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Riczhang's Year 6 Reviews

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I was hoping that you guys wouldn't do that. :lol: You can probably figure out all of them from saving the pictures and finding the titles. Next time I'll probably save it on my computer and then upload to flickr or something. :lol: 

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Seeing as most of you guys have already figured it out:




Peter Jackson's Last Ditch Effort

The picture was a shot from the last scene of short film called "Crossing the Line" directed by Peter Jackson in 2008




Sylvain Chomet's Le Grand Ecran

This was a shot from Sylvain Chomet's movie the Triplets of Belleville.




Christopher Nolan's Expedecade

Self-Explanatory. Picture was a shot from The Prestige that Nolan directed.




Joel and Ethan Coen's Careful Laid Plans

The picture was from the movie Paris Je T'aime. It was a series of vignettes and shorts by many different directors. It could've actually worked for #4 as well because Sylvain Chomet also directed a short in the movie. However this picture was specifically from the Coen Brothers' short starring Steven Buscemi in a Paris Metro station.




Phillip Noyce's Cardinal in the Kremlin

The logo is a prominent symbol in the new TV Series revenge. That TV series was produced by Phillip Noyce who directed Cardinal in the Kremlin





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Full List:

    [*]Cardinal in the Kremlin [*]Careful Laid Plans [*]Expedecade [*]Le Grand Ecran [*]Last Ditch Effort [*]Liam Neeson and Chuck Norris vs. Giant Spiders [*]The Zone [*]Cyber [*]451 [*]Mysteries of the Beyond [*]Society [*]24 Hours [*]Avarice [*]To The Moon [*]Sir Thymes Times [*]Wicked [*]Kind Hearts and Coronets [*]The Screwtape Letters [*]Barricade [*]New Species [*]Planeswalkers: Betrayals [*]Mr. Rogers Goes to Washington [*]The 39 Clues: One False Note [*]The Story of Daniel Rigger [*]High Life

Now for 10 films that just missed out:


Wonder Woman
Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
Texans Hate Zombies
Unbalanced 3
The Golden Bird
The Shepherd and the Daughter of the Sun
The Improper Exchange
The Stuff of Legend: Into the Dark

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