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2.3 "The Winds of Destruction"

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This week's game will certaintly have some unexpected twist come results. Stay tuned.

Game 3

Due: Friday, June 22 at 2:00 P.M. Eastern, 1:00 P.M. Central

*We'll stick with the PM format, but I'll copy down everyone's predictions in case for whatever reason the PM servor goes down again and anyone who didn't get to post would like to see his partner's predictions before predicting himself.

Predict the following:

1. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter's Saturday gross and rank

2. The difference between Brave's opening weekend and Madagascar 3's opening weekend (60.32)

3. Brave's Sunday percent drop

4. The difference in total gross (10 day gross) between Rock of Ages and That's My Boy

5. Prometheus's per theater average on Friday only!


Predict To Rome with Love's per theater average.

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Going into Game 3, here are the current points:






The Crimson Knights








Team Incredibles








The Dreamlords






The Dark Horses






Rising Stars




Goffe Rises


The Shadowkillers






Epic Sensation




Schumacher FTW






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"The Winds of Destruction" - Game 2.3

Already the first part of the season has witnessed a brutal showdown, as "The Firerisers", last season's most victorious team, faced The Challenge and Season 1 winner The Dark Alfred was eliminated. A dark path has been laid before us as "The Crimson Knights" have come to dominate these first weeks, and they have set ablaze everything they've come in contact with. One by one, "The Crimson Knights" are taking out last season's champions. Two of the Top Ten finalists from last season have been eliminated, four have faced The Challenge, and none are safe from "The Crimson Knights"' wrath, except one.

And that one is Totem, co-captain of "Knights". Together with riczhang, Totem has emerged as the early favorite to win the season. The path he sets before him is trecherous though. He has become the most threatening force of the season, the one with the greatest potential, tied with partner riczhang as the leader of the season. Both Totem and riczhang face a great fall: if their lead should lessen now, could it be their end?

Well that is not the case. "The Crimson Knights" have just put up an unprecedented third win in a row. The team is clearly the favorite to win the season, and their wrath is being felt. Totem and riczhang welcomed to their team former "Fireriser" and Season 1 Final Five finalist Townzy89. Together, the three of them posted a great victory this weekend, as the only team to survive the fallout that occurred this weekend.

This week's game featured two bonus features: One was an additional question, used as a replacement for the lowest score. The other was a ranking guess added onto question one, used to inflate that question's score. Yet even with the bonuses, this week saw the worst performances on average of the season, with most players scoring in the 60-70% range.

While "The Crimson Knights" came in first, with Totem and riczhang also landing first and second individual, respectively, "Epic Sensation" emerged in second for the first time and was joined by "The Shadowkillers" in third. At least this week, Schumacher, acsc1312, and CEDAR, all Top Ten finalists last season, should be safe from "The Crimson Knights". Let's see the results:


riczhang: 91.54% +12 (+2 2nd individua, +3 1st team, +3 3 week streak, +2 90%+, +1 80%+, +1 highest question 4)

Totem: 92.68% +17 (+5 1st individual, +3 1st team, +3 3 week streak, +2 90%+, +1 80%+, +1 highest question 1, +1 highest question 2, +1 highest question 4)

Townzy89: 69.08% +3 (+3 1st team)

AVG: 84.43% +32 (IMMUNE)


DoctorWho: 83.06% +2 (+1 3rd individual, +1 80%+)

InFmpromous: 56.19% (placeholder) -1 (-1 1st strike)

AVG: 69.63% +1


tawasal: 65.47%

XenoMorph: 65.47%

AVG: 65.47%


Fakhir: 79.09% +3 (+2 2nd team, +1 highest question 3)

Schumacher FTW: 76.36% +4 (+2 2nd team, +1 highest question 3, +1 highest question 5)

AVG: 77.73% +7 (IMMUNE)


Electric: 68.63%

Goffe Rises: 61.19%

AVG: 64.91%


acsc1312: 80.79% +2 (+1 3rd team, +1 80%+)

CEDAR: 71.92% +1 (+1 3rd team)

AVG: 76.36% +3 (IMMUNE)


Avatarfan: 65.25%

JackO: 65.38%

Sims: 68.95%

AVG: 66.53%

Some surprises await...coming next!

