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CAYOM Year 3 Critical Consensus

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The purpose of this thread is simple: Determine what the best reviewed films of the year are. This is how we do that:

Everyone posts their Top 25 list in this thread. I then assign points to each film in the list. A #1 rank = 25 points, a #2 rank = 24 points, etc. I then add the points for a film from each list together, and then rank the films in order from most points to least. The film at the top is the film with the greatest consensus of approval. Sound clear? So go ahead.

#1 Rankings:

Genesis- 3 (Riczhang's Reviews, Blankment's Reviews, Zappy Reviews)

Black as Night- 2 (Crunching the Numbers, Alfred's Reviews)

Red Rabbit- 1 (Impact's Reviews)

The Summer Story- 1 (Creator's Corner)

1. Black as Night- 158

2. Genesis- 144

3. Dodge City- 136

3. The Morrow II- 136

5. The Coming Storm- 131

6. Fatal Rendezvous- 127

7. Prodigy- 123

8. The Summer Story- 117

9. Red Rabbit- 103

10. El Libertador- 93

The Dead in the House- 79

Into the Breach- 63

Nadia: The Perfect 10- 58

SpellForce – Breath of Winter- 53

Love in Poitiers- 49

Karate Kong- 45

Blue Heart- 38

Fable- 38

Was Kilroy Here?- 33

Bartimaeus and the Golem's Eye- 32

Red Skin- 32

Voyage to Atlantis- 32

Leitmotif- 31

Animal Farm- 27

Kill That Director!- 26

Divergent- 25

The Ice Bridge- 24

Jungles- 23

Wolves of the Deep- 23

Bobby- 21

A Million Little Pieces- 21

Barco de Oro- 20

Interconnected: Culmination- 20

Vault Break- 20

The Poet- 17

Ag3nts- 16

Election 2000- 14

A Wrinkle in Time- 14

The Man and His Hat- 13

Thane of the Flies- 12

Adventures of the Squid- 11

Hercule Poirot’s Christmas- 11

The Haunting in Wisconsin- 10

8AM- 9

Chuck Norris and Liam Neeson vs. The Loch Ness Monster- 8

Frosty the Snowman- 8

La Follia di Gesualdo- 6

The Bride, The Groom, and the Priest- 5

Sam and Max Hit the Road- 5

Ninja- 3

The Time Before That- 3

The Walker Chronicles- 3

The Last Projectionist- 2

River of Death- 1

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25. Thane of the Flies

24. The Poet

23. Walker Chronicles

22. Wrinkle in Time

21. The Coming Storm

20. Barco de Oro

19. Prodigy

18. Frosty the Snowman

17. Karate Kong

16. Wolves of the Deep

15. Adventures of the Squid

14. Bartimaeus and the Golem's Eye

13. Kill that Director!

12. The Morrow II

11. Was Kilroy Here?

10. Ag3nts

9. Voyage to Atlantis

8. Nadia: A Perfect 10

7. The Dead in the House

6. SpellForce: Breath of Winter

5. Genesis

4. Fatal Rendezvous

3. Black as Night

2. Dodge City

1. Red Rabbit

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Year 3 Top 25.


    [*]The Coming Storm

    [*]Black as Night

    [*]The Summer Story

    [*]El Libertador

    [*]Dodge City


    [*]Red Skin

    [*]Interconnected: Culmination

    [*]The Morrow II


    [*]Barco de Oro

    [*]The Man and His Hat

    [*]Fatal Rendezvous

    [*]Was Kilroy Here?

    [*]Love in Poitiers

    [*]Into the Breach

    [*]Nadia: The Perfect 10


    [*]Karate Kong

    [*]A Wrinkle in Time

    [*]Animal Farm

    [*]La Follia di Gesualdo

    [*]SpellForce – Breath of Winter

    [*]River of Death

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My top 25:1. Genesis2. Black as Night3. Prodigy4. Dodge City5. The Morrow II6. Vault Break7. Into the Breach8. Divergent9. The Summer Story10. El Libertador11. The Coming Storm12. Karate Kong13. Fable14. Blue Heart15. Fatal Rendezvous 16. Leitmotif 17. Hercule Poirot’s Christmas18. Chuck Norris and Liam Neeson vs. The Loch Ness Monster19. Nadia: The Perfect 1020. Bobby21. Sam and Max Hit the Road 22. Kill that Director!23. The Time Before That24. Love in Poiters25. Thane of the Flies

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I think there should be a rule that we don't include our films in our top 25.

The only rule that needs to be followed is you can't rank your own film #1. People are usually pretty honorable when it comes to ranking their own films.I'll get to work on the rankings soon. Edited by 4815162342
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Updated with my list1. Black as Night2. Fatal Rendezvous3. The Morrow II4. Prodigy5. The Coming Storm6. The Summer Story7. Red Rabbit8. The Dead in the House9. Dodge City10. El Libertador11. Spellforce: The Breath of Winter12. Blue Heart13. Love in Poitiers14. Into the Breach15. Election 200016. Nadia: The Perfect 1017. Leitmotif18. Karate Kong19. Fable20. Genesis21. The Bride, The Groom, and the Priest22. A Million Little Pieces23. Red Skin24. Bartimaeus and the Golem’s Eye25. Bobby

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This list doesn't have Alfred's list added in right?

Correct. He's supposed to post his list here for easy reference. It's annoying trolling through threads to find all of someone's rankings.
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25. The Perfect 10 24. Hercule Poirot’s Christmas23. Ninja 22. Jungles 21. Love In Poitiers20. The Poet19. Was Kilroy Here?18. The Dead In The House17. Into The Breach16. The Haunting In Wisconsin 15. Animal Farm 14. Dodge City 13. A Million Little Pieces12. The Summer Story 11. Voyage To Atlantis 10. El Libertador 9. Fatal Rendezvous 8. Bartimaeus and the Golem's Eye 7. Prodigy 6. Red Rabbit 5. The Morrow II4. Genesis3. The Coming Storm2. The Ice Bridge1. Black As Night

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