hit all the right notes this weekend, adding $26.9 million from 29 markets to raise its overseas tally to $38.1 million and already tracking 174% ahead of the original. The Barden Bellas are up to $108.4 million globally, only $6.6 million away from watching the lifetime worldwide gross of the original. 27 new territories opened this weekend, including #1 results in the UK ($8M at 490 dates), Germany ($4.2M at 546 dates), Philippinnes ($1.9M at 135 dates), and Taiwan ($1.2M at 76 dates). Australia put up a $4.9 million hold, bringing its 11 day total to $14.5 million -passing the original's $13.3 million lifetime run in the market. Pitch Perfect 2 expands to Hungary, Israel, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Serbia/Montenegro and Spain next weekend."



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Universal is singing a happy tune after three weeks of overseas release forPitch Perfect 2. The overseas weekend estimate is $10.4M in 46 territories for a to-date total of $80.7M in the offshore songbook. The worldwide total is now $228.2M.

The Barden Bellas harmonized new openings in nine markets with Italy and Korea notably hitting higher notes than the original film. In ItalyPP2 earned an estimated $330K at 250 dates — twice as big as PP1. In Korea, $408K at 296 dates means PP2 is seven times bigger than the first movie. Hong Kong also opened with $235K at 25 dates; the original was not released there. In holdovers, the UK is eyeing a $2.9M frame for a 17-day total of $22.9M; Australia’s weekend estimate is $1.4M for a 24-day total of $19.8M; and Germany’s weekend estimate is $1.4M for an 18-day total of $9.2M. In South Africa, PP2 is No. 1 for the 3rd frame in a row with a local total of $1.5M. English- and German-speaking markets were tops on the first movie. There are 12 further territories tuning up for the Elizabeth Banks’-helmed hit.


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Deadline: The Barden Bellas of Pitch Perfect 2 continued their harmonious run, now having hit the $250M mark worldwide. The offshore weekend was worth $4.6M across 46 territories taking the overseas cume for the Elizabeth Banks-helmed sequel to $89M, with a domestic estimate of $161M. In its top markets, PP2 has a UK cume of $25.2M; an Oz haul of $20.8M and has tuned up $10.3M in Germany. Universal has 12 more markets to release. Edited by Palomito de Maiz
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From BoxOffice.com's Global Report


With an estimated $4.6 million from 46 territories this weekend, the Barden Bellas of Pitch Perfect 2 have now sung their way to the tune of $89 million overseas and $250 million worldwide. The UK and Ireland, where the ladies took 5th place with $1.2 million this weekend, tops all international territories with a 24-day total of $25.2 million. Fat Amy's (actress Rebel Wilson) home country of Australia grossed $765k this weekend for a 31-day total of $20.8 million, while Germany - home to the acapella group battling the Barden Bellas - earned $655K for a 25-day total of $10.3 million. Pitch Perfect 2 still has 12 more stops on its worldwide tour. Chile is next on June 25.

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