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"The Crimson Knights" won this week. This means it is their decision as to whether a Challenge will be held at all. They have three choices:

1. The Challenge (send two members against each other into a competition whereby one will be eliminated)*

2. The Creator Challenge (Challenge The Creator (me) - If you win, you can double your point total. If you lose, you forfeit all your points.)

3. NEW The Assimilation and Elimination Challenge (The objective here is for the winning team to choose someone(s) they wish to see on their team, usually a high scoring player. The winning team selects a player they wish to have join them. However, that player may wish to stay on his team. In this case, the winning team will Challenge that player. The winning team establishes the benchmark for that player to pass on the Challenge (for example, the player must score 85%+ or 90%+ or something). If the player beats that benchmark, he can stay on his original team. If he does not, he will be assimilated onto the winning team

NEW: Now this Challenge also features a second selection. The winning team chooses one member from any given team to join them. The other member of that team will go into a Sudden Death Challenge. He must score above the benchmark established by the winning team to stay alive (the benchmark cannot be higher than 90%))

*Because "The Crimson Knights" have won three weeks in a row, there is a different Challenge option available. "The Knights" can choose two TEAMS to go into The Challenge. If an individual on that team has enough points for an immunity, he can get out of The Challenge. The individual on that team will be joined by someone else who cannot afford immunity. Basically, it starts at the team level but can work down to individual: however, it will be four people total, and two will be eliminated.

Immunity price: 5 points

Townzy gets 3 points from his win in The Challenge last week (forgot to add previously)

Immune players (this week): acsc1312, CEDAR, Fakhir, and Schumacher FTW

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Oh poop guys I made a slight error: "The Dreamlords"' score needs to be adjusted, but it won't affect the rankings. I overlooked Xeno's excuse for not showing up, which he had submitted earlier prior to the deadline. So Xeno had an excused absence and Tawasal's score stands in for his by request. However, I must note the following:

If you think you will be unable to meet the deadline, maybe because you will be away for a few days, let me know by saying in advance, and your partner's score can fill in for yours and you will have an excused absence. However, you must notify each week, so if you do it one week, it's not good through the next week; you must again notify the next week.

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The Challenge - Week 3

This week's Challenge is a Double Elimination. "The Crimson Knights" won for the third week in a row and got to send two teams in against each other. They chose "The Dreamlords" (Xenomorph and Tawasal) and "The Dark Horses (DoctorWho and InFmpromous). However, Xeno and Doc were both able to afford immunities. Xeno paid 5 points and will not be enterring The Challenge. Doc, however, paid only 1 point. In Game 1, Doc saved Avatarfan by buying him an immunity, thus putting him in his debt. Doc has decided to cash in on that debt. Avatarfan only had 4 points this week, not enough to buy an immunity. Doc called in on his debt with those 4 points and bought an immunity with them and 1 of his other points.

This left Spots 3 and 4 open. Avatarfan was chosen for the 3rd spot (and even if Doc hadn't taken his points, he couldn't have afforded an immunity). Goffe Rises was chosen for the 4th spot, but he too purchased an immunity for 5 points. This means the fourth spot went to JackO.

So, to recap, these four are enterring The Challenge: tawasal, InFmpromous, Avatarfan, and JackO. Two will be eliminated, two will move on.

And these three bought immunity: Xeno (-5 points), Doc (-1 point), Goffe Rises (-5 points)

Here's The Challenge:

1. Predict Brave's Wednesday gross

2. Predict Madagascar 3's Wednesday percent drop from last Wednesday

3. Predict Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter's Wednesday per theater average


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Double Elimination Challenge - Week 3

This week four people were selected for The Challenge, and two will be eliminated. Here are the results:







Already, this means InFamous is eliminated. JackO is guaranteed to move on. But will Avatarfan or Tawasal join him? Well...



So InFamous and Tawasal are eliminated. Sorry to see you guys go. JackO and Avatarfan remain paired on Team Incredibles. Now Xeno and DoctorWho will be paired up as a new team, for each lost their partner this week. The new team will be: The Black Stallions.

Does anyone have what it takes to take out "The Crimson Knights", or will their wrath continue? Find out this week! Also, a HUGE surprise is coming...HUGE!!! It will rock your world. Dun, dun, dun, dun...

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