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Technically, there's still a Derby | Week 12

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AMC To Close U.S. Chain For Six To 12 Weeks Due To Coronavirus Concerns

Earlier Monday, AMC’s closest rival, Regal decided to close its entire chain until further notice. On Monday night, before AMC shuttered, the number of theaters hitting pause due to the coronavirus climate was just north of 3,000, with such chains as Landmark Theatres, Cineplex Odeon, and Alamo Drafthouse being down. The only one we haven’t heard from is Cinemark.



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On 3/17/2020 at 12:20 PM, ChipDerby said:

I saw! I just wanted to have this up just in case.

Are we actually doing this week?   Theater counts - if all the small ones don't close could at most be in the low hundreds or tens and numbers might not be reported.  Pretty impossible to do predictions.  But I don't want to skip it if it's actually still counted.

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Honestly, I say still predict like normal, however difficult that may be. But realistically we're probably going to have to just delete this and last week. Though I'm unsure how that will affect the yearly/monthly scores. @AndyLL have weeks ever been deleted before?


Also, I don't know how sensitive the system is, because when the KJ derby went without new games for weeks at a time before I took over, it completely screwed everything up and now there are no monthly/yearly stats there.

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I'll be messaging @AndyLL soon regarding how we're going to do this. I can't imagine we're going to want to do a full derby on July 24th if Mulan releases. And I don't know if the Derby is able to just do like... 5 movies. So best case scenario I see is waiting until we have 10 releases over $100k?

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