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  1. Is that (phenomenal) WW drop including the Monday? Sometimes estimates have included the Monday on long weekends?
  2. I saw Wonder Woman on Thursday night at George St Event - completely full and great crowd reactions. Hopefully translates into a nice OW here.
  3. That $11.6m is USD. I'm not sure exactly what exchange rate they're using but I imagine it'd be around the $14.5-15m mark in AUD.
  4. Will last nights numbers just be combined with today's actuals? Giving it "a full days worth" of play?
  5. Heading down to watch an 8.30 session of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 - looks pretty full right now. Excellent choice of opening. At the same time my brother and his wife are watching FF8, a session which is basically full as well.
  6. Just watched BatB for the second time as well - loved it just as much as the first!
  7. Absolutely loved BatB! My session was Sunday 2:40pm @ Broadway. Basically full from what I could see, so I'm really hoping that's an indication of the weekend hold!
  8. Absolutely stunning OW for BatB! Can't wait to see what this delivers overall!

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