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CAYOM 2.0 Year 1 Overseas

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Overseas totals only, no country-by-country breakdown. I might do some breakdowns by request but you'll have to be patient on those.

Also, they're alphabetical, not by date of release.

56 Days Of Love:

Domestic: 69.6M

Overseas: 40.5M

Worldwide: 110.1M

A Bend In The Road:

Domestic: 130.2M

Overseas: 74.3M

Worldwide: 204.5M

A Family Of Families:

Domestic: 22.4M

Overseas: 7.0M

Worldwide: 29.4M

A Very Amazing Crazy Christmas Movie:

Domestic: 35.0M

Overseas: 11.1M

Worldwide: 46.1M

After Doomsday:

Domestic: 106.1M

Overseas: 185.2M

Worldwide: 291.3M


Domestic: 206.4M

Overseas: 218.2M

Worldwide: 424.6M

American Idols:

Domestic: 44.7M

Overseas: 29.1M

Worldwide: 73.8M

And The Band Played On:

Domestic: 185.2M

Overseas: 247.0M

Worldwide: 432.2M

Angel of Death:

Domestic: 43.5M

Overseas: 20.3M

Worldwide: 63.8M

Apes On The Run:

Domestic: 18.2M

Overseas: 4.0M

Worldwide: 22.2M


Domestic: 345.8M

Overseas: 710.0M

Worldwide: 1,055.8M

Band Of The Decade:

Domestic: 16.1M

Overseas: 9.0M

Worldwide: 25.1M

Barren World:

Domestic: 124.9M

Overseas: 151.0M

Worldwide: 275.9M

Bartimeaus and the Amulet Of Samarkand:

Domestic: 188.8M

Overseas: 317.6M

Worldwide: 506.4M

Beast Of Bray Road:

Domestic: 21.0M

Overseas: 35.7M

Worldwide: 56.7M

Beer Buddies:

Domestic: 50.5M

Overseas: 3.8M

Worldwide: 54.3M

Birds Of A Feather:

Domestic: 148.5M

Overseas: 127.1M

Worldwide: 275.6M

Call Of Duty:

Domestic: 261.3M

Overseas: 188.3M

Worldwide: 449.6M

Choose Your Own Adventure:

Domestic: 41.5M

Overseas: 39.9M

Worldwide: 81.4M


Domestic: 40.1M

Overseas: 18.6M

Worldwide: 58.7M


Domestic: 123.8M

Overseas: 271.4M

Worldwide: 395.2M


Domestic: 3.5M

Overseas: 1.1M

Worldwide: 4.6M

City Of Bones:

Domestic: 71.2M

Overseas: 171.8M

Worldwide: 243.0M

Computer Love:

Domestic: 95.1M

Overseas: 78.5M

Worldwide: 173.6M

Con Air 2: Terror In The Sky:

Domestic: 96.4M

Overseas: 24.7M

Worldwide: 121.1M

Corporate Secrets:

Domestic: 85.1M

Overseas: 107.4M

Worldwide: 192.5M

Cries In The Night:

Domestic: 39.4M

Overseas: 74.7M

Worldwide: 114.1M

Cycle Of The Werewolf:

Domestic: 107.2M

Overseas: 61.4M

Worldwide: 168.6M

Day Of The Destructor:

Domestic: 76.6M

Overseas: 91.4M

Worldwide: 168.0M


Domestic: 88.5M

Overseas: 34.7M

Worldwide: 123.2M

Disco Dan:

Domestic: 53.7M

Overseas: 21.8M

Worldwide: 75.5M


Domestic: 49.1M

Overseas: 88.1M

Worldwide: 137.2M


Domestic: 67.3M

Overseas: 40.4M

Worldwide: 107.7M

Fab 5:

Domestic: 46.9M

Overseas: 29.0M

Worldwide: 75.9M


Domestic: 193.7M

Overseas: 455.7M

Worldwide: 749.4M

Flight Of Fear:

Domestic: 21.0M

Overseas: 24.6M

Worldwide: 45.6M

Fright Town:

