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  1. TLK is going to cross AUD 60m here next weekend. Only the fifth film ever to do so, but the second time this year after AEG.
  2. Huge opening for OUATIH. TLK due to cross 60m next weekend - 5th film ever and second time this year!
  3. Is it impacting admissions though? Have we seen an increase in admissions but decrease in $$?
  4. A lot of HOYTS locations dropped all prices to $12. Ticket prices were just too excessive at one point.
  5. TLK still doing huge business here. 3rd weekend of AU6.3m, total at AU49.75m. Equivalent to 63m/497.5m in the DOM market.
  6. MPDAA says AEG is at 85.25m http://www.mpdaa.org.au/customers/mpdaa/mpdaa.nsf/HistoricalBoxOffice?ReadForm Dat 10:1 DOM:AU ratio.
  7. First 5 days in Australia at AU 24.75m.. equivalent of $247.5m in DOM market.
  8. Was not expecting that at all. Expected maybe 15m or so but 20.51m after a 4m Wednesday is phenomenal. Add the Wednesday figure and it's essentially the 3rd biggest all-time.
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