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BO Germany/Austria: Dune first 2024 blockbuster (3mil admissions)

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Germany, Austria and the german-speaking Part of Switzerland are one of the biggest overseas markets for Hollywood, with about 95 million inhabitants. Of course the French watch more films per year, but in Germany Hollywood films have a far bigger market share (most films are dubbed), usually exceeding 70% and sometimes reaching 80%, while they rarely reach 50% in France.BoxOfficeMojo lists Germany, Austria and Switzerland separately, but in fact those german-speaking areas form a single market, worked by the same distributors (and partly theater-chains), using the same opening dates and sharing a very similar demographic. The biggest distributors are UIP (=Universal+Paramount), Warner, Disney, Sony International, 20th CF, and local distributor/producer Constantin (with some sub-units).Germany + Austrians pay in EUR; the Swiss in SFR and since everything gets converted to USD for charts like on BoxOfficeMojo, those numbers are in a constant state of uncertainity and flux. Yet Rentrak also counts admissions and those don't wobble around while looking at them, so they're more reliable but don't tell the whole truth, especially with 3D still being a major factor.I'll try to post actual numbers once a week; usually this will be mid-week.

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Germany's + Austria's combined Top 15 2010/2011 in USD  


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part One)  71.951.538
Tangled  50.491.401
Inception  40.450.046
Alice in Wonderland (2010)  40.273.664
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse  37.084.481
Despicable Me  30.102.936
Shrek Forever After  29.562.262
Sex and the City 2  28.473.721
Grown Ups  21.791.904
Sherlock Holmes  19.225.732
Toy Story 3  19.369.781
Resident Evil: Afterlife  18.547.371
The Last Airbender  17.763.871
How to Train Your Dragon  17.710.351
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader  17.237.748


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part Two)  85.535.674
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (3D)  70.457.694
The Hangover Part II  48.570.740
Kokowääh  46.233.643
Transformers 3  42.792.941
Puss in Boots  40.029.108
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1  37.615.731
The Smurfs  34.413.645
Fast Five  30.861.792
The King's Speech  25.996.409
Kung Fu Panda 2  24.485.258
Black Swan  23.637.366
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows  22.616.708
Bad Teacher  21.541.266
Cars2 21.209.442
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In Switzerland german speaking part Intouchables once again destroyed the competition. It's getting boring:Intouchables -- THG -- Titanic 3D.In the french speaking part the new hit from France -- Sur La Piste Du Marsupilami -- easily was number one and Titanic just number 3:http://www.filmdistr.../top10adm.shtml

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The Marsupilami stories were very popular here too, maybe not on a Smurfs level but if the film's good it might do fine numbers too.

in Vienna you can see a movie in 2D or in 3D or IMAXyou can see it in German or in English

Yep that's true here too (Innsbruck) but only for English (maybe one show a day) and Arthouses where nothing gets dubbed. If 2D is offered depends partly on the distributor - last year Paramount decided to sell Thor and CaptainA only in 3D ... since Avengers is handled by Disney I hope for a better policy, I refuse converted 3D.
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Germany Top Ten 06. - 08. April

TW LW Movie Studio Weekend Change Theaters Th. Change PTA Gross Week
1 1 The Hunger Games  StudioCanal $3,233,394  -8.3%  640 17 $5,052  $13,987,129  3
2 Titanic 3D  Fox  $2,966,067  new 470 $6,311  $2,966,067  1
3 2 Türkisch für Anfänger - Der Film  Constantin  $2,656,893  -7.8%  598 16 $4,443  $15,187,324  4
4 3 Wrath of the Titans  WB  $2,206,736  -17.2%  469 8 $4,705  $5,882,576  2
5 5 Intouchables  Senator  $1,848,798  +24.4%  668 -31 $2,768  $70,935,914  14
6 Mirror Mirror  StudioCanal $1,477,696  new 405 $3,649  $1,477,696  1
7 4 Russendisko  PPI  $1,445,247  -6.9%  434 33 $3,330  $3,683,865  2
8 Iron Sky  Splendid $1,275,767  new 164 $7,779  $1,275,767  1
9 6 The Pirates! Band of Misfits  Sony  $926,617  -32.2%  676 63 $1,371  $3,491,695  2
10 7 The Woman in Black  Concorde  $620,291  -19.1%  277 7 $2,239  $1,731,282  2

In Austria Hunger Games came in behind Titanic, in Switzerland behind Intouchables. Highest PTA: Iron Sky.

Some interesting facts about distributors: "Hunger Games" is distributed by different ones for Germany and Austria (StudioCanal, a french company working with Lionsgate and Miramax, for Germany; Elmo Movie World for Austria - that's a small local company working together with Disney Austria). Maybe this year will see some changes in the distribution business: After some slow years small distributor Senator has a real hit with "Intouchables" and has formed a joint venture with US company "Relativity Media"; from this year on they are exclusive distributors for RMs films. And StudioCanal might profit from Lionsgate's success.