Domestic: 40.8M

Overseas: 31.4M

Worldwide: 72.2M

Ghost Story:

Domestic: 45.4M

Overseas: 60.2M

Worldwide: 105.6M

God's Deal:

Domestic: 54.7M

Overseas: 182.3M

Worldwide: 237.0M

Hired Guns:

Domestic: 118.2M

Overseas: 214.3M

Worldwide: 332.5M


Domestic: 140.2M

Overseas: 106.4M

Worldwide: 246.6M


Domestic: 200.7M

Overseas: 282.1M

Worldwide: 482.8M

Jane Loves Karen:

Domestic: 15.8M

Overseas: 4.4M

Worldwide: 20.2M

Just For Cash:

Domestic: 23.1M

Overseas: 20.8M

Worldwide: 43.9M

Land Of Storms:

Domestic: 69.8M

Overseas: 77.2M

Worldwide: 147.0M


Domestic: 5.1M

Overseas: 2.0M

Worldwide: 7.1M

Lucky In Love:

Domestic: 37.1M

Overseas: 25.4M

Worldwide: 62.5M

Mac The Knife:

Domestic: 14.3M

Overseas: Not released overseas

Worldwide: 14.3M

Mars Trilogy: Red Mars:

Domestic: 113.4M

Overseas: 140.3M

Worldwide: 253.7M

Mr. Belvedere:

Domestic: 32.5M

Overseas: 9.3M

Worldwide: 41.8M

My Side Of The Mountain:

Domestic: 47.4M

Overseas: 13.1M

Worldwide: 60.5M

Part 2 coming soon.

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Domestic: 104.0M

Overseas: 140.7M

Worldwide: 240.7M

Night Of Error:

Domestic: 88.5M

Overseas: 79.6M

Worldwide: 168.1M

Nightmare Chronicles:

Domestic: 64.4M

Overseas: 32.0M

Worldwide: 96.4M

Northwest Nightmare:

Domestic: 54.7M

Overseas: 19.2M

Worldwide: 73.9M

Not So Tall Tales:

Domestic: 42.1M

Overseas: 28.6M

Worldwide: 70.7M

Number 61:

Domestic: 29.9M

Overseas: 24.4M

Worldwide: 54.3M

Our Friend The Witch:

Domestic: 33.4M

Overseas: 21.9M

Worldwide: 55.3M


Domestic: 72.7M

Overseas: 92.3M

Worldwide: 165.0M


Domestic: 19.6M

Overseas: 5.5M

Worldwide: 25.1M


Domestic: 64.7M

Overseas: 13.5M

Worldwide: 78.2M


Domestic: 45.4M

Overseas: 20.5M

Worldwide: 65.9M

Path Of Justice:

Domestic: 39.9M

Overseas: 23.2M

Worldwide: 63.1M

Phone Fiend:

Domestic: 16.6M

Overseas: Not released

Worldwide: 16.6M

Pizza Man:

Domestic: 34.8M

Overseas: 9.0M

Worldwide: 43.8M

Pride And Prejudice And Zombies:

Domestic: 48.0M

Overseas: 75.1M

Worldwide: 123.1M


Domestic: 219.6M

Overseas: 130.2M

Worldwide: 349.8M

Ready, Aim, FIRE!:

Domestic: 26.2M

Overseas: 7.8M

Worldwide: 34.0M

Santa Baby:

Domestic: 48.6M

overseas: 19.4M

Worldwide: 68.0M

Santa Goes To Jail:

Domestic: 174.5M

Overseas: 61.2M

Worldwide: 235.7M

Sarah's Surefire Cure For The Blues:

Domestic: 43.1M

Overseas: 24.4M

Worldwide: 67.5M

Secret Of Mana: The Journey Begins:

Domestic: 135.4M

Overseas: 224.7M

Worldwide: 360.1M


Domestic: 45.5M

Overseas: 30.3M

Worldwide: 75.8M


Domestic: 124.4M

Overseas: 119.3M

Worldwide: 243.7M

Sitting Ducks:

