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MIGRATION | 168.3M Overseas • 295.6M Worldwide

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Universal/Illumination’s Migration added another 17 offshore markets this frame as it continues its staggered release pattern. In full, the animated pic picked up another $7.9M overseas for a $22M cume to date. Debuting domestically, and including the three-day only, the global cume is now $34.3M.


Germany was the top new addition with $2M, including $500K from previews; this is above Puss in Boots: The Last Wish and on par with Elemental. Saturday’s performance saw the highest increase of all new openers and the highest of the top 10 films. Playout is expected to be strong playout throughout the holidays


Netherlands opened to $800K across 163 screens, including $500K in previews, at No.6 in a crowded market with two local holiday titles in the Top 5. The opening weekend result is above Puss in Boots: The Last Wish and Encanto excluding previews.


Spain bowed with $400K from 436 screens at No.3 in the market with 11% share and strong day-on-day growth. The film opened on four 4DX screens, six Screen-X, and one Ice. Forty-five theaters will show it in 3D during the opening week.


Top 5 to date are: France ($4.2M), Mexico ($3.6M), Italy ($2.5M), Germany ($2M) and China ($1.8M).

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Illumination/Universal’s Migration winged its way to a 70% jump overseas amid the holidays, and crossed $100M worldwide. It added $17.1M in 68 offshore markets this weekend for an international total of $46.5M as staggered rollout continues. The global cume is now $100.8M.

Australia was a new play with $2.9M, since beginning release on December 26th’s Boxing Day holiday. At No. 4 in the market, the animated sky-trip pic is running above Wish which opened on the same date. The first six days of release are in line with Puss in Boots 2 and the weekend result excluding previews is in line with that film. 



France was up 116% this session while Germany doubled last weekend’s result. Italy increased 86% and Spain was up 38%. Denmark (+208%) and Netherlands (+130%) also saw mega upticks.

The Top 5 markets to date are Germany ($6.8M), Mexico ($5.4M), France ($6.6M), Italy ($2.9M) and Spain ($2M). 

Still to release are Brazil, Korea, the UK and Japan.


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Deadline: Migration scooped up another $15.5M in 73 markets for a $72.9M international cume and $150.7M global. The hold overseas was a strong -18% including great results in Austria (+43%), Netherlands (+23%), Belgium (+5%), France (-1%), Germany (-10%) and Australia (-25%).

As staggered release continues, Brazil, Poland, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay were new this session, collectively opening above Sing 2. Still to come through March are Korea, the UK and Japan.

The Top 5 to date are Germany ($11.6M), France ($9.2M), Mexico ($6.7M), Australia ($5.1M) and Spain ($3.4M).

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Can this do 250m at least?



Migration winged to another $5.2M in 76 markets (-27%) to top $100M internationally ($104.9M) and $200M global ($206.1M). Germany continues to perform strongly on the animated title, now having surpassed the lifetime of The Boss Baby, and performing above Puss in Boots 2, Moana and Sing 2 at the same point. That market leads all play with $16.1M, followed by France ($10.6M), Australia ($9.6M), Mexico ($8.3M) and Spain ($4.9M). Still to come for Migration are the UK on February 2 and Japan on March 15.


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