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2.1 "Igniting the Sparks"

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We are at the first game of the season, and I welcome all those returning and those new members to what will hopefully be a great and exciting season. You have been divided into your teams. Every week I will PM you the games, and you answer the questions in that PM. Both members must respond in the PM; however, you can have the same answers if you so wish. Whatever strategy you wish to you just as long as I know you are in concurrence with your answers or those your partner posts and any changes the two of you make.


Due Friday, June 8 at 2:00 P.M. Eastern, 1:00 P.M. Central

Predict the following:

1. Madagascar 3's Opening Weekend gross

2. Prometheus's Friday gross

3. The difference in Madagascar 3's Opening Weekend and Prometheus's Opening Weekend (Take your predictions for their opening weekends and subtract the lower from the higher. e.g. If you predict Madagascar 3 to make 50 million and Prometheus 45 million, your answer should be 5 million)

4. Snow White and the Huntsman's Percent Drop for the whole Weekend

5. The Avengers' total gross through the end of the weekend

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"Igniting the Sparks" - Season 2.1

Welcome to another season of Box Office Alliance. This time around, nine teams enlisted in a competition, but only one of the eighteen individuals will win in the end. Eleven returning veterans from last season have come to compete with and join forces with seven new recruits in what is bound to be a heated competition from beginning to end. This season, be careful what you expect, because anything may happen, and even the best predictors may be in danger of elimination.

So we are at the first episode of the season. Noticeable this season is the return of "The Firerisers", the only team to carry over from Season 1 to Season 2. Alfred, who won Season 1, returns to his former partner Townzy89, who also finished in the Final Five, in hopes of another eventful and triumphant showing. But "The Firerisers" are met blow-for-blow by eight other teams, most of whom have never paired up before. New experiences, new partners, and new surprises await.

The first surprise I wish to present this season is one that will be forthcoming. I will only hint at what is to come, for it will still be a while down the road before it is implemented. Out of fairness, however, I believe I should at least mention it to some extent, without spoiling too much. It's something of a Second Chance Challenge, and you can gauge from that what you will. What does it boil down to? Well, some lucky (or unlucky) contestants this season may be able to compete for re-entry into the game if elimination awaits them sooner than expected. That is all I will say upon the subject for now, but you will surely hear more of it later.

But this week has another surprise in store, so stay tuned. But up first, here are the results.


riczhang: 87.58% +5 (+3 1st team, +2 2nd individual)

Totem: 86.87% +5 (+3 1st team, +1 3rd individual, +1 highest average Question 1)



DoctorWho: 90.22% +6 (+5 highest individual, +1 highest average Question 3)

InFmpromous: 73.61%

TEAM AVERAGE: 81.92% +6


Tawasal: 82.42% +1 (+1 3rd team)

Xenomorph: 86.65% + 2 (+1 3rd team, +1 highest average Question 4)



Fakhir: 86.26%

Schumacher FTW: 81.15%



The Dark Alfred: 83.03% +1 (+1 highest average Question 5)

Townzy89: 83.40% +1 (+1 highest average Question 2)

TEAM AVERAGE: 83.22% +2


Goffe Rises: 86.13% +2 (+2 2nd team)

Electric: 85.42% +2 (+2 2nd team)



acsc1312: 80.13% +1 (+1 highest average Question 5)

CEDAR: 82.71%

TEAM AVERAGE: 81.42% +1


Avatarfan: 0% (63.71% placeholder) -1 (-1 1st strike)

Sims: 82.91%

TEAM AVERAGE: 73.31% (with placeholder) -1


JackO: 68.71%

RichWS: 0% (63.71% placeholder) -1 (-1 1st strike)

TEAM AVERAGE: 66.21% (with placeholder) -1

In my next post I will explain how The Challenge will work and what other choices are available. But before that, I wish to recognize DoctorWho as the highest scoring individual of the week. More so, however, DoctorWho scored highest on Question 3, asking the difference between Madagascar 3 and Prometheus on their opening weekend. DoctorWho scored 94.28%. However, JackO scored second on the question with 92.77%. These two players were the only two to score above a 90% on the question. Little did anyone know, but therein lay the first surprise.