Domestic: 198.3M

Overseas: 278.5M

Worldwide: 476.8M

Spellforce: The Order Of Dawn:

Domestic: 284.5M

Overseas: 537.6M

Worldwide: 822.1M


Domestic: 12.8M

Overseas: Not released

Worldwide: 12.8M

Spring Awakening:

Domestic: 58.7M

Overseas: 62.6M

Worldwide: 121.3M


Domestic: 15.2M

Overseas: 13.7M

Worldwide: 28.9M

Tarsem Singh's Cinderella:

Domestic: 85.2M

Overseas: 129.0M

Worldwide: 214.2M

The 13th Night:

Domestic: 35.0M

Overseas: Not released

Worldwide: 35.0M

The Adventures:

Domestic: 141.2M

Overseas: 117.3M

Worldwide: 258.5M

The Bear And The Fox:

Domestic: 194.0M

Overseas: 337.6M

Worldwide: 531.6M

The Chrysalids:

Domestic: 175.9M

Overseas: 213.4M

Worldwide: 389.3M

The Dark Victorian:

Domestic: 152.4M

Overseas: 191.8M

Worldwide: 344.2M

The Day I Met Mina:

Domestic: 37.1M

Overseas: 24.4M

Worldwide: 61.5M

The End Of The Universe:

Domestic: 240.0M

Overseas: 351.6M

Worldwide: 591.6M

The Father Figure:

Domestic: 81.5M

Overseas: 91.4M

Worldwide: 172.9M

The Great Inferno:

Domestic: 58.7M

Overseas: 31.2M

Worldwide: 89.9M

The Hills Abduction:

Domestic: 39.7M

Overseas: 12.0M

Worldwide: 51.7M

The Horn:

Domestic: 158.7M

Overseas: 170.1M

Worldwide: 328.8M

The Machine Stops:

Domestic: 68.9M

Overseas: 81.4M

Worldwide: 150.3M

The Modern Prometheus: Frankenstein:

Domestic: 118.6M

Overseas: 181.2M

Worldwide: 299.8M

The Morrow:

Domestic: 617.1M

Overseas: 775.2M

Worldwide: 1,392.3M

The Neighborhood:

Domestic: 58.2M

Overseas: 27.0M

Worldwide: 85.2M

The Nine Tailors:

Domestic: 23.8M

Overseas: 81.4M

Worldwide: 105.2M

The Penny Jar:

Domestic: 53.1M

Overseas: 44.5M

Worldwide: 97.6M

The Screaming Skull:

Domestic: 22.1M

Overseas:Not released

Worldwide: 22.1M

The Seventh Seal:

Domestic: 128.6M

Overseas: 417.5M

Worldwide: 546.1M

The Ultimate Race:

Domestic: 65.4M

Overseas: 44.1M

Worldwide: 109.5M

The Vast Dark Trilogy Part One:

Domestic: 66.1M

Overseas: 117.6M

Worldwide: 183.7M

To Kill A Mockingbird:

Domestic: 47.4M

Overseas: 6.2M

Worldwide: 53.6M

Trails Of Tears:

Domestic: 116.5M

Overseas: 72.4M

Worldwide: 188.9M

Valentine's Day Vendetta:

Domestic: 37.6M

Overseas: Not released

Worldwide: 37.6M


Domestic: 240.0M

Overseas: 371.3M

Worldwide: 611.3M

Wings Of Icarus:

Domestic: 307.9M

Overseas: 641.7M

Worldwide: 949.6M


Domestic: 112.5M

Overseas: 130.3M

Worldwide: 242.8M

You Just Got Beat By A Girl:

Domestic: 33.0M

Overseas; Not released

Worldwide: 33.0M

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Nice for Barren World.Time for Barren World 2: Even more Barren:P(Even if it makes no sense considering the fact I actually ended the film with the world be rebuilt-to my knowledge Wall E is the only other film of this type to end on that note)

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