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SOTM 11 - Meeting their targets...

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    Another simpler question. SImply state yes or no whether the following films will reach the following targets by the end of the game:


    1. Hobbit 3 - 265M


    2. NATM 3 - 110M


    3. Selma - 52.5M


    4. Big Hero 6 - 221M


    5. Mocking jay 337.5M


    6. Exodus 65.5M



    You can answer as many as you like and the scores are as follows (these are all total losses not cumulative - e.g. if you get two correct answers you get 5000 total positive points, not 2000 plus 5000)


    1 correct answer 2000 points

    2 correct answers 5000 points

    3 correct answers 9000 points

    4 correct answers 16000 points

    5 correct answers 25000 points

    6 correct answers 34000 points


    1 incorrect answer: lose 1000 points

    2 incorrect answers: lose 4000 points

    3 incorrect answers lose 7000 points

    4 incorrect answers lose 12000 points

    5 incorrect answers lose 18000 points

    6 incorrect answers lose 25000 points



    If you get 100% of questions answered correct, you get a cumulative bonus of 1000 + 2000 + 3000 points and so on, up to the number of questions you answered.


    (e.g. if you answer 4 questions and get 4 correct, you score 16000 points + 10000 bonus points (1+2+3+4 x 1000 points), but if you answer 5 and get 4 correct and 1 wrong then you score is 16000 - 1000 = 15000 points.



    Deadline is the same as the weekly question deadline this week. You can abstain for 1000 points.



    Good luck :)

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