I'll update the numbers as soon as I get details from Austria.

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Ok, I tried to put the weekend sum for Germany + Austria + ger.Switzerland into one table. Since I'm not too sure on ticket prices those are rounded values in USD

The Hunger Games  3.727.000
Titanic 3D  3.650.000
Türkisch für Anfänger - Der Film  3.085.000
Wrath of the Titans  2.726.000
Intouchables  2.259.000
Mirror Mirror  1.895.000
Russendisko  1.445.000
Iron Sky  1.375.000
The Pirates! Band of Misfits  1.272.000
The Woman in Black  884.000

If you compare this to  the table above (only Germany) it's obvious that Germany's numbers already give a decent approximation; just ad about 20% (15 to 25 really) and you're there, so I guess in future weeks I'll just post Germany and mention A + CH only if there's anything interesting.

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Weekend trend Germany:Battleship should win with more than 400k admissions. Mostly steep drops for the holdovers - was to be expected after a very strong easter weekend. Children's films (Pirates and Mirror Mirror) seem to have the best hold on their low level while Titanic3D is sinking faster than expected.

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Germany + Austria Top Ten 13. - 15. April

TW LW Movie Studio Weekend Change Gross Week
1 N Battleship UPI $4.650.912 - $4.828.305 1
2 2 Titanic 3D  Fox  $2.366.429 -28,9 $7.896.419 2
3 1 The Hunger Games  StudioCanal $2.156.449 -37,5 $19.302.536 4
4 3 Türkisch für Anfänger Constantin $1.958.367 -32,9 $20.515.421 5
5 5 Intouchables  Senator  $1.413.340 -28,6 $80.263.256 15
6 Mirror Mirror  StudioCanal $1.259.154 -26,8 $4.348.873 2
7 9 The Pirates! Sony  $1.186.601 -10,4 $6.311.450 3
8 N The Grey Constantin $1.092.522 - - 1
9 4 Wrath of the Titans  WB  $957.463 -61,7 $8.790.833 4
10 8 Iron Sky  Splendid  $831.910 -41,9 $2.840.831 2

Titanic, Pirates!, Mirror Mirror and Intouchables managed good to decent holds, everything else had big drops (coming from a strong Easter weekend). Especially Wrath collapsed with drops >60%. Pirates! had a weak start but shows perfect legs - yet still might struggle to reach even half the admissions of Chicken Run.

Behind the Top 10 "Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" keeps on doing small but constant numbers. With a little help from Switzerland, John Carter should have crossed $10million.

The coming weekend has no big starts: Among "My Week With Marilyn", "Chronicle", "One for the Money" and "African Cats" plus some local productions, "Chronicle" should have the best start but I doubt if it can break into the Top 3. With "African Cats" it depends on how wide a release Disney is risking; it might crack the Top 10 if it's wide enough.

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Weekend trend:Battleship drops about 55% but stays on top; Titanic drops about 45% and loses Nr.2 to Hunger Games (-40%). Intouchables and Türkisch für Anfänger battle for place 3, Titanic and best opener Chronicle for place 5. Mirror and Pirates have good holds again but coming from already small numbers.

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Germany + Austria Top Ten 20. - 22. April

TW LW Movie Studio Weekend Change Gross Week
1 1 Battleship UPI $2.466.475 -47,0 $8.414.671 2
2 2 Titanic 3D  Fox  $1.338.687 -43,4 $10.117.189 3
3 3 The Hunger Games  StudioCanal $1.284.033 -40,5 $20.985.829 5
4 4 Türkisch für Anfänger Constantin $1.220.486 -37,7 $22.488.457 6
5 N Chronicle Fox $1.064.221 - $1.128.382 N
6 5 Intouchables  Senator  $1.014.765 -28,2 $82.259.521 16
7 Mirror Mirror  StudioCanal $ 631.361 -49,9 $5.237.908 3
8 9 The Pirates! Sony  $ 593.161 -50,4 $7.010.397 4
9 N One for the Money Concorde $ 570.609 - $1.003.778 N
10 10 Iron Sky  Splendid $568.783 -30,8 $3.728.630 3

"Intouchables" and "Iron Sky" excepted, everything in the Top 10 was either dropping hard or had a weak opening. "African Cats" flopped with few theaters AND a low PTA. "My Week With Marilyn" came in nr. 11, decent numbers.

This Thursday "Avengers" is opening, propably on nr.1, let's hope business picks up speed. The weather is looking to become summery though, so don't expect monster numbers this weekend. "American Reunion", "The Lucky One" and some European films are opening too, maybe AR can crack the Top 3 .

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