Attached to Question 3 was a Bonus Surprise. For any player who received a score of 90% or higher on the question, a special "power" of sorts will be rewarded. That, too, shall be revealed in the next post concerning The Challenge. Stay tuned, because it might just shock you.

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The KNIGHTS! I told you riczhang, we can win this. :)

LOL, now I'm convinced. :D:D

If I didn't mess up on question 3, Dark Horses would've been the only team with an average over 90%. Next round, we're bringing the pain! ;)

I'm fairly sure we all messed up on question 3. :P

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"The Crimson Knights" won this week. This means it is their decision as to whether a Challenge will be held at all. They have three choices:

1. The Challenge (send two members against each other into a competition whereby one will be eliminated)

2. The Creator Challenge (Challenge The Creator (me) - If you win, you can double your point total. If you lose, you forfeit all your points.)

3. NEW The Assimilation Challenge (The objective here is for the winning team to choose someone(s) they wish to see on their team, usually a high scoring player. The winning team selects a player they wish to have join them. However, that player may wish to stay on his team. In this case, the winning team will Challenge that player. The winning team establishes the benchmark for that player to pass on the Challenge (for example, the player must score 85%+ or 90%+ or something). If the player beats that benchmark, he can stay on his original team. If he does not, he will be assimilated onto the winning team)

However, there are escapes. The top three teams are immune each week until I revoke this rule at a later point in the season (usually when we get down to less teams). This means those players not on the winning team but who scored in one of the other two top three teams cannot be sent to the Challenge (Option 1) because they are immune. BUT they can be selected for The Assimilation Challenge. Immunities are meant for avoiding elimination, not assimilation (something that is heavily enforced in the game).

Also, you may be immune from The Challenge if you purchase an immunity. The price of immunities will go up over time, but right now as we are on Game 1, the price for immunity is going to be an all time low of just ONE POINT. That's right. For Game 1 only, you may purchase an immunity for just ONE POINT. Why is this? Well not as many points are being given out this season, so immunities won't be as expensive. This means that if you are chosen for The Challenge but you have one point you may purchase an immunity and you will not go into The Challenge.

Obviously, some of you are still going to be targets for elimination, if the winning team chooses The Challenge. This week, The Crimson Knights gets to pick from one of the three options listed above. Totem and riczhang, choose wisely. But before you cast your decision, here is a surprise blow this week:

Both JackO and DoctorWho unlocked special gifts from scoring over 90% on Question 3. They are not immune from The Challenge (however DoctorWho has 6 points, so he can buy an immunity if he wishes). BUT this week only they both have special powers. DoctorWho has the power to save a contestant. His power is different from JackO's because DoctorWho has 6 points (more than anyone else presently). How can he save a contestant? DoctorWho can purchase an immunity for any contestant he desires, but it comes at a cost to that contestant...nothing real expensive or anything. Obviously DoctorWho might wish to choose to buy his teammate an immunity, but a key to success may be to reach out to someone else from a different team. DoctorWho, if you purchase an immunity for someone using one of your points, that person will owe you, and at any point in the game you can call in the debt. It can be in the form of points or in percents added to your score/detracted from theirs. You can even charge interest on the debt. For instance, maybe you want the player to pay you back with 2 points instead of just 1. It's your call entirely, but it's definitely one worth considering.

JackO, on the other hand, does not have any points and cannot purchase immunities for either himself or for anyone else. However, he can make a trade with The Crimson Knights if he is chosen for The Challenge. This means that if JackO is chosen for The Challenge, he can offer any member without an immunity as his replacement. If he does so, however, he will be indebted to The Crimson Knights, which means they may call in on their debt any way they favor at any point in the game (in similar manners to how DoctorWho may do so).

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Hmm, interesting. :)

The Assimilation Challenge might still hinder the speed of the game.

Yeah I've thought about that. I'm considering making it an Assimilation and Elimination Challenge. That way if you choose one player for Assimilation the other player on that team must achieve a certain score to avoid Elimination. For example, let's say you and Tawasal were chosen and The Crimson Knights wanted you to be assimilated onto their team. You need to beat maybe 90% to avoid this. Tawasal needs to score 85% to avoid elimination. If you score 88% you're assimilated, and if Tawasal scores like 84% he is eliminated. Just hypothetical of course.

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